Prison Jihad

Wyoming lawsuit: Prison mealtime violates Muslim inmates’ freedom of religion


They cannot bend to prison practice (although actually there are provisions in Islamic law that would allow them to adapt). Rather, the prison has to bend to them. This is all part of the larger stealth jihad initiative in the U.S., about which I am writing a book: the attempt to get the U.S. to become accustomed to accommodating Sharia — a road that will lead either to the end of that accommodation, or else to America’s becoming a Sharia state. But there is no stopping point within Sharia itself beyond which the demands will not advance.

“Wyo. Lawsuit Alleges Prison Mealtime Violates Muslim Inmates’ Freedom of Religion,” from AP via JW

The ACLU filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court on behalf of Joseph Miller and Hurie Purdiman Jr., two inmates serving time at the penitentiary in Rawlins.

At issue is an alleged “20-minute rule” requiring inmates to eat their meals within 20 minutes after the food is delivered to a cell or common dining area, the lawsuit said. The lawsuit seeks for the inmates to be exempted from the rule because it forces them to choose between eating and practicing their religion.


* Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

Of course, this all begs the question: is Islam a religion in the sense in which the Framers understood that word, and as we today in the West understand that word? It is much more than a religion. It is a politics. It is a geopolitics. It is a program for, and justification of, world conquest for Islam and for Muslims. That can be found, quite easily, in the texts. Those who keep refusing to examine those texts, or examining the totalitrian nature of Islam, with its system of Total Regulation, and its justification for the mistreatment of all Unbelievers, or Infidels, needs to be understood by those in Congress and by judges, including of course those on the Supreme Court.


UK: Misunderstanders of Islam “exploiting growing prison gang culture”

Convicted Islamist terrorists are exploiting the growing gang culture in top security jails, fuelling fears that they are trying to radicalise other inmates and foment unrest.

The emerging contacts between terrorists and existing gangs in jails is occurring as the Prison Service is expecting a big increase in the number of terrorists it must look after in the next few years. The growing concern among senior Whitehall officials at the danger of Islamist terrorists seeking to radicalise other prisoners in eight top security jails is disclosed in a Ministry of Justice document.

It reveals that officials are looking at whether more high-security prison accommodation and high-security courts will be needed to cope with the predicted number of terrorists being prosecuted. It also outlines worries within the department over the radicalisation of nonterrorist Muslim prisoners and other offenders in the high-security estate.

“The numbers of convicted and suspected terrorists entering the high-security estate is becoming ever higher. Concerns over the effects of radicalisation are growing,” the paper says. “Early work needs to be done to challenge terrorist behaviour and the threat of radicalisation.”

* Hmmm. Wonder why that is? Any idea?

Read it all….


Remember Marranci?


Living Islam in prison: faith, ideology and fear

The claim that Muslims are radicalised by imams while in prison has been challenged by a pioneering new study by a University of Aberdeen researcher.


* Marranci is a closet Muslim who still won’t admit that he’s a ‘revert’.  This ‘anthropologist’ has a long record of shilling and apologizing for the adherents of the ‘ROP’. Marranci has been exposed and ridiculed both here, on JW and on his own blog for his mental acrobatics.



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  1. This goes back again to one of my previous comments. If all these silly things they are NOW asking for are so necessary (due to their religion), why is it just NOW they are complaining? Could it be because they know they have us bent over and are willing to appease them?? Yeah, I think that’s it.

  2. Dear Sheik

    Just to quote from your beloved Ayathollah ‘you have a fine talent for the smear and the ad hominem attack, couched in a pious refusal to engage in “sophistic polemics.”’

    I am sure that you have not read my report in full. If you had done so you would have actually discovered that I have pointed to the problem much earlier than anybody else.

    A short summary of my report can be read here, and I am writing a book also on the topic.


    waiting for your deadly fatwa

    Dr Marranci

  3. Hi Sheik,
    How are you? so long time since the last time we speak. I miss actually in a strange way our diatribes. I hope that everything is great and well.
    I have a great news for you…. I will be living and working in … Australia. So hope that we can have that famous coffee we discussed about so many years ago.
    Take care!

  4. Well, my dear
    I am sure that you will not fear a nice public debate, maybe organized by the Q society. Or, I have to expect that you are no more than an Internet joke?
    See you soon.

  5. By the way, how sad, I cannot enter Australia before December, otherwise I still remember the promise of your master Robert Spencer who was happy to have a debate with my at any time… If only I were there, we could have organized that…. you would have been surprised about my arguments 🙂 Well there will be a next time for sure.

    1. I don’t have masters and I never was a serf, Marranci.

      If you wanted a debate with Spencer you could have had one long ago.

      The first one didn’t go all that well for you, or did it?

      I’m sure you have some arguments we never heard before:-)

      You are free to make your case in a debate right here on this blog. I’m sure it would be very entertaining…..

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