100,000 'Palestinian refugees' set to march toward northern border


More than 100,000 Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon are expected to march toward the border with Israel on May 14 in the context of the Palestinian Authority’s plan to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Israel, PA officials told The Jerusalem Post Thursday.

The PA leadership has, meanwhile, announced that it would boycott any world leader who arrived in Israel to participate in the anniversary celebrations.

* Good grief! That hurts: as if anyone had anything to lose from a Pali ‘boycott!

‘The officials said the boycott would be a temporary action, adding that the Palestinians would not receive the guests in the Palestinian territories during their visits to Israel.

The PA ambassador to Beirut, Zaki Abbas, has been working in the past few weeks to recruit refugees from various refugee camps throughout Lebanon for the march.

Fatah’s top representative in Lebanon, Sultan Abu Aynain, has also been instrumental in organizing the event, the Post has learned.

The two have been coordinating their efforts with PA Deputy Minister for Prisoners Affairs, Ziad Abu Ein, who has drawn up a plan calling on Palestinian refugees to “invade” Israel by land, air and sea in protest against Israel’s anniversary celebrations.

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The breakthrough that did not happen

* The far left Haaretz whines about Israelis having to kill  an invading mob of Pals…

 Clear Israeli orders to shoot the invading mob.

That’s the answer.

Here is a classic example of the deterrent power of a clear position
presented in a way that leaves no doubt:
A young man from Beit Hanoun told me on the eve of the “breakthrough” that
wasn’t: “We know the army will shoot to kill, and that is why no one will
take the risk.”

Amira Hass writes: “The correct question is not whether and how the
Palestinians are prepared to be killed but rather to what extent we Israelis
are prepared to kill.”

The answer on Sunday February 24, 2008 – that prevented violence – was
“Israelis are prepared to kill as many Palestinians as it will take to stop
them from invading.”]

The breakthrough that did not happen


Update: Deputy commander of the Islamic Jihad  also served as a school headmaster at a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school.

 Our friends from the UN:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — One person was killed and three were wounded Wednesday in an Israeli airstrike targeting a metal shop in Rafah, according to Palestinian security and medical sources.


 * Car swarm = action!

 Israel Defense Forces confirmed the airstrike.

The person killed was the deputy commander of the Islamic Jihad military wing, according to the Palestinian sources, who said he also served as a school headmaster at a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school.

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunnes said he could not immediately confirm that the person was employed by the United Nations, and added that staff members who bring politics into U.N. institutions are fired immediately for violating staff rules.

The IDF has in the past targeted metal shops it said were being used to produce rockets.