UK: 'Tiny Minority of Extremists' Demand Sharia Law across Britain “without compromise”

* Not to worry, its only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’, and anyway, Yusuf would say: ‘why should we care what happens ten-thousand miles away?’ Right Yusuf? See, we know your schtick, we could almost write your propaganda taqiyya for you!


Deluded priest of Canterbury still doesn’t know what bit him…


By Tom Hutchison

MUSLIM radicals have demanded Sharia law across Britain “without compromise”.

Extreme Islamics said the hardline system – where people are punished by stoning and beheading – is the future.

Speaking at a meeting in Birmingham, Abu Ibraheem said: “Let us make this absolutely clear. Islam is not subject to dilution, compromise or relegation.

“The behaviour of some Muslims is failing miserably to meet these commands.”

About 50 activists held the meeting in the same town where terrorist Parviz Khan, 36, plotted to behead a British soldier.

Ten thousand leaflets were distributed to attract moderate Muslims.

They criticised comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, 58, who suggested parts of Sharia law may be good for the UK.

Abu Abdullah, who spoke at the meeting, added: “The purpose of this was not to discourage Muslims from following English laws.

“It is to educate people about Sharia and its meanings.”

* Well, the best way to do this is a bit of head-& limb chopping on Trafalgar square on Friday afternoons, public flogging and stoning a few females and lady-men. Just let us know when and we’ll be there! Can’t wait to get some of this Islamic education!


8 thoughts on “UK: 'Tiny Minority of Extremists' Demand Sharia Law across Britain “without compromise””

  1. Oh oh oh…I have the perfect response to this:


    How ’bout that??? Is good, no?

  2. Actually, let em have it. Full blown sharia for all British muslims only. Set up some Iranian-style cranes in Trafalga Square so we can all come along to watch ’em twitching.

  3. Let’s see how far this goes. Why shouldn’t it?

    The UK has given them every reason to keep pushing their agenda, and it rewards them along the way. It will happens sooner than we expected.

  4. I wish there was a more concerted effort to stop this muslim bs that is happening in the UK and europe – and for that matter in Canada and australia too. these are our allies.

    If they become muslim nations – how do you all feel about another muslim ally? Look at saudi arabia and pakistan – both are involved in jihadist training while looking at us and saying they are our ally. They do NOTHING to stop the jihadists – oh, they miight tell them not to bomb in their ocuntries, such as what the saudis make the jihadists promise to do – but their biggest export besides oil are jihadists.

    This is what will happen with these allys in Europe.

    Already NATO is nothing more than a shell of a farce, oh er I mean a force.

    I know that Canada is pathetic as far as hopping on our backs and letting us secure this area of the world for them, and the Mexicans are more worried about their military protecting their coyotes than helping us around this globe. So, what do we have left? Russia and china. Those two are on our backs stealing from our technologies to turn around and sell to the likes of the jihadists.

  5. Islamsforlosers: Yes they’ll still want it. Everybody except most young female muzzies. And in Iran folks; it is the muslims hanging the non-muslims. 🙁

  6. Once a few western nations fall, the rest follow like domino’s.

    R_not >

    Not in full defense of Canada because it has many faults (such as protecting it’s own borders) it does not however “Pathetically” rely on the US for military defense. It simply allows the US military to do what it does best and grow!!!! Canada has a small but well trained military relatively proportional to it’s population with a military budget streamlined to a reasonable percent of its GDP. At this moment Canadian troops are doing their part in Afghanistan along side the US as they did in every war since WW1 (including Vietnam). Many of them would feel your comments unjustified as Canadians as whole defend US policies even when taking a large amount of casualties from US “friendly fire” in the field of battle. Do a little more research – watch some Canadian forces video in Afghanistan on Utube if you doubt their commitment.
    Huge military machines are the product of pork barrel governments and aggressive societies. The US would do well in cutting it’s international bases and concentrating on securing it’s southern most border from the invasion of 28 million illegal immigrants flooding your society with cheap labor, crime and infectious diseases. That number is growing exponentially each year and you have troops guarding the 38 parallel from one poor Korean society invading a rich one. It’s really a logic thing.

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