"All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics.."

* Harry Cummins was sacked for his beliefs.  Rod Liddle in the Spectator: Cummins “was certainly not a racist, whatever else he was. He made it clear that his beef was with the ideology, not the people”!

Rod Liddle looks back at the case of the British Council employee who dared to speak the truth about Islamic ideology — and notes that what was heretical in 2004 is now almost orthodox

UK: Tell the truth about islam and you’ll get sacked…


Muslims are a threat to our way of life

* Christians are the original inhabitants and rightful owners of almost every Muslim land, and behave with a humility quite unlike the menacing behaviour we have come to expect from the Muslims who have forced themselves on Christendom, a bullying ingratitude that culminates in a terrorist threat to their unconsulted host”.

*  In response to a critic who accused him of underestimating the diversity of Islam and pointed out that extremists were a minority within the faith, Cummins opined that “all Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics”. Understandably, Cummins denounced the proposal to introduce a law against incitement to religious hatred, which he said had been adopted “at the behest of Muslim foreigners who have forced themselves on us”, and he defended the right to express “a virulent hatred of Muslims”.

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By Will Cummins

In 1748, the novelist Horace Walpole had cause to draw attention, in a letter, to the outrageous behaviour in France of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the exiled leader of 1745’s failed Jacobite revolt. Prince Charles Edward Stuart was terrorising Louis XV – the rebellion’s mentor, on whom Charles relied for everything – with endless threats and the most insolent demands. Walpole could not help remarking on the narrowness of Britain’s escape.

“What a mercy,” he wrote to the Duke of Newcastle, the then Prime Minister, “that we had not him here!” If, said Walpole, the Pretender was prepared to bully the government of France, even though he was entirely in its power, what would he have done with a British government under his control?

And what, I have been asking in recent articles, would Islam’s equally insouciant “exiles” in Britain do with a UK government in their power? Indications from the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections were not encouraging.

Konrad Henlein, the Nazi leader of the Sudeten Germans – whose cynical attitude to liberal, democratic, minority-friendly inter-war Czechoslovakia offers a metaphor for what we face – once observed: “We must always demand so much that we are never satisfied.” He wouldn’t have got very far in Leicester South, where the idea of refusing Muslim voters any part of their global Jihadi agenda was so distant from the candidates’ minds that they couldn’t even wait to be asked.

However, my fellow Telegraph writer Jenny McCartney is plagued by a very different anxiety. She is deeply concerned for, not because of, Britain’s burgeoning Muslim population. It is the persecuted Jews of the Third Reich, not its Nazis, to whom we should compare this notoriously gifted, useful and self-effacing group, she has written in her column of July 18.

Jenny sees in the revulsion for Islam displayed by the British National Party an echo of the anti-Semitism to which hideous German publications like Der Sturmer gave vent. Though why she has to ransack back numbers of hoary Fascist tradesheets when almost every mainstream Muslim paper in the world today is full of loathsome anti-Jewish rants and images isn’t clear.

“In the miserable event” of “an al-Qaeda attack in Britain”, she wrote last week – which repeated warnings from our Government have termed inevitable – “there is little doubt in my mind that assaults on peaceful, law-abiding British Muslims would increase”.

Well, it’s good to know that, as the rest of us hug our bottles of Evian in the irradiated ruins, mourning thousands of dead, Jenny will be lying awake at night worrying that someone might drop a dog poo through the letterbox of her local balti house. Such outrages, she warns, will be “fanned by an increasingly hysterical rhetoric – already in place – that encourages non-Muslim Britons to see each and every Muslim citizen as a threat”. Whose rhetoric is that exactly?

The Guardian newspaper is the Bible – perhaps one should say the Koran? – of Islamo-fascist Britain. However, it has recently been lending its opinion pages to one Fuad Nahdi, a leading Islamic “moderate” who publishes Q-News, a magazine for young UK Muslims. When two British Muslims launched a suicide attack in Israel, this is what he wrote in The Guardian of May 2, 2003: “I am not surprised by news of Britain’s first suicide bombers. What, however, I find astonishing is that it took place in Tel Aviv, not Manchester.” He goes on to say, “We should brace ourselves for the forthcoming intifada on the streets of Birmingham and Detroit.”

