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* Serious Jewicidal Dhimmitude:

Dutch Jewish group: Anti-Islam film is ‘counterproductive’

By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent and News Agencies

The newly-released anti-Islam film by right-wing Dutch legislator Geert Wilders drew condemnations from the Netherlands’ Central Jewish Board, which Friday called the film’s focus on anti-Jewish preachings by Muslims “counterproductive” and “generalizing.”
In a statement following the film’s online release, the board said that Wilders – the leader of the Party for Freedom – was guilty of serious generalizations. “Wilders presented demographics on the increase of Muslims in Europe with pictures from scenes of terrorist attacks, suggesting all Muslims are potential terrorists,” head of the Hague-based Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, Dr. Ronny Naftaniel, Saturday told Haaretz.

While the anti-Semitic material Wilders compiled “demonstrates some Muslims have terrible ideas about Jews,” the way Fitna portrays reality serves to “polarize Dutch society,” the board said, adding this was counterproductive to the fight against extremism.


* Unbelievable. These Jews will play the violins when the Handschar Brigades open up the gas chambers again…

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“Geert Wilders is a Christian terrorist”  


* Killers for the ‘RoP’ 

JAKARTA (Reuters) – About 50 members of a hardline Indonesian Muslim group held a rowdy protest outside the Dutch embassy on Monday, calling for the death of a Dutch lawmaker behind a film accusing the Koran of inciting violence.

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party in the Netherlands, launched his short video on the Internet last week, drawing condemnation from Muslim nations.

Dozens of police, with two water cannon at the ready, did not intervene during the protest by white-clad members of the Islamic Defenders’ Front, some of whom hurled eggs and plastic water bottles into the compound of the Dutch embassy in Jakarta.

“I call on Muslims around the world, if you run into the maker of the film, kill him,” said one of the speakers at the rally, Awit Mashuri.

“Geert Wilders is a Christian terrorist,” declared a placard held up by a protester. “Kill Geert Wilders,” read another.

The Front is notorious for its past raids on nightspots the group accused of harbouring prostitutes and drug dealers.

In 2003, the group’s leader, Mohammad Rizieq Shihab, was jailed for seven months for inciting violence.



Melanie Philips: So what did I think of the Geert Wilders film Fitna?

I thought it was very effective, and very shocking, in showing that the inspiration for the evil acts of which it showed such horrifying glimpses lay in the Koran. It shows very clearly the precise nature of what the civilised world is up against, a war of religion with striking similarities to Nazi ideology and murderous mass hysteria.

It was, however, very careful not to call for the Koran or Islam to be banned. Instead it confined itself to calling for Muslims to reform their faith by removing the bad bits of the Koran, and for an end to the Islamising of Europe. To that extent it was not extreme at all, and indeed reformist Muslims themselves say much the same thing.

* Hmm, wonder where those ‘reformist’ Muslims are..?


“Wilders Film Aims to Block Dialogue”

* Take a closer look: no sign of any dialogue here…
M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Arab News

RIYADH, 31 March 2008 — The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) has denounced Thursday’s screening of an anti-Qur’an film by a rightwing MP in the Netherlands and called on international bodies to prevent people from insulting religions.

* Not ‘religions’- ONE ‘religion’ called Islam….

“These kinds of attacks by so-called sane European politicians and scholars will lead to very serious repercussions, pushing mankind to a situation of chaos and conflict,” said Dr. Saleh S. Al-Wohaibi, secretary-general of WAMY.

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Jordanian MPs: “Kick the Dutch Ambassador out” over Fitna


Just imagine for a second if any of these MPs had gotten this angry at any one of the Islamic preachers and jihadists depicted in Wilders’s film.

“Jordanian MPs want Dutch envoy dismissed over anti-Islam film,” from DPA via JW

Amman – At least 53 deputies of Jordan’s 110-member lower house of parliament on Sunday signed a memorandum urging the government to “dismiss” the Dutch ambassador to Amman following the screening by a Dutch lawmaker of a film deemed offensive to Muslims. “The memorandum calls on the government to sever diplomatic ties with the Netherlands and dismiss the Dutch ambassador,” parliamentarians said….


UHhh…. Intelligent Muslimah Goes Astray, Prefers Sex to Rocket Science….


How a child prodigy at Oxford became a £130-an-hour prostitute


With the intellect to win a place at Oxford at the age of 13, Sufiah Yusof should, by now, be carving out a high-flying career for herself.

But a decade after hitting the headlines thanks to her remarkable aptitude for mathematics – and days after her father was jailed for sexually assaulting two teenagers – Miss Yusof has been exposed as a £130-an-hour prostitute.

The revelation completes a sad fall from grace for the family who were hailed the brightest in Britain after Miss Yusof and two of her siblings won university places by the time they were 16.

Calling herself Shilpa Lee, 23-year-old Miss Yusof advertises her body on an internet sex site and operates out of a back street flat in Salford. Yesterday, a friend of the former child prodigy said of her downfall: “It is all desperately heartbreaking.

“With her amazing brain she should be able to make money any way she wants. But instead her life spiralled completely out of control.

“Sufiah has suffered so many knocks in her life. I just hope she can drag herself out of this life she has got herself into.

“She is such a good person and deserves a much better life than this. Her gift really has been a curse.”

On the website, she describes herself as a ‘”very pretty size 8, 32D bust and 5ft 5in tall – available for booking every day from 11am to 8pm”.

2004: She marries Jonathan Marshall
She adds that she is a “sexy, smart student” who prefers “older gentlemen”. When an undercover reporter visited her at the flat, Miss Yusof stripped naked and gyrated on a bed as she reeled off her list of services.

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1997: Sufiah on her first day at Oxford with her father and sister Aisha


In 2004, she married trainee lawyer Jonathan Marshall, but the couple divorced 13 months later.


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  1. Fitna is going to need a website all to itself with all the stories stemming from it. Personally, I think the movie has been overrated-it was anything but an attack on the Koran. It simply told it like it is.

  2. Love seeing articles like the one in Haaretz being showed up in the comments section by wiser folks!!!

  3. It used verses from the koran. If you saw the edited version you didn’t see the koran’s verses.

    As for the muslimette being a little oversexed – maybe that is an understatement. But, why the surprise? islam is so over concerned with sex that it focuses way too much on it. Gee, children are deflowered at 9 years old. They ensure that their female slaves are willing by letting them start young so they are all ‘oiled up’ by the time they are up on the selling blocks. (

    The muslim males are indeed allowed gay sex with their boy/man slaves. And there is nothing done to muslim males if they rape a female – no matter how old. Just as long as there are not any witnesses – the woman’s testimony doesn’t matter – they get away with it.

    islam is not a very decent ‘religion’ as far as trying to uplift a human being from their animal selves. In fact, it focuses on those animal parts of a human and says they will be rewarded for them.

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