Adelaide, Australia: City Council gives $65,000 for mosque repairs

* Compare this with how Muhammedans treat Christians or other ‘unbelievers’ in Islamic countries:

Mosque in Adelaide: The Adelaide mosque was built in 1888, and is the oldest mosque in Australia. Its original four minarets were added in 1903. Muslims from as far away as Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie gathered at least once a year at the Adelaide mosque, usually for the Fast of Ramadan. In 1890 it was reported that 80 Afghans were present to observe this important festival. (Adelaide observer, 2 August 1890, p. 29)

Stop the jiziyah!

This is bitterly ironic in light of the fact that the repair of old houses of worship is specifically forbidden to the dhimmis who live under Islamic law. If Australia ever becomes Islamic, in other words, you will not see this same generosity being extended to churches and synagogues. “Council grant for mosque work,” from Australia’s ABC News, June 16 (thanks to DW):

Australia’s oldest mosque is getting a $65,000 grant from Adelaide City Council to fund the repairs to one of its minarets.

The mosque in Gilbert Street in the city was built in the late 1880s, with minarets added in 1903.

Lord Mayor Michael Harbison says it is the first time the Council has funded refurbishment work on a mosque.

“This money allocated will restore the fourth minaret of the mosque to its former glory and give us what really is a beautiful building, very important to the Islamic community in Adelaide, but [also] a great tourist attraction,” he said.

“[Not only] Adelaide’s mosque but the oldest mosque in Australia.”

*  Compare this suicidal stupidity with the ongoing destruction of churches in Turkey and other Islamic countries

*  The remnants of an Armenian church in Islamic Turkey. Armenians, Greeks and other ‘unbelievers’ have been annihilated.


$2m boost for women Muhammedan activists

Kerry-Anne Walsh / Syney Moonbat Herald
June 15, 2008

* Now, with Australia’s new ‘caring’ socialist government firmly in power, you just can’t keep the swine from putting their snouts in the trough:

A FEMALE anti-war body and Christian and Muslim groups will share in $2 million in grants to be announced today.

* Andrew Bolt has more

* Women: Islam’s Domestic Animals

* Saggy tits brigades protest against war in Berkeley (perhaps they should also get a few grants….

Twenty-two non-government organisations will receive up to $100,000 each from the Federal Government to promote female leadership and advocacy.

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, dedicated to helping abolish the causes and legitimisation of war, will receive $100,000.

Funds were sought to help develop a national action plan for Australian non-government organisations in relation to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.

The resolution addresses the unique impact of armed conflict on women, the undervalued contribution women make to peacekeeping and the equal participation of women as “active agents in peace and security”.

The Muslim Women’s National Network Australia will use its $99,991 to help Australian Muslim women develop self-esteem and overcome discrimination.

The Young Women’s Christian Association will also receive grants, one of which is aimed at helping disadvantaged immigrant and refugee women and girls.

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  1. What a putrid pack of morons on this site. Muslims are not hurting us but we have bombed two of their countries to bits for no reason at all.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves because you make me sick.

  2. “Muslims are not hurting us?”

    Muslims, those who worship Muhammad, have been waging war against the world since 1400 years. If that doesn’t make you sick, try shame. If that fails, try humility.

  3. Sheikyermami, hope this finds you in good health and deed. I call to you in peace. Just to correct you, Muslims do not worship Muhammad (Peace be upon him), he was just a messanger of Allah (God). If you take a close look at the history of Islam the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not wage war on any country.

    Muslims worship Allah, the one the only, He who has no partners, He, whom
    no slumber can overtake.

  4. where is a christain contry/ which say demolish mosque , but muslims they trying to say they are the correct worshippers of god – allah – which is wrong . they worship a moon god , bowing towards it . Worhipping the mecca saying that the direction which is rediculouse and as a christain could not belive that god have a direction and time . and Australian christains allow one to do such act is not good for future . Culture starts from such act towards god , Sacrificing animal in the name of god also should be stopped.

    so dont allow any body to do some thing against god . as the ten command ments if you allow some one bow any idol or worship any deity rescue him by kiling him, it is worth for final judge to heaven ,same time you and the person who rescued from the worst act.

  5. Despite history, which clearly shows hostile muslim intent to non-muslim nations, people like Marilyn and co walk in a dream-world which exists only in their heads. So Muslims are not doing us any harm Marilyn??? At the last count, since the unjustified murder of 3000+ in NYC, over 200,000 people have been murdered by islamists. Radical hindus have killed maybe 200 or so, Christians under 100 if we count the recent unrest in NI and Christian reprisals against muslim scum who initially attacked Christians in Nigeria, Buddhists none, Taoists none …. Not to mention a massive assault currently underway against our freedoms of speech and expression, lead by the OIC – also known as the “muslim UN”.
    Muslims clearly ahead in the murder sweep!!! It is no competition. Ask the schoolgirls murdered by Islamists in Indonesia . And who are we bombing ???? I suspect that you understand very little of what you read and see in the news broadcasts.

