Sharia 'crime courts' are ALREADY operating in Britain

Sharia law “courts” are already dealing with crime on the streets of London, it emerged today.

The revelation came after the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, called for an “accommodation” with parts of the Islamic legal code in a speech which attracted widespread condemnation.

The Archbishop said parts of civil law could be dealt with under the sharia system but already some communities have gone much further – and it was revealed today that a teenage stabbing case among the Somali community in Woolwich had been dealt with by a Sharia “trial”.


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UK PM rejects special laws for Muslims

* For now, at least.

* The Bunglawussy from the MCB is typically wingeing: And if “the idea of ‘one law for everybody’ was one of the great achievements of Judeo-Christian civilization”, how does Spencer explain the existence of Beth Din courts?

Here’s your answer, boy:

Robert Spencer: Many have pointed out that Orthodox Jews have private arbitration courts for marriage and family issues, and that’s all that Williams was saying Muslims should have in Britain. But there are key differences: Islamic law is a program for the governance of the state, and there is no easy sundering of that program from family and marriage law, so it is certain that if Islamic law is instituted even in part in the UK, some Muslims will press for the rest to follow, including the institutionalized subjugation of non-Muslims.


Theonazi & sharia promoter Rowan Williams

From CNN

The unusual suggestion from Britain’s highest ranking Christian leader Thursday would, if adopted, allow British Muslims to choose to resolve marital and financial disputes under Islamic law, known as Shariah, rather than through British courts.

Archbishop Rowan Williams said in a radio interview with the BBC that incorporating Islamic law could help improve Britain’s flagging social cohesion.

“Certain provisions of Shariah are already recognized in our society and under our law, so it’s not as if we’re bringing in an alien and rival system,” said Williams, who gave a speech on the topic Thursday night.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s spokesman immediately rejected Williams’ proposal.

“The prime minister believes British law should apply in this country, based on British values,” said Michael Ellam.

The idea was also rejected by Sayeed Warsi, an opposition spokeswoman for social affairs. She said all British citizens had to be subject to the same laws developed by Parliament.

Williams said he was not advocating that Britain allow extreme aspects of Shariah, which has been associated with harsh punishments meted out by Islamic courts in Saudi Arabia and some other countries and has been used to undermine the rights of women.

“Nobody in their right mind” would want to see that, he said. He called for “a clear eye” when discussing Islamic law.

Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation, said the use of Shariah would help lower tensions in British society.

“It would make Muslims more proud of being British,” he said. “It would give Muslims the sense that the British respect our faith.”

* I can see the second point, but I don’t see the first. How would it make Muslims in Britain feel anything but contempt for the kafir British laws from which they are exempt?



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6 thoughts on “Sharia 'crime courts' are ALREADY operating in Britain”

  1. Just picked this up from the Illustrated PIG:

    DP111 wrote:
    Where are we now

    The government and its agencies are devoting huge amounts of money to help Muslims “integrate” in the West. All of these will come to nothing, as Islam is their faith, and these efforts will wash over them.

    What we don’t seem to realise is that we do not have the right to tell Muslims in the West, how to behave, what to wear, or what is acceptable or not as regards homosexuality or women’s freedom etc. Muslims believe what they believe, as their religion tells them to, and have no real choice in the matter. That is their human right, and we should respect that. It is patronising in the extreme for us to lecture them on these matters.

    However, we do have the right to tell them to take their attitudes and go where such attitudes are acceptable. In this we will be doing everyone a favour, for I fear a civil war in Europe that will make Bosnia look like a garden party. This is inevitable, as Muslims are required by the Koran to wage war( Jihad) until Islam is dominant.

    In such a civil war, innocents will be slaughtered (civil wars are always like that). It is far better and humane to have a peaceful separation from Muslims – financial inducements and recompense being the way forward, for Muslims to go back to nations where their customs are acceptable.

    What is to be done?
    Though unpalatable, the answer is clear enough. Separation, is what I have considered for a long time, to be the only humane way to solve this problem that has the potential to destroy all civilisation.

    The only way we will win this war and at the same time regain our freedoms, as well as free Muslims from Islam, is by separation. I do not think our societies, geared as they are to free and open thought, can continue while this assault on freedom in underway. If this assault is not brought to a halt soon, then free society will start to perish. It may not be evident immediately, but perish it will in the fullness of time.

  2. Respect Islam and give your country to Muslims. Can you immigrate to Saudi Arabia where you can enforce Christian law. You can’t even bring bible or anything other than Quran to Saudi Arabia.

  3. Great idea, Rowan.

    May I suggest you offer yourself as the first to experience the sharia you so admire. As an infidel, you can be sold into slavery or even have your head chopped off, but I guess that’s fine with you.

    Come to think of it, as your head if full of such crazy anti-Christian ideas, the lopping of it could actually add considerably to our civilisation!

  4. * [Sharia law] stabbing case among the Somali community

    I’m pretty sure it was noted in here earlier that Somalis & others in the UK had rejected
    dhimmi law in favour of their own “justice”

    Google found it …

    The end of one law for all?

    “Us Somalis, wherever we are in the world, we have our own law. It’s not Islamic, it’s not religious – it’s just a cultural thing.”

    Rowan Williams is attempting to give legitimacy to something that the UK authorities
    are turning a blind eye to in their dying, failing nation. Of course, the Somalis that
    Oz government sought to flood in here, especially after “9/11”, Madrid, London etc
    will hold the same contempt for our laws.

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