Denmark: Islamic Mafia Puts Ad's in Papers

Muslim World League puts ads in papers

The following advertisement appeared in Denmark’s largest national newspapers this week (in Danish):

Freedom of expression at any price?

Appeal to the Danish people

* Islam invented freedom of expression. After that, Islam invented the wheel:

Freedom of expression and the right to your own opinion are guaranteed in Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world more than 1400 years ago.

Factually it ensures all heavenly revealed religions and denominations and promises humanity the right to think and express oneself freely, as long as those expressions don’t cause insult or discrimination of others or rouse hate based on religion or race. One of the worst forms of religious discrimination is ridiculing the prophets and the messengers.

* You can have any kind of freedom as long as it doesn’t offend the Koranimals. What kind of BS is that?

In connection with our continuing efforts to lessen the consequences of the Danish caricatures we have visited Denmark several times. We have seen the Danes as a peace-loving people, who prize coexistence of different cultures, civilizations and religions, and therefore we are now convinced that the reprinting of the insulting cartoons are not typical of the Danish people.


In Muslim perception all prophets, including Moses, Jesus and Muhammed, peace be with them all, are in a special status, which will keep them from insult or ridicule. They should be respect by all people instead of having false accusations directed at them.

We were very surprised with the connection made between charges against several individual people of wanting to take revenge on one of the cartoonists, and a deliberate insult of Muslim nations deep in their most dearly religious feelings by reprinting the cartoons. We will stress here that Islam condemns all actions which weaken society’s security, in particular murder and arson. Factually Muslims still lack a formal dissociation from the reprinting of the insulting cartoons from relevant authorities. We are convinced that a dissociation will contribute to preventing additional repetitions of such unfortunate measures.

* Islam vs. Free Speech: The Case of Denmark

Finally, we would like to call on all rational and peace-loving people and economic and cultural organization to to make an effort to the extreme for ensure good cultural and economic relations between people from Denmark and the Muslim world.

The Danish Conservative party sees this ad as mafia-like threats against Danish authorities.

They say that the organization is trying to threaten Danish authorities so that they’ll condemn the Muhammad cartoons in order to prevent more unfortunate measures.

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Westergaard: Pissing on Wilders won’t save your ass…!

* Whatever motivated this fatwa-plagued cartoonist to do this, his indignation doesn’t sound genuine.


Westergaard wants to sue Wilders:

“You can’t just steal other people’s works. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, it’s all about copyright,” Mr Westergaard said.

“I won’t accept my cartoon being taken out of its original context and used in a completely different one.”

More from ABC

Spiegel Online:

Westergaard: Wilders has a overly generalized perception of Muslims as potential terrorists. But it’s not like that at all — I know a lot of Muslims living here in Denmark who accept democracy completely and who live their religion as a very private matter. I hope that all Muslims will adapt to secular society. There is currently friction between Muslim and Christian culture. But I am quite sure, that our Western democratic culture will prevail over the darker version of Islam. We must have Islam-light.

* Islam light? Sure thing. But you have to invent it first, Kurt…!


12 thoughts on “Denmark: Islamic Mafia Puts Ad's in Papers”

  1. * One of the worst forms of religious discrimination is ridiculing the prophets and the messengers.

    Never ceases to amaze what Muslims say, contrasted with what they do. Eternity is a
    very long time, and that is how long a dead Muslim will have to reflect on the folly of
    blaspheming against Jesus Christ, and denying His death and resurrection as in Sura
    4:157 (or thereabouts) – “They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but they
    thought they did”. And George W, if you happen to be reading this, your “Religion
    of Peace” that “worships the same god” as you, is a fake, and leads its followers to
    eternal damnation.

  2. Yep, Bush is a dumb sob. To bad he has all of that money. As I look at him now, I see that there isn’t a nickels worth of difference between him and Kerry. OH, wait, Bush is pro-gun ownership. So I guess that there is one good thing about him.

  3. 1) Jihadists commit terror attacks that bring attention to Islam

    2) soft-jihadists use that attention on Islam to proselytize

  4. It’s only an insult if it’s not true. If Islam is violent then saying so is THE TRUTH– not an insult. This game is meant to deflect away from facts and instead make us feel like we have to prove we’re not intolerant. I’m unimpressed with Moslem games of deception.

  5. Westergaard>>”Wilders has a overly generalized perception of Muslims as potential terrorists. But it’s not like that at all

    PROVE IT!!!

  6. Westergaard can prove how “peaceful” mohammedan are by dropping all publicly funded protections. We’ll see how long he is right.

  7. i would like to say that u would not gain anything by these films and will only harm your hereafter life. it will only result in the acceleration of spread of islam in the world. the more u try to tarnish image of islam the more it will u r knowing its the fastest growing religion in the world . so i request u to repent. and read quran fully and understand it properly. u people r misinterpreting it. thats all can i say to u. may allah show u right path

  8. “One of the worst forms of religious discrimination is ridiculing the prophets and the messengers.”

    Just had to repeat that quote again. I learn something new everyday, because you see I mistakenly thought that being murdered for changing your religion or being physically assaulted for being a certain religion were the worst forms of “discrimination.” Oops my bad, muslims school me in logic once again.

  9. “Freedom of expression and the right to your own opinion are guaranteed in Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world more than 1400 years ago.”

    ummmm, did’nt Mo’ have some of his critics killed? Is this like the leftist’s version of free speech, “you have free speech provided I agree with it” ?

    bizarre. These guys have no shame, just pulling stuff our of their arses like that.

  10. kaifi:
    Please explain to this lowly kufr how I’m “misinterpreting”
    – Christians and Jews will be turned into apes and pigs. (2:65;5:58-60;7:166)
    – Infidels are the lowest of the low. (95:4-6)
    – Infidels are deaf,dumb and blind, and have no sense. (2:171)
    – Slay the idolators wherever ye catch them (2:191)
    – Instil terror into the hearts of the idolators: smite ye above
    their necks and smite all their fingertips off them. (2:191)

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