"You make me…" sez Yusuf

* Australia’s resident Islamic agent provocateur Yusuf Irfan is becoming increasingly unhinged trying to defend the indefensible. In a fit of anger he rips out his jihad pen and spills his ink:


“Open Letter to Daniel Pipes”

Failing to smear Daniel Pipes, Yusuf whines and raves about “racists, neo-fascists, extremists, xenophobes and far-Right fruitloops” on end, because, you see, Yusuf wants to be nothing more than “a Muslim who wants to see Australians of my faith embrace the cultural symbols and institutions of Australia. I want young Muslims to be proud of their nation, to participate in its institutions, its politics, its arts, its cultural and public life.”

* Right. That’s what we need Yusuf. We need more Muslims in politics and in public life like a ………………………(fill in yourself)

Arts? Which arts are halal and not haram, Yusuf? ‘Arts’ like this? Please explain… and since you’re already participating in Australia’s cultural and public life, what more could we ask for? Suggestion: perhaps you could speak out against Dhimmitude, institutionalized chastened subservience and discrimination of unbelievers in the Islamic system, how about it?

But NO:

Yusuf accuses Pipes instead:

“You want Muslims to become second class citizens.”

Right. So here we have Yusuf , ‘defending’ Islam, his Arab Imperialist belief system, that commands him to subject conquered kuffars to slavelike conditions, dhimmitude, by projecting, by accusing Daniel Pipes, a Jewish scholar, of wanting to do just that to poor widdle Muslims.

Nice try, Yusuf. Once again: you failed, miserably.

But people like Daniel Pipes, who see Muslims more of a liability than an asset “will actively work to convince as many non-Muslims as possible that Muslims are all closet extremists and fifth columnists”-, which irks Yusuf, that’s why he claims “you are providing ordinary Muslims with every reason to believe that UBL may actually have a point. You are UBL’s greatest asset. In fact, I’d be prepared to put money on the fact that UBL may actually be secretly donating to your websites.” (Wow. Quite a mouthful, Yusuf! For somebody who claims NOT to imbibe it sounds like you had a few too many…)

You (Pipes) and your colleagues promise that you will “meet privately with government officials, editors, producers, academics, and others to explain the real nature of such Islamist organizations”. You will try to convince them that “the Islamists currently dominate the Muslim political scene in every Western society, without exception”.

In other words, you will actively work to convince as many non-Muslims as possible that Muslims are all closet extremists and fifth columnists.

Yusuf doesn’t like that:

Yusuf doesn’t want you to know what Islam has in store for you kuffars. Yusuf wants Australia to become Islamic slowly, by stealth, right Yusuf? Just like his Muslim brother Tariq Ramadan last year in Austria, who proclaimed the most worrying statement: “The real intentions of Euroislam must be concealed from the general public.”

The slow jihad works much better, doesn’t it, Yusuf?


Just wait till we got the numbers, we can do it by demographics, by wingeing and agitating and by subversion rather than with bombs, right Yusuf?

“On that basis,” sez Yusuf , “it only makes sense that you include me in your list of Islamists..”

Done deal, Yusuf. We got your number. Done!


2 thoughts on “"You make me…" sez Yusuf”

  1. >>”Nice try, Yusuf. Once again: you failed, miserably.

    Frustrating times for the terrorists and their facilitators. Unfortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel for them if Barrack HUSSEIN Obama becomes prez.

  2. One question for Yusuf… are you willing to have the Mohammedan live as Dhimmis in the west? If not, why do you want to make the westerners live as Dhimmis in their own homes?

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