A Variation on the 'Catmeat' Theme

Egyptian e-mail campaign compares women without veils to unwrapped candy attracting flies

* So according to Muslims, we should be warned that Muslim males are just like flies.


Caption: “You can’t stop them. But you can protect yourself. Your creator has your best interests at heart.”

*   “A women who does not wear the entire veil is like a fire which burns anyone who comes into contact with her,” Iran cleric Hojatolislam Seyyed Ahmad Elmalhoda

France 24 has posted this image, which is circulating via e-mail in Egypt to promote the use of the hijab and niqab by Egyptian women. The message is the same as that of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, who in 2006 outraged Australians by comparing un-veiled women to uncovered meat.

As usual, the notion of men having the responsibility to control themselves, or even being able to do so, is completely absent.

* Yep. The uncontrollable Islamic men. They just have that barbaric and violent urge to rape women and blow up infidels. To which the blame always lies on the women and the infidels, after which we are led to believe that the Koran and Islamic doctrine have nothing to do with it.

* Comment by Hugh Fitzgerald:


“Slaves of Allah” ideally, the men are absolved of responsibility to hold themselves in check, and after all, it is those diabolically seductive women who, merely by existing, create all the problems in the first place. It is up to men to make sure, therefore, that they, those men, are not subject to the seduction of women by making sure they are covered up. If those Muslimahs see the point, recognize how dangerous they are to Muslim men, fine. And if they fail to see the point, well, then, Muslim men, doing the bidding of Allah, have ways.

As for non-Muslim women, they are Infidels and therefore, of course, permanently inferior. And their refusal to veil is par for the Infidel course, and therefore they get, from Muslim men, exactly what they, deserve. See the statistics on rape in European states that have made a fetish of tolerance, a diseased tolerance, a tolerance for the greatest threat to real tolerance, but still, a “tolerance” of which so many continue to be so stupidly enthusiastic. Start with Sweden, start with Norway. Why do Muslims, who make up, at this point, less than 3-4% of the population, make up 70% of the rapists? Could it be the Belief-System of Islam, and the permanent primitiveness that it encourages, whether the Muslim is a poor villager in Waziristan or a fabulously rich daggers-and-dishdasha Arab financier, with his house in Belgravia, his estate in Surrey, his yacht off Marbella?

It could. It is.

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8 thoughts on “A Variation on the 'Catmeat' Theme”

  1. Caption: “You can’t stop them. But you can protect yourself. Your creator has your best interests at heart.”

    Ah yes you can stop them. First begin by teaching them that this is not the stone age. Men no longer beat a woman over the head and drag her to a cave for sex anymore. I know it may take awhile to sink in, but hey, the other 99% of the male population have figured this out.

    And if educating them doesn’t work, a double tap to the melon should work fine.

    And on a more serious note…why is the onus put on the woman?? Learn to keep it in your pants!!! (Oh I feel the f-word coming on, but will be a lady). Why is it a woman’s fault if someone is a horndog? We have discovered that rape is not about sex, it is about power. But I fear that in the litter box countries, it is also about sex. Deprivation, in my book, is NOT a good excuse. These people are mentally ill. They have an unnatural compulsion, yet fear of real intimacy. They need some serious therapy over there……STAT!

  2. Heaven forbid that a muslim male behave himself, or take responsibility for poor behavior. Or that they make laws when poorly behaving muslim males rape, or beat people up, etc. That would be toooooo much to ask of them. Well, I guess it is because those enforcing the laws are… muslim males. Now why would they want to do anything to infringe upon their freedoms!

    The funny thing is that muslim males have been known to rape women even if they are wearing tents and scarves! So, this is just more pig dung from them.

  3. A mozzie zapper might work better – eg Raid Mozzie And Fly Repeller

  4. We kept our all-day suckers in our mouths, so flies weren’t a problem, & neither were fatwas.

  5. R_Not…..thank you. As a woman, this just really burns my ass. I SWEAR everything these barbarians think, say, believe, and the way they behave is totally CONTRARY to civilization. Why are so many blind to this???

    And what is it with the “men” in the European countries?? You see a woman being raped and do nothing? WTF is that??? Hell, they’ve already sacrificed their freedom of speech, among other things, their culture, etc. Why not risk sacrificing yourself by coming to the aid of someone else? I don’t even consider most of Europe “Western” anymore. Here, in the real West our men are men…….and the goats aren’t scared.