Mr Nahdi, who arrived in Britain from Kenya in 1983, is comparing himself and his fellow Muslims here to the Palestinians conducting the second intifada against Israel. In Muslim folklore, the Palestinians are a native people disposessed by Zionist invaders. Mr Nahdi seems not to have grasped that, in Britain, he and the rest of the faithful are the “Jewish settlers”, we, the usurped Palestinians. If anybody is going to mount an intifada against the invader, it will be us.

Jenny writes that those who are afraid of Islam ignore the diversity of the religion, which replicates that of Christianity itself. Christianity too, she writes, has its extremists. To which one might, like St Paul, say, “and what has Christ to do with Baal?” All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics. A dog is not the same animal as a cat just because both species are comprised of different breeds. An extreme Christian believes that the Garden of Eden really existed; an extreme Muslim flies planes into buildings – there’s a big difference.

If, for instance, Muslims meet with defeats in the Balkans (a fact which Jenny finds deeply disturbing), it will certainly not have been for want of trying. It is more a tribute to their incompetence than their humanity. As the Tunisian intellectual Abdelwahab Meddeb points out in his recent book La maladie de l’Islam, Muslims’ defeats are a symptom, not a cause, of Muslim decline.

When his children became “a thwart, disnatured torment to us all”, the scales fell even from King Lear’s eyes. But “Jenny Wren” McCartney wishes Britain to feed the cuckoo in its nest because that’s what wrens have always done. Doesn’t she think that cuckoo looks, and behaves, a little like the “detested kite” to which Lear compared Goneril?



Dr Williams, beware of false prophets

By Will Cummins



The Archbishop of Canterbury has again been pronouncing on British foreign policy. Last week, it emerged that Dr Rowan Williams had, with Dr David Hope, the Archbishop of York, written to the Prime Minister criticising “recent developments in Iraq and the Middle East”.

He singled out the “brutal and indecent” treatment of Iraqi detainees, and the alleged influence on the Bush administration of Christian Zionists, whose “interpretations of the Scriptures from outside the mainstream of the tradition” were “fostering an uncritical and one-sided approach to the future of the Holy Land”.

“Many of us,” he wrote, “have been working with Islamic leaders,” and “the appearance of double standards inevitably diminishes the credibility of Western governments with the people of Iraq and with the Islamic world generally”. The implication of the Archbishop’s letter is that the world of Islam is entitled to be exacting because it shares Christendom’s values and our tendency to criticise ourselves.

In fact, in all of his statements touching Islam (there have been oh so many), Rowan Williams suggests that it is just like Anglican Christianity or Reform Judaism, that it shares their fundamental hostility to imperialism and misrule, and would feel the same shame that “we” do, were it held responsible for prisons like Abu Ghraib, or human tragedies like the plight of the Palestinians.

Dr Williams’s belief that Christendom and Islam are one was perhaps most apparent on December 21, 2003, when he condemned the detention of Muslim asylum-seekers who, the authorities believed, were planning atrocities against the Britain on whose mercy they had thrust themselves. “There is theological debate here which is real and deep,” Williams said on that occasion of his relationship with Islam, “because we share some history and we can discuss it.”

Can we discuss the fact that the Muslims here, all recent immigrants, enjoy rights – for instance to propagate their religion – that are unavailable to the Christians of the Muslim world? This is despite the fact that these Christians are the original inhabitants and rightful owners of almost every Muslim land, and behave with a humility quite unlike the menacing behaviour we have come to expect from the Muslims who have forced themselves on Christendom, a bullying ingratitude that culminates in a terrorist threat to their unconsulted hosts.

Dr Williams has nothing to say about this: but then, Christian passivity in the face of Muslim narcissism and aggression is nothing new. “The history we share” is that Mohammed enjoined his followers to spread Islam by the sword. After his death in 632, Muslim armies poured out of the Arabian peninsula (the only place to which Muslims are native, though even there Islam was imposed by force) and, unprovoked, attacked its neighbours.

