JIHAD USA: Why are we failing to connect the dots?

* Here’s the first of a series of 4 video clips that expose jihad activity in the US. All too often officials cover up the jihadists motivation and the Islamic belief-system that unites these terrorists. Failing to connect the dots can have deadly consequences…

* Part 1 of 4 

* Double click on the icon and it will take you to youtube where you can see the other 3 vids


One thought on “JIHAD USA: Why are we failing to connect the dots?”

  1. I watched this on FoxNews on the weekend. It was like a highly concentrated version of what we read on the ‘blogs, but centred on the USA.

    I was surprised it didn’t seem to get a mention on most ‘blogs: usually someone draws your attention to these things, but has since surfaced in a few places.

    E.D.Hill has hosted quite a few of these shows and very clearly and calmly connects the dots. (She could be stronger – but at least she is saying it).

    She said all the specials were available here, but so far I haven’t found them.

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