  6. As an Aussie in Europe I can comment. It seems that Muslim folks who are educated can usually integrate well, and these folks are usually respected. However, not all educated Muslims belong to those who wish to integrate (eg Several muslim students were responsible for the murder of 3000+ in NYC). And it is fairly safe to say that most of those who are uneducated do not wish to integrate, though this is dangerous to use as a generalization. However, Europeans have had suffered two world wars over the last century, and they are try to find a peaceful solution because they wish to avoid conflict. In some cases this “let it be” attitude is taken to the extreme. A colored friend of mine was strangled, and lost consciousness before being robbed in the main streets of Madrid. He survived, but no witness attempted to stop the robbery or the physical attack. On the other side, two elderly German women took on a group of thugs who were trying to rob a single African woman on a Berlin train. Don’t know how they did it, but the old ladies won and the thugs ran away – the African lady got to keep her money! There are many Europeans, in fact the majority, who are absolutely fed up with Muslim behaviour – rather the behaviour of the idiot Muslim minority. Sadly it is the idiotic Muslim minority who have the loudest voices, as
    readers here will appreciate after reading some comments. The Europeans are trying to find solutions. They feel exactly as you do – and they consider these people (the idiot muslim fringe) as uncouth barbarians. What really colors the European outlook, I think, is the experience of the Jewish folks in Europe between 1936-1945.
    The inability to be able to identify the bad guys from the Muslim mass (actually it is about 7% of the total European population) is what , in my opinion, prevents the European authorities from acting in a sufficiently tough manner against the bad guys – morally they have great difficulty in conducting a program that could prejudice against the good muslim folks – for good or for bad there is a great deal of moral baggage left over from the last world war. The bad guys are scum – we all agree – but sooner rather than later the patience of the Europeans will end. This is seen in the shift of the Dutch perception of global tolerance. Mind you, they had to have a popular film-maker murdered (by a member of that FAITH), and they had to put up with the idiotic behaviour of thugs associated with THAT FAITH after some cartoons were published. Incidentally, two Europeans were murdered in Turkey by members of that FAITH as a result of the illegal agitation by muslims due to the publishing of those cartoons. The same political trend is now becoming apparent in the UK. Ken Livingstone lost the London Mayoral position, to some extent because of his unquestioning support for minority groups . Mind you, having Boris in the drivers seat might be a bit unsafe! The Brits also had to have 50+ murdered, suffer numerous attempts to attack their transport system etc etc. However, the silent majority is slowly becoming vocal! However, the European attitude does piss me off as well. I saw an interview about six weeks ago on Swedish television where a female member of THAT FAITH, resident in Sweden, swore that she would kill the author of THOSE CARTOONS in rather interesting ways – to my knowledge she has not been arrested or cautioned. The history of those CARTOONS is also interesting. It all started when an Imam, living in Denmark, put an open advertisement in the newspapers offering financial rewards for those who killed “non-believers”. The Danish police may have cautioned him – but he got off as it was just a “misunderstanding”. I suspect that those CARTOONS were a subtle reply to that Iman. However the same Imam then brought those CARTOONS to the attention of fundamentalist middle east press groups about eight months after they had been published. That was when the muslim shit hit the fan. In other words – no one gave a damn about those CARTOONS until this idiot Iman deliberately misrepresented the work of the cartoon in the fundamentalist part of the muslim press. The actions of this Iman have cost the lives of over 200+ people – mostly muslims. This is a very typical (and unintelligent response) to a percieved insult that one sees from men from the cultural group to which the iman belonged – the Iman is now happy because the Danish cartoonist now has to hide for his safety – well, fair cop, he was insulted wasn’t he. The bugger may have had his Danish citizenship revoked -that I cannot confirm. I mention this because a significant part of the problem is the cultural crap that is mingled with the muslim identity – and until they learn to separate the both we will have problems. As a final note, and as food for thought, it is interesting to note that the behaviour of the Chrisitian faith about 500-200 years ago was about what we see of the muslim looney fringe today – what is curious is that the Christian faith is about 500 years older. I personally hope that we dont have to put up with another 100-200 years of very poor behaviour by these folks.

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