Australia: Bullshit science hits the university of New South Wales

Study suggests “turban effect” as a source of “Islamophobia”.

“We have ways to make you like Islam and we will shove it down your throat till you puke…”

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*  Bullshit science hits the university of New South Wales:   Canuckistans  odious Mohammed El Masri,  president of the Canadian Islamic Congress , came with a German Psycho-doctor in tow and together they are trying to turn reality inside out:

A Muslim-style turban is perceived as a threat, according to a new study, even by people who don’t realize they hold the prejudice, dubbed “the turban effect” by researchers.

* Damn! If it wasn’t for  the 11.342  Islamic terrorist atrocities committed since 9/11 in more than 30 theaters of jihad-warfare around the world we could almost smoke a hookah in agreement. But then there are  1400 years of Muhammedan warfare against unbelievers, that’s what we call history. So with or without turbans, we may have a problem here, what say you?

* Mohammed El Masri

Research volunteers played a computer game that showed apartment balconies on which different figures appeared, some wearing Muslim-style turbans or hijabs and others bare-headed. They were told to shoot at the targets carrying guns and spare those who were unarmed, with points awarded accordingly.

People were much more likely to shoot Muslim-looking characters – men or women – even if they were carrying an innocent item instead of a weapon, the researchers found.

“Whether they’re holding a steel coffee mug or a gun, people are just more likely to shoot at someone who is wearing a turban,” says author Christian Unkelbach, a visiting scholar at Australia’s University of New South Wales. “Just putting on this piece of clothing changes people’s behaviour.”

Unkelbach largely blames one-sided media portrayals for the bias.

* Sure, the media. Must be. Jihad? Never heard of it. Must be something  WE DID  to poor widdle Muslims. Or could it be that Unkenbach is just another hireling for Islamic causes on the inexhaustible Saudi payroll? Being in the company of El Masri one could almost get the idea that these two are anything but kosher…could it be they have an agenda?

The results would almost certainly be the same if this study was conducted in Canada, says Mohamed Elmasry, national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

“I’m hoping that Canadian Muslims one day become invisible,” says Elmasry. “As such, Canadians will treat them like any others.”

Islamophobia – “latent” before 9/11 – is on the rise, he says, but there is very little research on the issue in Canada.

The new study “does confirm our biggest fear that there is discrimination and prejudice within our society, and unfortunately people don’t recognize it or don’t admit it,” says Salam Elmenyawi, president of the Muslim Council of Montreal.

“Sometimes they really don’t know that it does exist.”

Beyond a turban or hijab, someone’s name, skin colour or a long beard may also identify them as a Muslim and make them a target of prejudice, he says. Elmenyawi wears a head-covering and long beard and says he struggles between recognizing that negative stereotypes exist and not becoming “paranoid” that he might fall prey to them.

* More Pseudo Science here:

Islamic extremism should be regarded as a potential addiction for vulnerable young people in the same way as alcohol, drugs or gambling, according to Scotland’s counter-terrorism co-ordinator.

In fact, the Australian study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, confirmed that people don’t even realize they hold these biased views. When the true intention of the experiment was revealed, Unkelbach says participants insisted they were not prejudiced and must have reacted differently from everyone else.

“The most common response was, ‘I’m sure I didn’t show that effect,'” he says. “They’re uncomfortable and I believe them – people are not doing this willingly. If they could, they would control that. Here, people are almost the victims of what they are fed by their environment.”

A quick sampling of news items related to Muslims and the Middle East confirmed this, he says, with a focus on violence and terrorism almost obliterating more balanced stories about the culture and people.

“If everything about Middle Easterners is associated with terrorism, people tend to form stereotypes in their head,” confirms Rima Wilkes, a sociology professor studying media at the University of British Columbia.

Even fictional media feed these biases, she says. One study showed that movies tend to feature “socially acceptable” villain stereotypes that have evolved over time, from evil Germans in the post-war years to vaguely Muslim bad guys more recently. Even swarthy, pixelated video game adversaries send the message that “ethnic others are bad,” Wilkes says.

