Fitzgerald: "We need more Fitna.."

“Fitna is, or should be, merely a first installment.”

It is important to keep going, not to let this be a one-time business, but to fill in, to expand, the knowledge of Infidel viewers as to the contents of Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira. The political and media elites of the Western world will not do so. Some do not know, and do not want to know. Some know, but haven’t any idea how to deal, in practical policies, with that knowledge, and so they don’t want you to know.



Litigation Jihad:

New York passes Libel Terrorism Protection Act 

Saudi billionaire Saudi billionaire Khalid Salim Bin Mahfouz, who successfully sued Cambridge University Press last July, has failed in his efforts to silence Rachel Ehrenfeld.

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UK:  No more mosques, or Britain risks becoming an Islamic state

Alison Ruoff claims that building mega-mosques could help turn Britian into an Islamic state