'Neo-Cons, Zionist lobby and some right-wing media outlets keep Qaradwi out of the UK'

* Guess he needs to get his hemorrhoids treated with zam-zam water in that case. But not to worry: he can always count on the French…


Qaradawi said neo-cons and the Zionist lobby were stronger than Home and Foreign Office officials who supported his visa.


CAIRO — Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has been denied a visa to get medical treatment in Britain.
“The British Embassy in Doha earlier Wednesday sent a fax to Sheikh Qaradawi informing him that his visa application for treatment has been refused,” sources close to him told IslamOnline.net.

“The fax said the application contradicts with article 41 without specifying what the article said,” they added.

Sheikh Qaradawi, the president of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, had applied for a medical visa almost a year ago.

He was discharged from the Hamad hospital in the Qatari capital Doha on Saturday, November 24, 2007, after recovering from a minor vertebral column crack he endured from a slipped disc.

Because of his illness, Qaradawi, 81, had been absent from several Islamic gatherings, the latest of which was Al-Quds International Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, earlier the same month.

Late August, Qaradawi was hospitalized in Algeria after suffering from a stomach ulcer.

Influential Lobby

The prominent Muslim scholar said the British government was divided on the visa application.

“There were differences within the British government,” he told Al-Jazeera news channel late Wednesday over the phone from Cairo.

He said the Home and Foreign Offices were in favor of giving him the visa, adding that some Home Office officials visited him at his home.

“But the there the neo-conservatives, the Zionist lobby and some right-wing media outlets.”

* Yeah! Lets go out and catch some of them Zionist neo-con lobbyists!!

* Link from Islam Online


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  1. Can’t Qaradwi find a good hospital in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. I thought Muslims were the masters of medicine and they used camel urine to cure many diseases. Qaradwi should pray Allah for treatment. Allah may take him to the heaven and will wash his internal body. This is what Allah did to Mohammed. Mohammed went to heaven and met Allah and when Mohammed returned his heart was washed.

  2. Let the pig suffer in the ummah. I can just see him getting treatment in the UK and then afterward it’s demands time. “Point my bed toward Mecca you filthy infidels”, etc.

    Given all the marvelous scientific achievements Koranists have been touting I wonder why this punk needs to go to the UK for treatment anyway.

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