Muslims in Spain appeal to UNESCO for shared use of Cordoba cathedral

*   You know the drill: once Islamic, always Islamic.

 *  They tried before and the Vatican gave them a shoe in the ass. But that won’t stop them.


Cordoba’s cathedral was once a mosque

Will UNESCO give the Muslims in Spain what they want? They’re more likely to do so than the Vatican. In any case, there are innumerable churches all over the Islamic world that have been turned into mosques, and we never hear about them. No one is agitating in Constantinople for the Hagia Sophia to be opened again for public Christian prayer, or in Damascus for the Umayyad Mosque, built atop a demolished church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, to be opened to Christians. Now, why is that?

“Islam: Appeal To UNESCO For Shared Use Of Cordoba Mosque,” from ANSAmed

(ANSAmed) – MADRID, FEBRUARY 6 – The Islamic council does not give up its claim to use the cathedral mosque of Cordoba for Muslim prayer and appeals to UNESCO to pronounce on the use of the temple which is part of the heritage of humanity. The president of the Islamic council, Mansur Escudero, in statements published by the media called for intervention on the part of the UN organisation. “Since the cathedral is part of the heritage of humanity, UNESCO should pronounce or present a report, the way it has done with other monuments,” Escudero said. According to the Islamic council leader, the shared use of the cathedral in Cordoba for Catholic and Muslim rite “will play an important role in the alliance of civilisations” because “temples should be open to all believers, Muslim, Catholic and all other religions”.

* ‘Humanity’ means Muslims only…

* ‘Alliance of civilizations’ no such thing: Islam is not a civilization. 

For more than 20 years the Islamic council has claimed the shared use of the mosque-cathedral and, in 2004, it filed a formal proposal with the Holy See. The archbishop of Cordoba has always refused to open the doors of the temple to Muslim prayer.(ANSAmed).
“Temples should be open to all believers…” Fine.  Lets open the mosques for the Buddhists, the Hindu’s, the Methodists, the  Zaroastrians….

Spain shuns Muslim plea 


8 thoughts on “Muslims in Spain appeal to UNESCO for shared use of Cordoba cathedral”

  1. The hell with them. How many former churches in the ummah are shared by their current Koranic overlords? Zero? I thought so.

  2. I can’t imagine the Jerusalem Temple being open to … muslims … after Whelan the Wrecker
    swings his ball on “al Aqsa”.

  3. I guess after the Madrid bombings the islamics thought they had better tighten the screws while it’s still fresh in peoples minds. Of course, another homicide bombing should get them what they want.

  4. Can non-muslims go to Mecca?. What happened to these Europeans?, are they crazy?.

    A nation called Maldives has a population of 300,000 and the number of foreigners working in the Maldives are 50,000, but foreigners are not allowed to practice their religion in the Maldives and it is prohibited. When Muslims go to non-muslims countries they start shouting saying ” no religious freedom”, but if you go to Saudi Arabia they say” we are following Allah’s rule and you can’t stop it”. George Bush will say ” we know Islam is a good religion” and British labour party says” Muslims are the best and we want to rule British like Pakistan’

  5. I hate islam. But, more than islam I hate dhimmis, especially government dhimmis. Why the hell doesn’t anyone ever get fired anymore? That stinking arch bishop should get kicked out the street curb….and then he should get a good beating.

  6. They are like our looney left – they will keep at it until they find the one idiot that will give them an ‘in’. And that is what mohammed taught them to do. Once they get in it will be only a short time before giving the Christians the boot.

    This won’t stop from them.

  7. Why blame Muslims when they have always remained consistent in their intentions & actions? They want the destruction of the Western world & we are letting them do it piece by piece just the same way we let them wipe out Christianity & Judaism in middle east bit by bit.

    We are the ones committing suicide, they are just the squatters awaiting for the job to be finished off so they can repopulate our land with their filth & backwardness. Time for humans to go back & live like animals once more.

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