Condi: "No Mo Jihad!"

    ‘Jihadist’ booted from government lexicon

* Picanninni thinking: “If we don’t talk about it, perhaps it will just go away…”


Condi  snacking & yakking with her Sowdi  ‘advisor’…

* Jihad Watch was the first to break this story, on Tuesday. Although Spencer requested the FOIA from state, -AP got it first.

By Matthew Lee for AP:

[…] Federal agencies, including the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Counter Terrorism Center, are telling their people not to describe Islamic extremists as “jihadists” or “mujahedeen,” according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. Lingo like “Islamo-fascism” is out, too.

Read it and weep


More Piccaninni exploits:

State Department Funding ISNA’s Propagation Of Islam

Funding the Muslim Brotherhood and the egregious Mufti Ali Goma  seems to become acceptable to the heavily infiltrated state department under Condoleezza Rice:

By Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer

*   Bush Administration Moves To Legitimize The Muslim Brotherhood
April 25, 2008 – San Francisco, CA – – A grant made by the U.S. Dept. of State to the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Holy Land Foundation terror funding prosecution, whose mission statement is “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope”] and the left wing National Peace Foundation is being used to fund Islamic da’wa via a spurious “citizen exchange” program.

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Fitzgerald: Rice in over her head

The peoples of the West may have lacked in the past, they did at least forthrightly, uninhibitedly, recognize the nature of Islam, its meaning, its menace. Rice wishes to prevent this, in order to curry favor with Arab states, and possibly in order to prevent having to begin the difficult work (but hardly too difficult) of figuring out the kinds of things that might best work to weaken the Camp of Islamic Jihad. 

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2 thoughts on “Condi: "No Mo Jihad!"”

  1. Condoleezza Rice has had a damned fine education.

    Apparently all of it was wasted.

  2. someone give the woman a broom and dustpan,
    and get her to get back to work, she sure as hell
    aint protecting america’s interests so she may
    as well get hitched and clean her own house
    bf she tells others how to pretend that jihadism
    aint in existence, sack her and bush for their
    traiterous ways and lies,
    Deport all muhammedans now whilst there is time
    Civil war is fast approaching in disarmed europe,
    the entire populus are disarmed and vulnerable now,
    no gun. no freedom and no liberty…
    europe and it is coming soon in australia, indonesia will invade australia in our lifetimes
    start lobyying now to stop ismaic expanisionism and claw back out right to own arms in australia

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