* El Masri is well know for his Jew-hatred: in 2004 he declared that all adult Israeli civilians (over 18), regardless of gender, are fair targets, ostensibly because a term of military service is mandatory for nearly all Israelis. “They are not innocent if they are part of a population which is … (the) total population of Israel is part of the army … even if they have civilian clothes … The same if they are women in the army … anybody above 18 is a part of the Israeli popular army.”


And here are some of the activities of the Canadian Islamic Congress:


~ THE GYAPONG on the latest CIC Pres. Mohamed Elmasry missive: “Where’s the beef?” Cue the orchestra: “♫There’s no victims like us ♪ victims like no victims I know!♫” …. (deborahgyapong)

Zealots too quick to complain to human rights commissions


“I hate therefore I am.”

The rallying cry of self-justifying liberals as they run to human rights commissions with complaints or to the courts with their latest hate crimes prosecution. The comfortable lords of the umbrage industry, demanding that if anyone offends them in any way they must pay and pay again.

We’ve heard a great deal recently about various Muslim activists taking journalists Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn to assorted human rights commissions because the two men indulged in that age-old sin of informed and moderate free expression.

But it would be unfair to label Muslim radicals as the only or the loudest of censors.

Islamic zealots have merely taken a lesson from other groups, in particular those from the Jewish and gay communities. Numerous Jewish leaders somehow thought it a good idea to prosecute Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, thus transforming a fringe madman into an international icon. They have targeted numerous neo-Nazis and like-minded twits and vociferously supported the introduction of hate-crimes legislation.

Gay organizations joined in the censorship festival and have tried and often succeeded in silencing and fining teachers, printers, social workers, priests, ministers, nurses, journalists, politicians and any number of other people for expressing criticism of some aspect of homosexuality or homosexual life.

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  1. I swear I did not participate in this, I haven’t stepped foot in New South Wales for years. Now let’s take this fascinating exercise to Pakistan or Afghanistan or maybe we should talk about the poor down trodden Copts in Egypt, and shhhh! Don’t mention the Jews…

  2. Sounds like there are some sensible people out there. Just give me a Barrett XM500 and a few mags of Raufoss and watch me go.

  3. “I’m hoping that Canadian Muslims one day become invisible,” says Elmasry. “As such, Canadians will treat them like any others.”

    Uh, well, if you stopped abusing our legal system on trumped up hate charges to silence the press and any infidel who discusses Islam or Muslim birth rates (un-refuted by the way) or direct quote Imam’s in their Magazine articles or who thinks there just might, might, be a little wee problem with Islam and all it’s violence, like flying planes into buildings, like 11000+ deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone, your lack of denouncement of Jihad, your doing nothing to stop it, your own accomplices (sock puppet) admission in an email published this weekend that the objective was really to stick it to Macleans Magazine, to Mark Steyn, and all us “Haters”, those hateful Islamophobic Canadians you see, a calculated and sneaky assault no less, all at someone else’s expense, not to mention your public admission on TV, you El Masry, favor Jews over 18 be killed. Other than that that, maybe Canadians might have a bit of respect for you. Stop your soft jihad, become real Canadians and maybe your problems go away. Oh, don’t forget to take down your anti-Semitic website while you’re at it. You guys grasp at straws to blame everybody except yourselves, un-freakin-believable …….. and Oh,

    Muslims wear turbans? Really? I never noticed.

  4. I’ll have one too, Darrin! 🙂

    * Muslims wear turbans? Really? I never noticed.

    Usually its a doily or tea cosy.

  5. * “I’m hoping that Canadian Muslims one day become invisible,” says Elmasry.

    Be careful what you wish for!

  6. “I’m hoping that Canadian Muslims one day become invisible,” says Elmasry.

    Then quit wearing pajamas, turbans, hijab, and burkas. Trim those disgusting, scraggly beards. And oh yeah…….for Christ’s sake take a bath once in a while!

    Actually, I wish muslims in Canada would become invisible too. As in, no longer here….

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