    Mukhtar, please keep your insincere greetings to yourself. It is rather insulting to receive threats veiled with flowers. Looking at history, your prophet did in fact wage war on his neighbours. Since a country , as we understand it, did not exist in the Arabian peninsula at that time then your claim is dishonest and deliberately misleading. But like many muslims you are a liar so it comes as no surprise. I wish you no peace or happiness. Leave my home, parasite.


  6. BRW Marilyn, you claim that we have bombed two countries “to bits.
    We have bombed NO country to bits – but I suspect that you are talking about Afghanistan and Iraq. Our troops in both countries work under highly restrictive terms of engagement which basically means that we cant shoot unless first fired at. The civilian casualties come directly as a consequence of the actions of muslim terror groups and muslim militias. I find it amazing that you, who so conveniently spit at the people who have sworn a oath to protect idiots like you at the cost of their own lives, have avoided any comment on the virtual genocide of non-muslims now underway by the Taliban in Pakistan, the mass-murder of non-muslims by muslims in Thailand, the list of muslim atrocities goes on and on and on and on…..

  7. Interesting.

    I would consider Australia to be a secular country, which has laws that allow freedom of religion and worship. The Adelaide mosque is heritage building, which to my understanding means the government have a
    responsibility to help (or completely) pay for repairs. In fact the government has just announced they are investing $60 million for heritage projects.

    The Muslims played a key role in early Australian history, such as the arival of the Afghan camel drivers in the 1800s. They were vital in the early exploration of inland Australia and in the establishment of service
    links. The Mosque itself has been around since 1888.

    Australia is a multicultural country and is proud of that title and considering the history of Muslims in Australia and the age of the Mosque, I don’t see why you are making such a fuss out of this.

    Plus, I’m not exactly sure on how long ago this was, but perhaps over 50 years ago, the Mosque was locked. Some Christians locked it up and wanted Adelaide to remain the ‘City of Churches’, having no Mosques.
    They would not allow the Muslims to enter it and so one day a Muslim jumped the fence and was able to unlock the gate. The Muslims at the time had to clean the Mosque and get rid of rubbish that had been left there
    then started attending the Mosque again.

    I myself am an Australia Muslim covert, and I would like to state that we do not worship Muhammad, peace be upon him. We do not worship creation, rather we worship the Creator, Allah. Allah is not a moon god,
    but rather He is the One God, the same God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, peace be upon them all. God himself even tells us in the Quran, in the meaning: “And from among His Signs are the night
    and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not bow down (prostrate) to the sun nor to the moon, but only bow down (prostrate) to God Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.”. Christian Arabs and Jews also
    use the word Allah to refer to the Creator. Although differences may come in relation to how we view His attributes (i.e. Christians believe in the trinity whereas Jews and Muslims reject it).

    George, you state ‘as a Christian could not believe that god have a direction and time’. Well you say Jesus, peace be upon him, is God don’t you? And on top of that, you say God is Heaven, which is above us?
    That is a direction. Do you also believe God is an old man? That is anthropomorphism. Bodies are made of parts and parts require an assembler, bodies take up space and space is a creation, direction is also a
    creation. You accuse Muslims of bowing to an Idol yet you worship Jesus, peace be upon him, and even some Christians pray to statues of him.

    I’m not even going to deal with the ‘Islam is so violent’ claims. Rather I will direct you to this article:
    I will also add that I can pull many verses that seem to promote violence out of the Bible too, but that would just be unfair. Both religions have a strong scholarly tradition which we should turn to for understanding scripture
    rather than taking our layman-wannabe scholar approach.

    I do apologize if the tone of my writing may appear that I am angry 🙂 but such is the nature of writing on the Internet.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me that people are so quick to brandish Islam in a negative way, based on fear, and derived from limited knowledge (probably from mass media origin). Wouldn’t it be logical if you are going to knock something than to at least try to obtain accurate knowledge about it from a reputable source and then think about it and judge it as you may. For example if you wanted to become a doctor you wouldn’t just turn on the television, listen to radio or read a newspaper to obtain your knowledge base. You would go to a university. If you wanted to become a priest you would go to seminary college. If you wanted to become a Christian or Jew would go to church or synagogue. So consequently, do not just take knowledge (albeit biased) from the media and rubbish Islam. So I invite all those people who are critical of Islam to go into a mosque and talk to the Muslim people there about their religion. Find Muslim people who have a lot knowledge about Islam and talk to them before shooting your mouths off. Every mosque has these knowledgeable sorts of people so they are not hard to find. You may be pleasantly surprised. I am not trying to convert anybody to Islam but give everybody the good old ‘Aussie fair go’ just try to get both sides of the story before letting rip.

