Fitna debate cancelled: Muslims stay away


Geert Wilders: as usual under heavy police protection

Anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders has cancelled the first of a series of debates on the ‘islamisation of the Netherlands’ because not enough Muslims have agreed to attend, news agency ANP reports on Friday.

* Interesting: for the first time Wilders is not described as a ‘far right’ politician, but as “Anti-immigration”

Wilders pledged discussions on the issue as a follow-up to his anti-Koran film Fitna, which links Islam with violence and terrorism.

Of the 175 people who signed up for the debate in Waddinxveen on May 16, only a handful are Muslims, says ANP.

* Here we go again: Muslims know they can’t win in a debate. That’s why they’re so eager to terrorize and intimidate and finally murder those who oppose the spread of Islam…

‘This is not enough for a constructive and open debate on the real dangers of the islamisation of the Netherlands and the failure of immigration and integration politics of the past decade,’ says Wilders’ PVV party in a statement. The party has nine seats in the 150-seat parliament.

Six imams and a local politician turned down an invitation to appear at the debate because they were “not allowed to contribute to the agenda and their call for an independent chairman was rejected”, says ANP.

Imam Yassin Elforkani told ANP that Wilders was not prepared to give Muslims any influence over the meeting in line with normal procedures. ‘Wilders wants to do everything himself. He does not want a balanced debate,’ said Elforkani.

*   Hardly…


2 thoughts on “Fitna debate cancelled: Muslims stay away”

  1. ” ‘He (Geert Wilders) does not want a balanced debate,’ said Elforkani.”
    === === === === ===

    Weeellll, from the Muslim point of view, perhaps…..

    According to the Islamic world-view: “balanced debate” means enthusiastically promoting Islam. “Inflaming religious sensibilities” means refusing to accept Islam as the One True Way of Life. “Attacking Islam” means not sufficiently pandering to the demands of Islamic grievance-mongers. “Islamophobia” means showing insufficient respect to a so-called “religion” which encourages its followers to blow themselves up –along with as many Infidels as possible– for the glory of Allah (and the services of the 72 eternal-virgins in the Great Whorehouse in the Sky).

    There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that could make me submit to the degeneracy and dehumanization of Islam.

  2. Debate cancelled. Are we surprised? No we are not. Geert Wilders knows a lot about islam, and that’s not what they want, because their takiyya is useless. Islamists have no solid arguments, islam is a system for people who feel inferior to people from the west. Islam gives them a little bit of self esteem, but takes away their common sense.

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