Taxi Jihad: Watch Canuckistan Cave Again!

* Muslim taxi drivers in Vancouver discriminate and refuse service to disabled people with guide dogs. New regulations have been implemented that would see recalcitrant drivers fined for refusal of service.


The Muhammedan’s are promptly complaining of discrimination:

Muslim leader “fears conflict” of rights in new B.C. taxi policy

The new taxi bill of rights for Metro Vancouver introduced earlier this week could pit the rights people who rely on guide dogs against the rights of drivers whose religious beliefs prohibit them from contact with the animals, a Muslim leader said.

Among the provisions listed in the taxi bill of rights announced on Wednesday by Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon are the right for passengers to travel with a guide dog and a new enhanced trip refusal regulation that could see drivers fined $288.

That combination could mean problems for some Muslim drivers who believe it’s against their religion to come into contact with dogs, said Aziz Khaki, the vice-chair of the Muslim Canadian Federations.

“It’s a clear, clear case of discrimination and insensitivity on behalf of the authorities to try to punish the person without understanding the person’s own belief,” Khaki told CBC News on Thursday.


* No its not. Its a clear case of abuse by the members of the RoP. They are committing an offense against the laws of their respective countries by discriminating against disabled people who rely on guide dogs. The disability overrides the ‘religious belief’ of a brainwashed headbanger, anytime. Besides: Muhammadanism is insulting to dogs. Koranimals have no God-given right to be taxi-drivers. Canuckistan should revoke their citizenship and deport them back to where they came from.

One thought on “Taxi Jihad: Watch Canuckistan Cave Again!”

  1. As a Canuck, I surely hope we won’t cave in! A similar, recent case in Alberta saw the taxi driver “plead guilty under the Blind Persons’ Rights Act. The act says any place the public is welcome, a guide dog cannot be refused.”

    Right now the only way a guide dog can be refused is if the driver has a doctor’s letter stating he or she has allergies.
    Hey – I’m allergic to muslims! Maybe I can get a note for that!

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