Australia Jihad: The Abdul Nacer Benbrika File

Wingeing & whining:

* Isn’t it strange how the ‘defenders of Islam’ come out of their holes the moment some of their more active jihadists get caught? Here’s a flashback on how the Australian ummah’s ‘prominent spokesmen’ reacted when Abdul Nacer Benbrika and his gang of headbangers was rounded up:


Keysar Trad (pictured) has claimed talk-back radio has been “full of vitriolic comments” about the men who were arrested in pre-dawn raids.

* Imagine that! ‘Vitriolic comments’ about the ummah! Australia must be full of Islamophobes!

* Waleed Aly (pictured below) from the Islamic Council of Victoria said that there had recently been an increase in “hate crimes” against Muslims.


* Of course Waleed Aly, who is generally presented to unsuspecting Australians by the left wing press as a ‘moderate Muslim’, could not provide even one example about ‘hate crimes’ against Muslims.

More than 20 homes were targetted in the raids, the largest “counter-terror” the operation seen in Australia. The arrests follow a 16-month investigation.

Western Resistance



Benbrika Jihad Update:

Jihadist group in Australia sought Qur’anic justification

* “Mr Maidment said Mr Benbrika agreed that he should give the group proof that the Koran supported taking money from the kuffur, or enemies of Islam.” It would be interesting to know what proof Benbrika provided, and how Western spokesmen who claim that the Qur’an contains no such justification, such as Ibrahim Hooper and Salam Al-Marayati, would respond to the case he made.

“Cell debated killing Howard, court told,”

by Norrie Ross for AAP

* Interesting that the jihadists do everything according to the Koran and our Western Apologists collectively deny that their activities have anything to do with Islam at all…


4 thoughts on “Australia Jihad: The Abdul Nacer Benbrika File”

  1. * Western Apologists collectively deny … anything to do with Islam at all…

    Much as if herpetologists denied that snake bites had anything to do with snakes, but
    resulted from herpephobia (the spell checker thinks I made that up, like Islamophobia).
    I did.

  2. Speaking of this Waleed Aly character, Did any one manage to record him getting his arse torn out by retired MP John Stone on the ABC’s Asia pacific forum late last year? (overseas satellite service)

    I was hoping to find it on the ABC site or Youtube but without success till now. I suspect it was not shown on the local domestic ABC unfortunately.

    Aly was making all the normal peace and victim lies, Stone just sat back and easily shot him down with islamic truths and fact every time he opened his mouth.

    If only the current MP’s were on the ball like now retired John Stone.

  3. These guys make me uncomfortable with their outwardly exagerrated displays of religion such as their beards, manner of dress, manner of speech, etc. Shameless immodesty!

  4. From the UK division of the global Jihad – Dr Mohammed Naseem – chair of Birmingham’s Central Mosque – wants to visit the five soldier beheading plot terrorists to see what is in their
    minds. Victim cards aplenty … Muslim community “living in fear” since the police arrested the
    perps …

    Dr Mohammed Naseem: I’ll visit terror convicts

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