"Allah Is Bigger Than Logic & Reason"

 * From a fatwa by an Islamic cleric in an “ask the imam”  Q & A session recently reprinted on this blog, when the questions became unanswerable.

* Sam Harris’ excellent piece bemoaning spineless Western governments who will sell the future of their children rather than take a stand against Muhammedan infiltration and creeping sharia has surprisingly been printed in the Huffington Post, a bastion of Moonbattism. For those who missed it, here it is, a true piece of excellence:

Losing Our Spines to Save Our Necks

 Fitna P 1

 Musulmanic defenders of the profit are trying to spam youtube sites with false Fitna clips, trying to confuse already irritated Westerners even more. Here’s the real thing, just for good measure:

Geert Wilders, conservative Dutch politician and provocateur, has become the latest projectile in the world’s most important culture war: the zero-sum conflict between civil society and traditional Islam. Wilders, who lives under perpetual armed guard due to death threats, recently released a 15 minute film entitled Fitna (“strife” in Arabic) over the internet. The film has been deemed offensive because it juxtaposes images of Muslim violence with passages from the Qur’an. Given that the perpetrators of such violence regularly cite these same passages as justification for their actions, merely depicting this connection in a film would seem uncontroversial. Controversial or not, one surely would expect politicians and journalists in every free society to strenuously defend Wilders’ right to make such a film. But then one would be living on another planet, a planet where people do not happily repudiate their most basic freedoms in the name of “religious sensitivity.”

Witness the free world’s response to Fitna: The Dutch government sought to ban the film outright, and European Union foreign ministers publicly condemned it, as did UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Dutch television refused to air Fitna unedited. When Wilders declared his intention to release the film over the internet, his U.S. web-host, Network Solutions, took his website offline.

Into the breach stepped Liveleak, a British video-sharing website, which finally aired the film on March 27th. It received over 3 million views in the first 24 hours. The next day, however, Liveleak removed Fitna from its servers, having been terrorized into self-censorship by threats to its staff. But the film had spread too far on the internet to be suppressed (and Liveleak, after taking further security measures, has since reinstated it on its site as well).

Read it all

* Islam doesn’t hold up under scrutiny:

* Koranimals the world over have condemned the movie, although Wilders film is merely matching Islamic atrocieties and hatespeeches by their clerics with Koranic scriptures, which the terrorists themselves use to justify mass-murder.  So far the defenders have failed entirely in their efforts, and the latest attempt by Ali Eteratz in the Guardian is pathetic, devoid of logic, reason and common sense.

Ali Eteratz


 Islam isn’t Islamism

Atheist writer Sam Harris’ inability to draw a line between Islam and Islamism hurts the very project he claims to support

 At Huffington Post, free-thinker Sam Harris recently wrote about Geert Wilders and the film, Fitna. His essay was long and meandering. One of its thrusts that I found odd was his conflation of Islam and Islamism. Further, he actually used the term “the threat of Islam”.

Harris’ essay was quickly identified and struck down in the blogosphere.

“This is rank imperialism dressed up as embarrassingly naive Cumbaya,” said Hullabaloo.

* More on Eteraz here “I could have masturbated in that time.”

Newshoggers said: “The problem with his little comparison is that he’s comparing a tree to a leaf. He isn’t comparing Mormonism to Islam, but taking the FLDS, ‘depraved cult’ and comparing it to Islam ‘in the aggregate’, so that he can say that all Muslims are worse than the most extremist Mormons.”

Kyle E Moore joined in: “Call Islam evil all you want, you are free to do so, but understand that stamping out the religion will not make the problem go away, but only make room for a new problem using the same basic principles that saw the rise of radical Islamic terrorism.”

One thing I wish Sam would realise: the precise kind of Muslims who support atheists and apostates – taking me as an example – are not particularly interested in demonising the aggregate of Islam. This is because the tools to help apostates and atheists come from within the positive traditions and cultures that surround Islam.

*  Nothing but a weak attempt of obfuscation. But check out the comments: hardly anyone is buying any…



4 thoughts on “"Allah Is Bigger Than Logic & Reason"”

  1. I read Sam’s article. It is brilliant. Not a word wasted.

    If our media really meant to defend freedom of speech, one fine morning the front page of every single newspaper and periodical in the Infidel world, great and small, would feature the ‘Danish cartoons’ and a headline mentioning Sam’s article; the article itself would be the first thing you read when you turned that front page. Keeping it company: a reprint of Robert Redeker’s piece, the one that got him into hounded into hiding. And Milton’s Areopagitica. Oh yes: and a bootleg copy of ‘Fitna’ thrown in for good measure. Furthermore – a prominent statement to the effect that certain percentages of the sales price of said issue of said publications will be forwarded to Mr Wilders, Mr Harris, Mr Redeker, and the Danish cartoonists, to help pay for their security expenses and in appreciation of their courage. If every major newspaper and journal, from the tabloids to the academics, did it all at once, the Islamosphere would drop dead from sheer rage overload.

  2. Thank you, Sylvia.

    Just for good measure we should also mention Ayaan Ali Hirsi, Wafa Sultan, Taslima Nasreen and a host of other ex-muslims who are brave enough to put their lives on the line to warn us from the Musulmaniacs.

  3. [Ali Eteraz] I think Muslims need to see the immense human and psychological toll that being an apostate entails.

    Muslims are apostates, who reject the deity & sonship of Jesus Christ, and who follow
    a sonless counterfeit god “Allah” and his false prophet Mo to their doom.

  4. Nothing is bigger than logic and reason-these are things God gave man to keep him above all other life forms. Only someone totally devoid of these traits could actually believe such a ridiculous statement.

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