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The religion of fear: Islam without violence is like an egg-free omelette…

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Fitna is an Embarrassment for the Dutch Cabinet


By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The central thesis of Fitna is: the Koran commands Muslims to spread their faith throughout the entire world, by means of jihad and indoctrination. To show that some Muslims take these edicts literally, viewers are shown images of terror attacks in New York and Madrid. In the movie, you hear excerpts of sermons filled with hatred and Muslim crowds that cheer on the preachers.

In one scene, a girl of three is taught by rote that the Koran reveals that Jews are pigs and monkeys. At the end of the movie, suddenly one hears the sound of a page being ripped from a book followed by a message that this is a page from a telephone book, not the Qur’an, and that it is up to Muslims to deal with the intolerance in their Holy Book.

Fitna is polite, but Fitna is a severe embarrassment for the Dutch cabinet. First, because almost all of the publicity for the movie originated from the cabinet. If, last year, the Prime Minister had given a reaction along the lines of: “we cannot respond to a movie that has not yet been shown and until such a time a cabinet position will not be provided,” there would have been no worldwide, festering controversy.


A second reason for which the cabinet is suffering a severe loss of face is that it has shown that freedom of speech is not safe in its hands. By acting as if it was a worthwhile endeavor to investigate whether the movie should be banned (either before or after its release), the cabinet improperly reversed its constitutional position with regard to the Second Chamber of Parliament.

In the Netherlands, the cabinet governs, and Parliament controls the cabinet. In relation to Member of Parliament Wilders, however, the cabinet has improperly set itself up as the controller. The Dutch cabinet has actively sought to silence an elected Member of Parliament. That the Parliamentary opposition did not intervene against this appalling attempt at censorship, is more distressing than any possible movie about Islam could be. Fitna laid bare just what a distrustful image this Social-Christian cabinet has of Muslims. It considers Muslims as half-savage beasts, [a bit like Bokito, Holland’s most famous gorilla] who will jump over the fence of reason at the slightest provocation and who in a collective frenzy disrupt the public peace.

They can only be kept in check by not engaging them as mature reasonable adults, by not contradicting them, not presenting them with difficult questions about their religion, by talking positively about it; all the while creating myriad emergency response plans through full crisis scenarios, because a film happens to be made about their holy book. It is just as in the case of Bokito the gorilla, who was put behind high bars in a zoo but was feverishly petted. This attitude is called “respect”, towards Muslims. I wonder what Muslims think of being regarded in this way?

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  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks with direct clarity. Pat Condell has a knack for entertainment with his turn of phrase (i.e. eggless omelet) LOL!

    For those at work or on dial up, here is an unofficial transcript to Condell’s “The Religion of fear”:

    Pat Condell, Post Fitna – The Religion of Fear

    Hi everyone. Well, now that the FITNA furor has died down somewhat, it’s interesting to see how many people are condeming the film and how few people are condeming the thuggish intimidation that forced LIVE LEAK to remove it.

    What happened to all those people who keep telling us “I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it .” Where have they all gone? Maybe they’re on vacation.

    No shortage of politicians, however, lining up to accuse the film of falsely equating Islam with violence, which is a bit like falsely equating Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse.

    I’m sure anyone who follows the news would also equate Islam with violence. I know I certainly do because anytime anybody criticises Islam, they’re usually threatened with violence. Islam without violence is like an egg free omelet.

    The religion is predicated on violence and the threat of violence. It’s a ‘religion of peace’ in the same way that North Korea is a People’s ‘Democratic’ Republic. But we’re not allowed to say that, because if we do, we’ll be threatened with violence.

    When the film was actually removed – under threat of violence – some muslims had the nerve to congratulate LIVE LEAK ‘ for promoting tolerance’ on the internet.
    I’ll tell you, whenever I think about this stuff now, I think I’m in a hall of mirrors . . .don’t you?

    To be fair, Dutch muslims do deserve some praise because they could’ve reacted violently and probably gotten away with it . . .we all know that. So, all credit to them for not exploiting the situation.

    But the very fact that we are greatful to them, pretty much proves the point of the film. Because, let’s be clear about this, it was the threat of muslim violence that caused the Dutch government to grovel in such abject dhimmitude and to run around apologising like headless chickens before and after the event.