  9. To Mark and James, I thank you for believing in a multicultural Australia. For not believing anything you’re told at first glance. For believing in peace and harmony.

    I personally don’t perceive Islam as violent and genocidal. I see extremism and moderation. Very few Muslims here are extremists, so why brand every one of them as such?

  10. My only gripe with Islam is this: There are very few, if any, Islamic countries that allow freedom of religion. Churches can’t display crosses on the outside, Bibles are not to be seen in public, one can’t wear a Christian piece of jewellry. What are Muslims afraid of? Is their faith so weak, that it can’t withstand Christianity!

  11. Nana,

    I will say that I am lacking in knowledge on the subject of religious freedom in Muslim countries. What I will be writing is only an observation and my view.

    One reason could be the dishonest tactics of the missionaries. Some of them disguise Churches as Mosques and attract Muslims in. Some of them lie and say things like ‘Allah is a moongod’, and I’m going to take what george said as a misconception, but others know it is not true yet they continue to promote it. Some of them come to poor families and give them money to become Christian – the problem for them though is that they go back to being Muslims.

    Even some of the troupes in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are Christian missionaries.

    Their intentions are good in that they want to please God and save humanity (according to their understanding) but many of them are going about it in deceitful ways.

    This is only one possible reason why many Muslim countries do not have religious freedom. Of course, as I said, I am uneducated in this topic.

    I’m going to look into this subject a bit more and maybe I will (remember to) reply again.

  12. Hi Moola! Why ‘force’ multitudes 2 worship Allah/Almighty God out of fear? All should worship Him because of their love 4 Him! James, i am a Roman Catholic, and believe me many other Christians, plus Muslims have tried 2 convert me 2 their faith. They can’t get it right bcause i undestand my faith.

  13. James,
    You people have contributed VERY LITTLE to Australia. In most muslim countries other religions are not supported. and in many countries muslims do kill others who wish to leave the muslim belief system. See what is happening is Pakistan. Your last post shows exactly why muslims are so dangerous. You choose to invent some rubbish about Christian missionaries in order to explain why some muslim countries might have no religious freedom. I can guarantee you that the armed force have no interest in converting an idiot muslim to another belief system, And what is so surprising that that you feel threatened by this, which basically means that you, like most muslims, have no real faith what so ever. I suspect you will not understand this. If you want to see deceit have a look at quite a few muslim imans!!! You people are absolutely incredible – you are incapable of rational thought and your arguments are at the level of a simple child. Your religion propagates through violence and forced conversions – very few people freely accept the yoke that muslims force on others – and the Quran is NOT the word of God – it is the word of a violent thug who dies about 630 AD and created a monstrosity that now is threatening the enlighted world. Muslim were NEVER enlighted, as you so ably prove.

  14. Cont. Thousands of other Christians call my Church ‘The Great Whore Of Babylon’. They are ignorant, just like those who call Allah ‘a moon god’. I feel sorry 4 them! What can one say? ‘Almighty God, have mercy on those who cannot grasp Your infinate LOVE for ALL humanity.’

  15. I’m so glad that I live in South Africa + not Australia! We have an awful past, but because of people like Madiba we live in a peaceful SA. Some of the above comments are very harsh + judgemental! Christianity does not in any way condone hate speech, or hatred of any kind. We Christians bring shame upon the Name of Jesus

  16. Nana,
    Christians do not murder muslims . Muslims do murder christians regularly in Pakistan, Southern Phillipines to name JUST two places. Muslims do murder Buddhists regularly in Thailand. Christians do not bring shame upon the name of Jesus by speaking out against the doctrine that is islam – muslims bring shame on mankind be their behavior and their silence regarding the violent and hateful actions of a more than significant minority of muslims. Muslims now regularly attack non-muslims in the UK – and we should keep quite – should we?? Perhaps if we say nothing it will all be ok?? I do not believe so. I respect your interpretation of your religion – however I believe that we are going to have to fight for our freedom from an enemy that goes by the name of islam. You can choose to shut your eyes to what is happening in the world today – I DO NOT – and I have no intention of playing the suffering martyr in order that a band of Nazi oppressors (yes islamists are very much like Nazis) can feel comfortable. Nana, this web site would not exist
    if islam had proven compatible with non-islamic cultures and societies. One last comment – the vast majority of what is said here is NOT hate speech – and for you to use this term when people have genuine concern over muslims is an insult to the people who are really persecuted and do suffer hate – try being an Asian woman domestic in a middle east muslim country! As for being judgemental on James – read his email – any possible criticism of bad muslim behaviour is deflected onto Christians preaching to muslims – and that should alarm you. You are comfortable in your faith – would you kill someone because they tried to convert you to islam by argument – I wouldn’t think so – and yet that is exactly what James and his kind would do. As I said . the logic of islam is not a logic in the conventional sense and it is not needed.

