MSM: Enough "Nakba" to make you puke

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*  The amount of anti-Israel propaganda being churned out by mainstream media as Israel celebrates her 60th anniversary is absolutely appalling. There is one story after another on the wires about how much the Palestinians suffered when Israel was born, and not a single one of them provides the necessary context — that the surrounding Arab states launched a war in 1948 with the expressly stated purpose of killing every Jew in Israel and destroying the new state.

Here’s one of several such articles at the Christian Science Monitor, in an article commiserating with an Arab who whines bitterly that his Syrian training didn’t allow him to wipe out the Jews: An Arab veteran of 1948 recalls Palestinian ‘catastrophe’.

There’s something seriously wrong with our mainstream media.


* Jadallah went on to have a large family – seven girls and three boys – and now has close to 70 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Few, if any Pali-Arabs owned property in Israel. Property belonged to absentee landowners who gladly sold them at inflated prices to Jews. Pals who run around flashing keys in front of camera’s are as fraudulent as their claims…

*  The rusty key racket by the perpetual ‘refugees’

Traditionally Palestinians commemorate May 15th as Catastrophe Day

A Palestinian refugee Mohamad Harb 85 year Old . shows his old house keys from his former village as a symbol of hope that his may return his one day on May 12, 2008 in his Rafah refugee camp which is located within the Gaza Strip. Harb used to live in the village of Hmamh before his family was forced to immigrate to the Gaza Strip in 1948. After sixty years Harb has hope of returning to his old village which is now in Israeli territory and is named Kreat Hmamh. Traditionally Palestinians commemorate May 15th as Nakba Day or Catastrophe Day, the day the Israeli State was created in 1948.(UPI Photo/Ismael Mohamad)


*  Did you know that there was never any country called Palestine? Did you know that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people?


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  1. The reality is there is and never was no such a thing as Palestinians. When the West Bank was illegally occupied by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt, the Arabs did not call themselves Palestinians. It was only when Israel gained these territories in a defensive war against them that the Arabs started to call themselves Palestinians in order to claim an ancient (and completely false) identity with the land.

    So-called Palestinians are FAKE!
    The world has swallowed a big lie. As we know, the bigger the lie, the more people believe it. The Islamofascists learned this well from their Nazi mates.

  2. Indeed, Mark Twain said of this reigon that it is a wasteland when he visited. Plenty Muslim countries are wealthy with oil revenue, but they like the to promote the victimhood of the Palestinian refugees who could be helped pretty well as only cash can. The sooner we stop the car trade the sooner these twats will run out of money. Just a thought.

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