U.S. Airforce Academie invites former terrorists to speak about Islam-terror…

…and the Muhammedan mob goes apeshit:

* Muslim group protests US Air Force Academy decision to invite speakers who blast Islam


DENVER: A Muslim advocacy group is decrying the U.S. Air Force Academy’s decision to invite three self-described former terrorists who the group said slam Islam with “hate-filled” rhetoric.

* Telling the truth about Islam is ‘hate speech’.

The D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations said one of the speakers, Walid Shoebat, has said that “Islam is the devil.”

* He is not wrong.

Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zachariah Anani are scheduled to speak Wednesday at the 50th Annual Academy Assembly in Colorado Springs, where the topic of the four-day event is “Dismantling Terrorism.”

Shoebat has published an online autobiography describing his journey from membership in the Palestine Liberation Organization to Israeli sympathizer. Saleem also is a former member of the PLO, and Zak Anani describes himself as a former member of several Lebanese terrorist groups. The three appear together regularly.

Maj. Brett Ashworth, an Air Force Academy spokesman, defended the decision, saying the purpose of the event is “to educate future officers and delegates from 50 colleges on the ideology and methodology of terrorists” and the three men could provide valuable insight.


But Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR, said the men also denounce the Muslim faith.

“Islam is the devil? I mean c’mon!” Hooper said. “And these people are going to talk as experts to cadets who may possibly serve in parts of the Muslim world?”

* Awareness is the beginning of understanding…
Saleem, who said he quit the PLO in 1985 after converting to Christianity, said in a telephone interview there are always people who disagree with his views about Islam.

Others, he said, tell him, “Thank you for enlightening us.”

Hooper said the three speakers have triggered protests at speaking engagements throughout the country, and he told Air Force academy officials that inviting the men to speak about terrorism would be like “inviting David Duke to speak about race relations.”

* Islam is not a race, Hooper. You said it yourself: Islam is an ideology…

He said CAIR offered to connect the Air Force with Muslims in Colorado who also could speak at the event to balance the discussion. However, he said he was told the topic was terrorism, not religion.

* Hooper thinks CAIR has a right to shout dissent down or possibly assassinate them…
The academy assembly has nothing to do with religion or evangelical Christianity for that matter,” Ashworth said. “This is not going to be a discussion on Islam. It’s a discussion on terrorism.”

* But Islam is based on terrorism. How do you separate one from the other?

Religion has been a sensitive topic at the Air Force Academy in the past. A group of cadet graduates had claimed the academy violated their rights, saying evangelical Christian values were forced onto them. They filed a lawsuit, which was dismissed in 2006 after a judge said they couldn’t claim their rights were violated because they no longer attended the academy.

An Air Force task force also concluded there was no religious discrimination at the Academy but noted some cadets and staff were insensitive. In February 2006, the Air Force adopted new guidelines cautioning top officers about promoting their religious views.

Herald Tribune


Update from the CAIR website:

Fibbi Hoopers propaganda machine spins like an Iranian centrifuge:

CAIR has offered to help academy officials find representatives of the
Colorado Muslim community who can offer a balancing perspective to what the Washington-based group calls the “hate-filled rhetoric” of the invited
speakers. (Assembly organizers have not yet responded to that offer or to
the information provided about the Islamophobic views of the speakers.)

* Ex-Muslims & terrorists tell the truth about Islam, and Hooper goes into damage control mode…

In past events, the three self-styled “ex-terrorists” made bigoted And
inaccurate statements about Islam and Muslims.
They told one California
university audience that Americans need to “wake up to the dangerous
realities of the Islamic faith.”


Awright, then, Fibbi: explain whats ‘bigotted and inacurate’- and don’t tell us no fibb….


2 thoughts on “U.S. Airforce Academie invites former terrorists to speak about Islam-terror…”

  1. CAIR”s just miffed that anti-jihadists have beaten them to a college. The CAIR crowd hasn’t been able to brainwash people at the Academy yet so now they’re wetting themselves. Poor Iblis Hooper-someone will now need to change his diaper.

  2. CAIR is a group with known terrorism tied men in it. Andy Whitehead of anticair.com has been sued by CAIR for claming this. Thing is CAIR lost – that’s right LOST and what CAIR knows is it is costing them big time with the Feds. GOOD. CAIR are nuts in my opinion. CAIR relies on their Islamic religion and then claims they have a problem with this – too funny if it wasn’t to violent in nature.
    CAIR – ISLAM – all of this arena is based and began on violent rhetoric and eventual hate for outsiders.
    Islam may or not be the devil – but islam is evil if you ask me.

    Islam doesn’t do EVIL
    Islam is EVIL

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