Thailand: New Kind Of Islamic Terrorist Discovered: "Missionary Bandits"

“Walking a dog across the street to ensure it doesn’t get hit by a fast-moving car is a jihad, one Islamic cleric told The Nation.”

* Not naming the enemy will save us all from Islamic terrorism:


 Just walking the dog: Thai students sit in front of the gutted structure of their school in Thailand’s troubled southern Yala province. Schools were set on fire by suspected militants. Teachers in in Narathiwat and Yala suspended all their classes indefinitely for fearing of their safety as suspected militants intensified attacks on teachers.

*  Serious delusions in the land of smiles; an editor of  The Nation  wants to paint a real big pussy on your cheek:

“Washington appears to have decided its way of describing Muslims was counterproductive…”

It is better late than never, but the US government is coming around to its senses with its introduction of a new set of guidelines for its officials and diplomats – specifically, about what to say or not to say – in the global war on terrorism.

According to a recent document obtained by The Associated Press, the US government is telling its people not to describe Islamic extremists as “jihadists” or “mujahedeen”. Language like “Islamo-fascism” is also out.

One wondered why nobody has thought of this before but the reason is pretty simple. These politically incorrect words may actually boost support for radicals among Arab and Muslim audiences by giving them a veneer of religious credibility, or by causing offence to moderates.

Take the overused word, “jihad”, for example; general understanding of the word is “holy war”. For Muslims, it is a broader Islamic concept of the struggle to do good.

“Walking a dog across the street to ensure it doesn’t get hit by a fast-moving car is a jihad”, one Islamic cleric told The Nation.

* Muhammedans are famous for walking dogs across the street…

* Read it and weep…

5 thoughts on “Thailand: New Kind Of Islamic Terrorist Discovered: "Missionary Bandits"”

  1. I think the cleric was misquoted.

    Surely he said, “Walking a dog into the street to ensure it gets hit by a fast-moving car is a jihad”.

  2. So a muslim can walk a dog across a street, but not transport a guide dog in a cab (because
    it is unclean & against islam)? The madness continues.

  3. Check with Yusuf Irfan, Mullah.

    He’ll swear by the Koran that Muhammedan taxi drivers who refuse guide dogs are all allergic.

    Right Yusuf?

  4. I’m becoming very allergic to muslims, and rarely catch taxis these days to avoid them.
    Now ball-less Britain will be conducting culturally sensitive strip searches in prisons, because
    of offence caused to you know who.

  5. The word “jihad” is overused for good reason. There is plenty of jihad going on in the world.

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