  17. Two wrongs can never make a right!!! I most certainly don’t agree with a lot of aspects of Islam. But when speaking from a Christian point of view we need to (as difficult as it may be) remember that we speak in the Name of Jesus.

  18. Hi Nana – you are right – two wrongs do not make a right – but how do we protect ourselves and our future generations from these people without becoming like them? I simply see no possibility that the islamic extremists can ever be trusted – and the problem is mostly their religion – so I cannot see that a good solution exists – only a necessary one. Perhaps this is part of the evolution of our society – islam represents a counter-productive drain – it has to go as it cannot be reformed.

  19. Hi Kaw, extremists of any kind are, be they Muslims, Christians, racists, homophobics, xenophobics etc people filled with fear + hatred + will be with us always. The cycle of the ‘war of words’ only fuels the anger! We have the right 2 defend ourselves when attacked. But it is not the ultimate solution.

  20. Hi Nana – yes it is a tough question. But the more it is brought into the open the better the chance of a a workable solution.

  21. Life is complicated Kaw! We don’t need 2 agree with all the different religious beliefs that exist on our planet. However, not all Muslims are extremists + one can find a lot in common with them outside of their religion. If only we could all at least try 2 respect those we don’t understand. Respect is the highest honour one can bestow upon anxone. upo

  22. sorry – bestow upon anyone. I am no saint + have lost my cool on many occasion making an absolute hypocrite of myself. We live + learn! I have brought shame upon the Name of Jesus.

  23. I do not believe that lack of understanding about these folks is the problem. I will never understand the way that an Amazon Indian thinks (my world is so different) but I respect these folks. I know a little about the small folk who live in the Kalahari – I only understand a little of their way – but they do really have my respect. These are only two examples from a a very large set. But these people are not threatening anyone (except for some forest destroying vandals who should not be in the Amazon). Lack of understanding is, to my mind, not the reason why muslims are considered with loathing in many parts of the world. A significant minority of muslim are directly threatening non-muslims. The reactions of the muslim community to some harmless eartoons resulting in the deaths of over 300 people, the screaming silence from the muslim community when 3 non-muslim nurses were murdered by their co-religionists in Yemen is deafening, the unique ability of muslims to claim things they never accomplished as their own: there are so many examples that to me the probability is high that moderate muslims are playing out both sides against each other. You are quite right that respect is an honor when given, but it has to be earned – it is not a right – and I would argue that the vast majority of muslims have done very little to earn respect but expect it none the less. Why should a Muslim be respected when he/she cannot respect one who has chosen a different answer. Islam is not really a religion – it is a political system – and under this description the inane violence that characterizes islam become understandable – I will not accept this system. You are very right – not all muslims are extremists and there are some exceptional people within the muslim community who are really trying to bring the different communities together. But they are a small minority – I support them however I have to be pragmatic – until proven otherwise I treat all muslims with suspicion. I just heard that another journalist who reported on abuses in Chechyna has been found dead after having been kidnapped: as we know muslims are not the only badly behaved children on the block I close by being optimistic – one day people really will treat others with the care and respect that they themselves wish for. Well, maybe not tomorrow ..

  24. Hi once again Kaw! There are so many different cultures + religions in this world of ours of which i can’t fathom out why they do what they do either. The San people are believed 2 have been the 1st people here in our part of Africa. Most of them have been ‘westernised’ + many abuse alchohol + drugs. The vdry few that

  25. Oops sorry abt that! I have a Nokia N95 8GB not a pc! Comment space very limited on this site. The very few that have chosen 2 keep their traditions are treated badly by other ethnic groups in SA. They’ve been chased out of Botswana. They are not a threat 2 anyone! They just want some land 2 live

  26. Cont. their lives in peace. (Their language fascinates me.) Their only weapons are age old spears 4 hunting. Kaw, the only people that come 2 mind right now that i really admire are Obama, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Mother Teresa + the Dalai Lama. Buddhists seem 2 be a peace loving religion.

  27. Cont. The bottom line is that the cycle of violence + hate has 2 be broken somewhere along the line. Humankind will eventually destroy our earth all by themselves! GREED!!! The recession – GREED!!! The LOVE of money IS the root of all evil!!! The illiterate, the poorest of the poor, innocent children, suffer the most.

  28. Dear Kaw
    Peace upon you (this is the Greeting of Islam)
    i want to tall you a somethings about the actions of the Christians.
    the war in Iraq, Bosnia and Chechnya. regardless what jews do in Palestine.
    please think in the thing from all directions
    thank you

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