The Islamic symbolism in Flight 93 Memorial goes on and on…

From Tom Burnett Sr: A petition to stop the Flight 93 Memorial

An important message from the father of one of the heroes of Flight 93:

Dear Fellow Americans:
The planned Flight 93 Memorial contains extensive Islamic symbolism. It is an insult to my son Tom, and to the other murdered heroes of Flight 93 who stopped Islamic terrorists from destroying the White House or the Capitol that terrible September day.

Please consider signing this online petition that I and some compatriots have put together. It calls for a new memorial design, and for investigation of the present design. If you want to do more, feel free to forward or post this appeal.

For those who are not familiar, the original “Crescent of Embrace” design was laid out in the crescent and star configuration of an Islamic flag:


* Read the whole thing

* Sign the petition

* Flight 93 memorial is a terrorist memorial mosque



Metro charter school accused of teaching Islam 

A Star Tribune newspaper column has prompted a state investigation into a charter school. A substitute teacher said a school in Inver Grove Heights is blurring the line of separation of church and state.
Being a charter school Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, or TIZA, is supported by tax dollars. The teacher told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the presence of religion she observed at the school took her by surprise.
TIZA Executive Director Azad Zaman insisted the school follows with state and federal laws.

“TIZA does not endorse any religion,” he said.

* Except Islam, of course. But since Islam is an ideology, perhaps Zaman is right: its not a religion… 

However, TIZA Academy is sponsored by Islamic Relief USA, based in California.
The questions came after substitute teacher Amanda Getz taught at TIZA last month and told the Star Tribune about things she observed that day that shocked her.
“I’ve been in a lot of schools and I’ve never been in a school where they had washing rituals, or they had prayer, or where they had a room where you had to take your shoes off,” Getz said.

State law requires the school to fly an American flag during school hours, however no flag flies outside of TIZA Academy.

Zaman told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he didn’t know how to work the flagpole.


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  1. This SO sux. Tom Burnett Jr loses his life defending his fellow Americans; now Tom Burnett Sr battles to stop Americans constructing a memorial in honour of the enemy terrorists! How does that work?

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