Afghanistan: Germans to the front!

Ooops!  Allowing Taliban commanders to escape doesn’t win them any friends?


A Bundeswehr soldier in Afghanistan: “Stop the Germans”


‘What’s Important Is to Kill the Germans’

Taliban commander Qabir Bashir Haqqani is threatening the Germans in Afghanistan. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, the representative of the radical Islamists says they will ramp up deadly suicide attacks against Germans and other “invaders” in the northern part of the country

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* Once again we see a clueless Western journo who just can’t be bothered to learn anything about the Islamic doctrine. See how completely befuddled he is when a Taliban chief tries to explain it to him:


SPIEGEL ONLINE: One year ago, a suicide bomber killed three Germans and several Afghans at a market in Kunduz. Did you order the bombing?

Qabir Bashir Haqqani: That was the most successful strike of our mujahedeen in Kunduz since the collapse of the Taliban. Our intelligence passed on a message to the bomber, who had been waiting a week for such a golden opportunity to carry out an attack. The bomber was a resident of Kunduz.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: The three Germans killed weren’t even combat troops, they were army employees in charge of purchasing refrigerators for the troops’ kitchen.

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Haqqani: It is not important what kind of soldiers they were. What’s important is to kill and hammer out the Germans in Kunduz. The Germans are the most important enemy in the north and because they are stationed in Kunduz, the city will soon become the Kandahar of the north.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What exactly are you planning?

Haqqani: We are going to banish the Germans to their bases more and more. If they leave their bases, we will be waiting for them with improvised explosive devices (IED) and fedayeen (suicide bombers) on every road. Because of its historical jihad background and its fundamentally anti-Western and anti-American sentiment, Kunduz is an important place for the Taliban movement.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Who was responsible for the most-recent attempted attacks on German soldiers? 

Haqqani: You just don’t understand: There is no need for special orders anymore. The mujahedeen are just doing what they are responsible for doing. To kill and attack Germans is the goal and that is clear to everyone. The entire chain and network is responsible.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Who do you take your orders from? From the Taliban’s Peshawar shura or from the Quetta shura?

Haqqani: We are unaware of any shuras located outside of Afghanistan. Every local commander is responsible for his own areas. The area commander is accountable to the district commander who is in turn accountable to the provincial governor. The governor is then accountable to the provincial executive council, which deals with Taliban military shura.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What is your primary goal for this year?


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