"Jihad is defensive warfare"… except when its not:

German Muslim charged with stabbing Frankfurt rabbi

* That header sux: the assassin was not a German but an Afghan asylum seeker who stabbed the Frankfurt rabbi. The poor Muslim-SOB just had to ‘defend himself’  against a live rabbi who came walking down the street…

A 23-year-old German Muslim went on trial Thursday for stabbing a rabbi in Frankfurt, telling a court that he felt threatened by the rabbi and had acted in self-defense.


Defendant Sajed Aziz testified that the Frankfurt-based rabbi, Zalman Gurevitch, approached him in a threatening manner on a street in the city in September. He said he reacted by pulling a knife and stabbing the rabbi, but did not intend to kill him. Prosecutors have said the rabbi told authorities at the
time of the attack that his assailant said, “I’ll kill you, you (expletive) Jew,” Then pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the stomach. (AP)


Germany: subjecting Muslim imams to surveillance is ‘unfair’, government should monitor Christian clergy also….

* yeah, those Catholics and Protestants need monitoring, because Islam is a Religion of Peace and these crusaders are evil warmongers…

Leaders from Germany’s Muslim community say that the regulations could subject Muslim imams to surveillance from which Christian clergy are exempt.

* Can’t have that!

Muslim leaders, feel that they have been deceived. The government’s justification for keeping imams under surveillance is a “specious argument,” said Aiman Mazyek, secretary general of the Central Council of Muslims, in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE.

In reality, said Mazyek, the regulation is a form of “state-sanctioned discrimination.”

* We should not discriminate, because all religions are the same, are they not?

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Netherlands: Radical imam teachers to hate infidels


* Actually, you got it all wrong: they were just trying to sing ‘all you need is love’ by the Beatles. Its only the media that always discriminates against Muslims and gives Islam a bad name:

Islam teachers Suhayb Salam from Tilburg, taught his students to hate infidels, according ot journalist Patrick Pouw in his book “Salaam! Een jaar onder orthodoxe moslims” (Salam! A year among orthodox Muslims). Suhayb is the son of Tilburg imam Ahmed Salam, who had in the past refused to shake minister Verdonk’s hand.

For a year Pouw learned by the ultra-orthodox Salafist Salam, manager of the Islamic Institute for Upbringing and Education. In this institute youth are taught to be preachers of the “only true faith, Islam”.

Salam hammed in ever lesson on the duty to hate unbelievers. Pouw writes in his book: “We learned that all infidels were enemies of Allah, that everybody who didn’t follow Islam is an enemy of Allah. We heard that sincere love for Allah means that we must hate his enemies, and must see them as our enemies. That was nothing less than an obligation.”

Salam told his students that Muslims may not report each other to the police. “Since that would mean that a non-Muslim, an infidel, would judge a Muslim.”

He also advised a student who had a bible in his house to burn it.

Salam, who knew Pouw was a journalist, did not want to comment on Netwerk, but said that “all claims about inciting hate are nonsense.”


6 thoughts on “"Jihad is defensive warfare"… except when its not:”

  1. * He also advised a student who had a bible in his house to burn it.

    But don’t dare pull the chain on a koran (it’s a hate crime).

  2. * Defendant Sajed Aziz …

    … woke up at noon on the day of the attempted murder, smoked a couple of joints to
    improve his mood, and is being held in custody due to his form, which includes bodily harm.

    Even better, when Sajed, who can’t remember what happened next (remarkable how this
    happens!) looked at his knife later, he didn’t see any blood on it. Perhaps “Allah” magically
    removed it, or Sajed washed it off while he wasn’t remembering things.


  3. I’ll do to a koran whatever I want. And believe me – it won’t be pretty after I am done with it.

  4. He also advised a student who had a bible in his house to burn it.
    The Bible? Or the house?

  5. “Leaders from Germany’s Muslim community say that the regulations could subject Muslim imams to surveillance from which Christian clergy are exempt.”
    == == == == == ==

    And WHY are Christian clergy exempt? (and Jews and Buddhists, too, I’ll bet!) Could it be that Christians, Jews, all-notable-religions-except-Islam, do NOT teach their followers to murder people of other faiths for the Glory of the One True God? Hmmm?

    I have a hunch this is less about “But Christians aren’t being monitored the way we are” and more about “But they’ll hear what we REALLY say in our sermons” (as if the Friday afternoon riots didn’t give us a clue, guys…).

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