    A spectacle which I’m sure many muslims enjoyed – and why shouldn’t they enjoy it? After all, it sends out a clear message to the entire muslim world that in Europe, we won’t stand up for what we believe in. . .or what we ‘say’ we believe in and we will be intimidated into silence. All you’ve got to do is shake your fist and we’ll do exactly as we’re told.

    So, Islam in Europe now enjoys the best of all possible worlds. It’s a religion when it wants to be. It’s a culture when it wants to be. And it’s a race when it wants to be. It gets full rights on all three counts – demanding and getting respect wherever it goes while giving absolutely none. Hence, we were treated recently to the spectacle of the Swiss Foreign Minister degrading herself and her country by putting on a head scarf before she was allowed to meet the homicidal leadership of
    Iran. In a cheap betrayal of all the brave women who have been murdered by these violent criminals in the name of Islam.

    The Iranian government were among the first to criticise the film too. Taking time out from executing children, again – in the name of Islam, to denounce it roundly. But I’m sure most people realize that this fake outrage is in no way genuine. It’s all part of a cynical campaign of intimidation by the Islamic world to force unwanted Islamic values into Western society. And that’s why, in every free country they’re now aggressive Islamist pressure groups, usually funded by the Saudis, who claim to speak for all muslims, but who actually speak only for a small band of fanatical bigots like themselves – and who are very quick to insult our culture and our values as degenerate and immoral while being themselves ultra-sensitive to any perceived criticism – portraying themselves as victims, as oppressed rather than as the oppressors they are. Knowing that if you repeat the lie often enough people will start to believe it. Mr. Goebbels taught us that little nugget of wisdom and the would be authors of the next hollocaust have learned their lessons well.

    Now luckily for me I don’t get insulted easily on a personal level, not even if being called a racist kafir as some idiot called me recently. When somebody attacks my culture, well, that’s a little different because that’s an assault on my values . It diminishes my sense of self worth. I believe it violates my human rights and I think he should be prosecuted as a hate crime. It’s irrational, its paranoid and really I think there is only one word to describe it – and that is civilizationphobia.

    This is a word I like to use as kind of like umbrella word for a host of different phobias that manifest themselves in Islam. Including elestherophobia (sp?)- fear of freedom. Epistomophobia – Fear of Knowledge. Prosophobia – fear of progress.
    Picatophobia – fear of sinning or imaginary crimes. Categeliphobia (sp?)- fear of being ridiculed. Senophobia(sp?)-fear of new things and ideas Keraphobia – fear of gaety (big fear of gaety) and the biggest fear of all of course, gynophobia – fear of women. Islam is terrified of women and thats why all over the internet, you’ll find clips from Arab television where along with all the rampant Jew hating and other propaganda aimed at turning children into murderers, you’ll find clerics calmly explaining under what circumstances a man may beat his wife in the religion-of-peace. That’s right, a man may beat his wife. And they wonder why we don’t want this stuff in Europe. If you lay a violent hand on a woman. you’re not a man – you’re an animal and I don’t care how many so called scholars tell you that cowardly brutality is the will of god. Chances are, you’ve never been on the receiving end of the kind of punishment you like to dish out so freely.

    So, I hope the Hindus have it right because if there is any justice you will be reincarnated as a female homosexual Jew and then you’ll find out what a pain it is having to deal with violent primitive dick heads like you.

    You know, when I was growing up I never thought I would be ashamed to live in the twenty first century. I thought it was going to be a new golden age. The space age. An age of knowledge and discovery and we’d have shaken off the shackles of superstition by now. Surely we have the technology to reach for the stars. Maybe we can even create paradise right here on earth.

    I remember looking forward to it. Well, here we are and what have we got? We’ve got Islam, a violent, seventh century desert dogma that wants to take over the world, remove our freedom, subjugate women, brainwash children, pursecute Jews and homosexuals and drag us all back a thousand years. And all we can do is make excuses for it for fear of causing offence.

    We really are pathetic – aren’t we?

    You know, I think people living five hundred years from now will look back on this period of history and they’ll laugh at us.

    Well, wouldn’t you?


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