Birmingham: Muslims back off over 'no-go' areas, for now

* Just a tactical retreat, for now. When confronted with the ugly reality of their cult they back off as long as they are in the minority. But as their numbers grow, we will see more ‘no go’ areas. And more terror, no doubt.

Christian preachers to gather in Birmingham ‘no-go’ area

*   The Bunglawussi on his ‘Islamophobia Watch’ site spins this into ‘Christian Right intervenes in Birmingham ‘no go’ area’

CHRISTIANS from all over the country were gathering in Birmingham today following claims that two ministers were ejected by police for preaching the word of Jesus.

Followers from Christian Voice have accused West Midlands Police for turning the predominately Muslim area of Alum Rock into a no-go zone for non-Muslims.

The Carmarthen-based group was heading into Alum Rock today to distribute Christian leaflets and share the Gospel with passers-by.

Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, said: “We are coming to preach the Gospel and to show West Midlands Police that they cannot create a Muslim ghetto for the Gospel.

“If a West Midlands Police Community Support Officer and a police constable told the preachers to leave the area that sounds like a no-go area and they need to be told that this is just wrong.

“I’m sure that most Muslims would agree with having freedom of speech.”

* Sure. Freedom of speech to do da’awa, to accuse others of wrongdoing and to spread Islam. That’s where our freedom ends and Islam begins…

He also said the group, which claims to heal a nation in pain through prophetic prayer, was no more radical than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

* Muhammedans march in France over some perceived grievances….

Earlier this month, evangelists Arthur Cunningham, 48, and Joseph Abraham, 65, claim they were told they were committing a hate crime by Naeem Naguthney, community police support officer (PCSO) for preaching, and risked being beaten up if they returned.

Father Abraham claimed: “The officer said we were ‘off-limits’. He said we were committing a hate crime, but who we were hating, exactly, I have no idea.”

Father Cunningham, a fellow American Baptist missionary, added: “This is a free country and to suggest we were guilty of a hate crime for spreading God’s word is outrageous.”

West Midlands Police are currently holding an internal review following a complaint from the two preachers.

A spokeswoman said: “West Midlands Police would like to reiterate its reassurance to all communities that there are not any ‘no go’ areas in the West Midlands Police area and we will defend the rights of all individuals’ lawful rights to freedom of expression and religion.”

Faith leaders also stood side by side to deny that Alum Rock had become a no-go area for non- Muslims.

Members of the Church of England, Catholic and Islamic faiths issued a message of solidarity to say a lot of work had been done to bring the communities together.

Diane Dawson, a volunteer at Our Lady of the Rosary and St Therese Church, said: “We live in a community of different beliefs.”

5 thoughts on “Birmingham: Muslims back off over 'no-go' areas, for now”

  1. I’m surprised the Birmingham police weren’t out in full riot gear to beat the pastors into submission. For the sake of peace and community relations of course.

    Their constituents are after all tax paying (sorry – welfare receiving) voters that do help keep the current labor party in power for now.

    What are the Christian pastors going to do anyway, they ask “toss holy water at us, and make us say three Hail Mary’s”?

    “The Muslims on the other hand may torch my house and gang rape my daughter, better look after them”.

    Strength in diversity!

  2. /Enoch Powell was Prophetic/
    With hindsight we now know that Enoch Powell was right in his April 20, 1968 speech to warn against continued immigration into the UK. The video documentary at the link (below) was produced by the BBC which is a strong supporter of continued high levels of immigration and for the multiculturalist agenda, but the BBC admits in this documentary that Enoch Powell was basically right. Too late, they slowly start to realize their mistake, but now it’s too late for UK. Note the use of music from Clockwork Orange and of the Stones, a subtle way for the BBC to give Enoch Powell the finger; they just couldn’t help themselves.

  3. OT, but the “lyrical terrorist” has got off on appeal:

    [Al Beeb] ‘Lyrical terrorist’ wins appeal

  4. A spokeswoman said: “West Midlands Police would like to reiterate its reassurance to all communities that there are not any ‘no go’ areas in the West Midlands Police area and we will defend the rights of all individuals’ lawful rights to freedom of expression and religion.”

    Aren’t these the same cops that tried to send BBC 4 to court for libel and defamation in their Mosques of Hate video?

    Second isn’t it a Mohammedan expression of religion to restrict all other religions? Is this what “West Midlands Police” are really going to defend? From their behavior with the BBC 4 video, it would appear so. Just ask the “New Labour” government if Mohammedanism has a special place in their collectivist fascist souls.

    Simple fact is I don’t believe or trust a government that has “hate speech” laws that only apply to it’s citizens and not the Mohammedan infiltrators.

  5. Yes Senor,

    it was an Islamaniac from the West Midlands police force who instigated litigation against Channel 4 for exposing the hate-preachers in the mosques. It was also a Muhammedan policeman who told the 2 evangelists that they are committing a ‘hate-crime’ if they don’t stay away from Muslim areas.
    You’re quite right: Hate speech laws only apply to British citizens and not the Mohammedan infiltrators.

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