UK: Archbishop backs sharia law for British Muslims

‘To each his own’- sez Mister Tolerance, The Archbishop of Canterbury


Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, was previously bestowed with the honor of being named ‘Asshole of the month’ on this blog.


Willams said giving sharia official status in the UK would help maintain social cohesion because some Muslims do not relate to the British legal system.
Its introduction would mean Muslims would no longer have to choose between “the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty”.

His comments were strongly criticised by the National Secular Society but welcomed by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which stressed it did not back the introduction of sharia criminal law.

* Not yet. That’s only a matter of time…

* Archbishop backs sharia law for British Muslims

* Sharia law in UK is ‘unavoidable’


Anger Outrage as Muslim scholar denied visa for Britain


Twenty members of parliament’s lower House of Commons signed a motion expressing “grave concern” at the prospect of Qaradawi being granted a visa.
A Home Office spokesman said: “We can confirm that al-Qaradawi has been refused a visa to visit the UK.

The UK will not tolerate the presence of those who seek to justify any acts of terrorist violence or express views that could foster inter-community violence.”

The move was welcomed by the Community Security Trust, an organisation which works to prevent anti-Semitic attacks, as “brave and correct”.

“There were many different communities that were very unhappy at the idea of Qaradawi returning to Britain,” said Mark Gardner, its director of communications.
“His continued support for jihad against British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is just one example of his dangerous extremism.”


But the Home Office’s decision was sharply criticised by the Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella group seen as ‘moderate’.

Qaradawi has been banned from entering the United States since 1999.

*  Englands Muhammedans are seething…


* Now how are we going to keep Tariq Ramadan out of Australia?


10 thoughts on “UK: Archbishop backs sharia law for British Muslims”

  1. * UK: Archbishop backs sharia law for British Muslims

    If Rowan Williams rejects the gospel of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ
    in favour of “sharia law”, he will find there are consequences. Unfortunately, the blind
    lead the blind, and the pit awaits them.

  2. Moron-thy name is Rowan Williams! How does he expect social cohesion from a bunch of lunatics who demand a system of apartheid (with themselves in the role of overlords no less)?

    Sharia is indeed avoidable-just get rid of the defeatists and apologists like Williams.

  3. Infidela,

    That certainly appears to be what is happening. However, my question is, “If they don’t care, why should I?”

  4. An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last … Sir Winston Churchill

    khilafah/sharia etc:
    If you haven’t already read every single section of …
    … then I urge you to slowly browse through and digest each and every filthy word of it …
    I am convinced that there is no stopping them, in Europe, Aus, or wherever … God help us all.

  5. allahlovesporkchops

    I am sure a lot of Brits care, especially the ones who now feel they have no choice but to leave.

    We should all care because it is “the thin edge of the wedge”, and it also shows us that our leaders don’t give a damn about us – they have to curry favour with anything that has the stench of saudi money on it.

  6. Rowan Williams must be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Surely his job description calls on him to uphold the Church of England? I can’t understand how he became such a dhimmi in the face of what’s happening in Britain these days.

  7. Gramfan,

    It seems to me that fleeing the “homeland” is the LAST option one should have to consider. The Brits have slowly allowed their govt to take away their rights and freedoms. They didn’t arrive at this point overnight.

    I have more respect for the world’s peoples who decided to stand up to their own sham govts and fight the good fight, rather than running away, whining over their own shameful losses.

  8. It might sound like deserting a sinking ship, but the UK and the rest of Europe seem all but lost.

    Now our concern should be for Australia, to make sure it doesn’t follow a similar fate and maybe we can become a refuge for those fleeing Eurabia.

    Perhaps all those Muslims living in Oz might like to relocate over there, where they will feel right at home under sharia. We can reciprocally welcome all those, of all ethnicities, who do not want to live under sharia, thus leaving the Islamists and their lunatic supporters to enjoy the “enlightenment” which comes with introducing Islam.

    Australia will then become a bastion of liberty against the dark forces of oppression which are sweeping through post-Christian Europe.

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