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Gaza: Shalit kidnapper roasted


Cpl. Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier seized in June 2006 after militants from Hamas and two allied factions tunneled under the Israeli border and attacked a military post, remains in captivity in Hamas-ruled Gaza as talks have stalled on swapping him for hundreds of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

GAZA CITY (AFP) — An air strike on Thursday killed a Hamas military leader in Gaza who took part in the 2006 capture of an Israeli soldier, the Israeli military said.

Which brings us to the inevitable

Car Swarm! Fun for the whole family!


Got another one in Somalia:

Leader of al-Qaida in Somalia roasted in airstrike


MOGADISHU, Somalia – The U.S. military killed a man believed to be the head of al-Qaida in Somalia and 10 others in an airstrike overnight, an Islamic insurgent group said Thursday.



Powerful stuff: Bedbug Spray Kills Young Egyptian Girls

JEDDAH, 13 August 2007 — Two Egyptian girls died and a third was hospitalized after their home was sprayed with insecticide that their father had bought from a local store.

Two sisters — Dua’a, 4, and Ala, 6 — died after their father sprayed their bedroom with the insecticide when they complained about bedbugs. Their elder sister, Shama, 10, is receiving treatment in a local hospital.

Arab News

Pakistan: Misunderstander of Islam calls for Jihad against Blasphemers

*   But but but! Only yesterday a prominent imam told us that jihad means walking the dog.  Not sure that this ‘professor’ Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has got the message yet: 

“We need Mo Jihad!”

The Emir of Pakistan-based Islamist group Jamatud Dawa Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that there is a need to wage jihad against the Western countries guilty of blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad. The Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Express quoted Hafiz Saeed as saying that Hindus, Jews and crusaders have risen against the Muslims by publishing cartoons and films blasphemous of Islam’s Prophet.

More from MEMRI


He was a real ‘freedom fighter’-, he tried to blow up the religious police:

Several people were feared killed on Thursday when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the office of an Islamic group in Pakistan’s restive Khyber Agency, officials said.

The suicide bomber targeted the office of the ”Amar bil maroof wa nahee aanelmunkar” (promotion of virtue and prevention of vice force), the religious police of a group led by Haji Namdar at Bara, the main town of the northwestern Khyber Agency.

A spokesman for Haji Namdar said the head of the suicide bomber has been found.

Give me head till I’m dead!


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