No Moe Free Speech Downunder

New Oz socialist government sez ‘NO’ “BUT'” to free speech:

Australia denounces anti-Islam film

Thanks to Mullah

From the ‘socialism is a mental disorder’ department: Australia has added its voice to the international chorus of outrage over an anti-Islam film posted on the internet by a right wing Dutch politician.


Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Geert Wilders’ film Fitna equated Islam with acts of terror and violence and was “highly offensive”.

“It is an obvious attempt to generate discord between faith communities,” Mr Smith said.

“Like leaders in the Muslim world and in Europe, I strongly reject the ideas contained in the film and deplore its release.”

* If Smith really said that one must assume that he either didn’t see the film or that he is completely ignorant of what’s going on in the world.

“In Australia we believe in the right to freedom of expression but we don’t believe in abusing that right to incite racial hatred.”

* My goodness: which ‘race’ is Islam again?

Muslim nations, the European Union and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have all expressed outrage over the film, posted on the internet last week.

Iran and Bangladesh warned the film could cause grave consequences and Pakistan has protested to the Dutch ambassador.

Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has called for Muslim nations to boycott Dutch products.

But Mr Smith echoed Dutch Muslim leaders’ calls for restraint, saying the best response was a “calm and responsible one”.

* Just what we need, a wannabe Euroweenie appeaser as Foreign Minister.

Fearing a repeat of violent clashes in 2006 that followed the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in Danish newspapers, the Dutch government has distanced itself from Wilders’ 17-minute film.

The head of the Freedom Party, which has nine seats in the Dutch parliament, Wilders has also called for the banning of the Koran in the Netherlands, calling it “fascist”.

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* Hugh Fitzgerald comments


From the ‘Bolt Blog’
Rob H replied to John
Mon 31 Mar 08 (06:44pm)
Thank God Smith was around to make this statement, before we all fell for
the Zionist plot. He’s foreign minister isn’t he? Hey why is he here? Who’s
looking after the rest of the world if Smith is at home? Why isn’t KRudd
making this kind of statement from home. Hey? Whats going on, the lights are
all out? What’s that smell of beeswax? How come petrol is priced so high?
How come house prices are forecast to go up? How come inflation is still on
the rise? How come they’re talking about higher unemployment? Black is
white? Incompetance is competance? Starting boarding schools for aboriginal
kids is not creating another stolen generation myth? Racism applies to
religions? How the hell did this bunch of tacco’s ever get elected. Whats
Happened to all the laptops? Where did Brumby’s missing billion go? Why am I
called a denihalist and skeptic becuase I want to save black Africa by
creating an ecomomy like ours and don’t believe that theories can kill? Why
did the diablical US government invent AIDS and then not give it to Obama
and his religious adviser or at least shoot them for giving out secrets?
Just a few questions I ask myself every day I make the mistake of reading
the papers in the age of KRuddism.


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  1. >>””From the ’socialism is a mental disorder’ department: Australia has added its voice to the international chorus of outrage over an anti-Islam film posted on the internet by a right wing Dutch politician.




  2. They find Fitna the movie offensive; how will they handle a live performance of
    Ezekiel 38, or Revelation 16. The kings (leaders) of the nations can fornicate with
    religions like Islam, but there are consequences; the script is written, the plot is
    available for study, but the leaders choose to prostitute themselves to “Allah” and
    his false prophet Mo.

  3. All this hysteria over a 15 minute filmette seen only on the Internet. Something like the Rwandan genocide generated far less heat. 500 years from now people will think the world had suffered massive insanity the way people treat all aspects of Islamania, including the reaction to Fitna. I’m already embarrassed by this reaction even though I’ll be long gone in 500 years.

  4. Stephen Smith had the opportunity here to prove what he was made of.

    He took the opportunity.

    Now we know what to expect from this mental pygmy.

    I challenge all Muslims in Australia who claim to oppose the violence in Islam to stage a protest against Islamic violence. Should be a big gathering!

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