"War is Deceit" said Muhammad

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Australia Jihad: “Mr Benbrika is as deceptive and evasive and shifty in this interview as he can possibly be”

THE alleged leader of a home-grown terror cell called Osama bin Laden a “great man” and his “brother”, a court has heard.


Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 48, a self-taught religious instructor, told an ABC television interviewer he did not encourage followers to take part in so-called holy wars (jihads) overseas or in Australia.

He said he merely passed on the teachings of the Koran.

* Benbrika is a good Muslim, you see…


“When I teach, I teach what Allah and his prophets said,” Benbrika told the interviewer.

“I’m not telling people to go …. the student understands.

“I tell him what Allah said and he can then decide.”

Abdul Nacer Benbrika made the comments during an interview with a TV journalist, the Supreme Court heard.

Those who have pleaded not guilty to being a member of a terror group are: Mr Benbrika, 48, of Dallas; Abdullah Merhi, 22, of Fawkner; Shane Kent, 31, of Meadow Heights; Majed Raad, 23, of Coburg; Aimen Joud, 23, of Hoppers Crossing; Ahmed Raad, 24, of Fawkner; Fadl Sayadi, 28, of Coburg; Ezzit Raad, 26, of Preston; Hany Taha, 33, of Hadfield; Shoue Hammoud, 28, of Hadfield; Bassam Raad, 26, of Brunswick; and Amer Haddara, 28, of Yarraville.

The hearing, before Justice Bernard Bongiorno, continues.

* So does the global jihad. Read it all…

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Benbrika vowed ‘Jihad in Jail’

The accused leader of a terrorist organisation told a co-accused they would continue jihad in jail if they were caught, a Crown prosecutor told a Supreme Court jury today.

Crown prosecutor Richard Maidment, SC, told the jury the alleged spiritual leader, Abdul Nacer Benbrika, and co-accused, Majed Raad, were recorded by listening devices discussing the study of jihad.

“We continue the jihad in jail, everywhere,” Benbrika allegedly said.

Mr Maidment told the court Benbrika, along with co-accused Hany Taha and co-accused Shoue Hammoud, were also recorded by listening devices in Benbrika’s home after a series of ASIO raids in 2005.

“They read how to destroy us and we read how to kill them,” Benbrika allegedly said.

During the Supreme Court trial of 12 men accused of various terrorism charges, a video was played to the court of a second interview with Age journalist Nick McKenzie from 2005.

The video allegedly showed McKenzie asking Benbrika if he would stop a student of his engaging in violence.

“If I do this, I betray my religion,” Benbrika allegedly replied.

Further in the video, Benbrika allegedly said: “If he want to please Allah, I will never stop him.”

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Sharia would create legal apartheid in Britain, says David Cameron

* Indeed, it would.


Islamic law for Muslims would create legal apartheid in Britain, David Cameron said today.

The reality is that the introduction of Sharia law for Muslims is actually the logical endpoint of the now discredited doctrine of state multiculturalism instituting, quite literally, a legal apartheid to entrench what is the cultural apartheid in too many parts of our country,” Mr Cameron said.



You are not safe:

Bomb chemicals ‘can be smuggled on airplane’

* Despite of billions spent for security devices and staff training, the only thing that might get better safety results is profiling or stopping the adherents of the terrorist prophet from airtravel altogether. But we’re not doing either:

Terrorists could smuggle the components needed to make a bomb on to a plane in Britain despite restrictions on taking liquids on board. A television documentary team said it had made a bomb by mixing a series of odourless and colourless chemicals that could be brought into an aircraft by passengers.

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U.K.: 7 convicted for jihadist training camps on British soil

‘Home-Grown’ Jihad Watch


Another clone of Profit Moe: Osama bin London or Osama bin bombin?

A four-year inquiry, which came to a close Tuesday with guilty pleas from the last two of seven gang members, has exposed a network of alleged British terrorism training camps meant to prepare recruits for mass murder.
Security officials believe hundreds of men — including a gang that made a failed attempt to bomb London’s transit network — passed through camps set up across the English countryside.

The two training camp ringleaders — one who claimed to be the “No. 1 al-Qaida in Europe” and the other who nicknamed himself “Osama bin London” — will be sentenced next month on charges of running the camps and inciting participants to murder. Five others were each sentenced Tuesday to at least 3 1/2 years in prison on charges of attending terrorism training.

And after those 3 1/2 years or so, then what? Deportation? Loss of citizenship? Something like control orders?

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Muhammedan Ellbow-Grease in British Hospitals?

* Honey, don’t you ever wash that thing..?

U.K.: Hospital, female Muslim medics in standoff over hygiene rules


“Perhaps these women should not be choosing medicine as a career if they feel unable to abide by the guidelines that everyone else has to follow.”

Indeed. Especially when lives and health are at risk. An update on this story. “Muslim medics in Alder Hey stand-off,” by Caroline Innes for the Liverpool Echo

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Obama, an Arab-American Liar!


Kenneth E. Lamb takes a closer look

Pamela Geller sez ‘Follow the Money!’


Dawoud Hicks & the Halal Burger Jihad 

*  Dick Smith, a successful Aussie businessman, was the biggest sucker for a bleeding heart when he refused to permit even Hick’s own writing and confessing to terrorist involvement get in the way of his own ‘poor-boy- innocent-kiddie’ delusions.


Newly released correspondence published in several mainstream papers, reveal a fuller picture of David Hick’sterrorist military training and his reliance on the Koran as its justification. Jeremy Roberts in The Australian writes.

The documents reveal Hicks as a zealous Muslim – studying the Koran for up to nine hours a day – who acquired nine months of expert military and terrorist training in 2000 and 2001. In a letter to his family in February 2000, Hicks admits: “I am now officially a Taliban member.”

…”I’m going back (to Afghanistan) but this time with the Arabs and to bin Laden’s camps,” he says in a letter to Ms King, received in January 2001. Between then and his capture in December 2001, Hicks visited bin Laden about 20 times, and undertook 25 weeks of training with al-Qa’ida.

(source islam monitor)


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