The Results are in: Islam is NOT compatible with Democracy

Our last poll was a no-brainer, really: Is Islam compatible with Democracy?

91 % of WoJ readers voted Absolutely NOT

1 was undecided (get off the fence!)

9 % voted ‘Sure Why Not’- most likely a bunch of trolls…

New Poll Starts Today:

What is the biggest threat from Islam?

We don’t want to influence your vote, but here’s a hint:



8 thoughts on “The Results are in: Islam is NOT compatible with Democracy”

  1. Your latest poll doesn’t have enough options. You should have included; “all of the above”.

  2. And Demographics and immigration are essentially the same thing.

    And nuclear war isn’t a danger from Islam – it’s a danger TO Islam. Well, it is if I can sweet-talk the navy into giving be access to those buttons.

  3. * Our last poll was a no-brainer, really: Is Islam compatible with Democracy?

    According to muslims themselves, Islam is not compatible with democracy, & they reject it & intend to destroy it, but globalists on the left & right believe in the essential goodness & equality of all, or a global capital & labour market … and actively embrace the cancer of shariah-compliant finance. What ObL & friends seek to achieve through terrorism, Kuwait Finance House & other Islamic financiers seek to achieve through global capital.

    Doesn’t matter what tool muslims use – terror or banking – the intended outcome of islamic domination remains the same. Still muslim versus “non-muslim”.

    * Islamic bankers versus Islamic terrorists

  4. Huh, are you a retard?
    Maybe you should wash your mouth before making this stupid website?
    Go hate your mom, it’s due to your hatred that this world is becoming worst.
    Stfu and have water

  5. @john

    Huh, you are a retard. And possibly a shitslamaniac or apologist, as well.
    9/11 justifies any hatred toward shitslam. STFU, asshole.

  6. First of all there are different interpretations of Islam. Just like there are different interpretations of Christianity. Christianity is the west’s version of trying to keep women subservient. Baptists believe a woman should be should be submissive to her husband and the man is the head of the house, women cannot become priests in the Catholic church or hold positions in the clergy, and what about the Christian sect that women need to wear dresses to the floor at all times and never wear makeup. It is the same thing.. religion being perverted by patriarical societies. Islam IS compatable with Democracy in many Islamic countries has been adapted… do your research. Before you all criticize and stereotype the religion as a whole do your research, try actually reading up on it, speaking to some Muslims yourselves, and stop letting the media that is controlled by corporations brainwash and control your minds. The “Islamic” terrorists are in the same catgory as the “christians” that blow up abortion clinics… something to think about.

  7. Interpretations of Islam, Kathleen?

    Tell us about it, honey. We’re willing to learn.

    But about Islam and other religions, are you unable to tell the difference, Kathleen?

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