Christian Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Anatolia, Spain, the Balkans, the Maghreb and Sicily, as well as Buddhist central Asia, Zoroastrian Iran and Hindu India, all became “Muslim” by virtue of naked imperialism. The indigenous non-Muslims were either exterminated (the fate of the Christians of North Africa), or reduced to the status of third-class citizens in their own countries, their fate to this day.

The Crusades – for which the Pope has apologised to Islam (he did so again last week), rather as an old lady might apologise to a mugger for trying to retrieve her purse – were simply an attempt by medieval Christians to get their homelands back. Spain, Sicily, and parts of the Balkans were recovered. Palestine wasn’t, though the Muslim colonisers there – who are no more “native” to the Holy Land than the European Jews who removed them – were largely ejected in 1948. It goes without saying that today’s Muslims – who, unlike today’s Westerners, are very proud of their history of imperialism – are highly indignant at being parted from this stolen property.

As the Pope’s statement shows, Dr Williams’s willingness to swallow the camel of Islam’s treatment of others while straining at the gnat of Christendom’s “sins” against Islam is traditional. What is unprecedented is the theological concession implicit in his remarks, ie that Islam is part of the Judaeo-Christian continuum. This idea naturally lends credence to the Muslim claim that Christ is not God, but just one in a line of Judaeo-Christian “prophets” whose “seal” is Mohammed, a claim which allows Islam to appropriate to itself the greater achievements of the Judaeo-Christian world.

As Councillor Fiyaz Mughal of Oxford wrote, in a letter to The Independent of Christmas Eve 2003 supporting Dr Williams, Christianity and Judaism are, to Muslims, “part of their own belief”. And are thereby negated: for why bother to remain within Christianity or Judaism when the more “perfect” form of both is Islam? This presumptuous attitude to other faiths is so characteristic of Islam that the philosopher Konrad Elst has called it “jihad negationism”. He has pointed out that its physical manifestation is Islam’s practice of eradicating older religions by planting mosques on their holiest sites; for instance, the Babri mosque in Ayodhya, the birthplace, to Hindus, of Ram; and the Omar mosque on the platform of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Holy of Holies of the Jewish people for millennia.

The endorsement by Dr Williams of the idea of continuity between Christianity and Islam violates the teaching of every Church father since Muslim communities first appeared in the seventh century. These cite Christ’s own warning that people would arrive in His wake claiming to bear a message from God superseding the Incarnation’s: “Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognise them.”

The “fruit” of Islam is all around us: we can draw our own conclusions. It is felt in the presence of the Muslims who have fled to a thriving Christendom from the failure and horror of the Muslim world. (Would Muslims show a similar hospitality? It seems unlikely when they rail against the five million Jews who have settled in Israel, while gloating over the fact that 20 million Muslims in less than 30 years have inundated Europe.) These immigrants seem not to realise that the need they feel to flee Islam negates everything they say in its favour, as well as rendering absurd their constant anti-Western diatribes. The Archbishop of Canterbury has no such excuse.


7 thoughts on “"All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics.."”

  1. This is why I think it is about time Christians stop behaving as if they have to just lay down and die. too many have did so and have condemned their own, and others, children to islam. There is a time to fight back and stop the insanity.

    I was blogging on a Catholic forum and the hate and vitriol – from my own fellow Caholics – took be aback. They are willing to do what so many others have done because of some archaic ‘church ruling’ (that isn’t even an infallible message) from the Pope that all religions are to be honored. So, they refuse to read the koran, figure out that mohammedans are slaughtering so many – even to this very day, but instead will be glassy-eyed, slobbering, gushing goons over muslims so obviously doing da’wa – basically telling lies about islam. I don’t even have to interject my feelings – all I have to do is quote from the koran or tell a fact about what has happened in the world of muslim on non-muslim violence – and I am the bad guy.

    Well, one thing speaks louder than words – I have not been warned, kicked off, or anything in those threads. So, some others monitoring the threads are aware. I know for a fact I have been reported – because the fools tell me they did so. but, I have not gotten any warnings and those reportings were done months ago.

    What I am trying to say is that way too often we are fighting our own and that is just shameful. While so many are slaughtered by muslims too many of our own just want to slobber over muslims who are so obviously deceiving us. I don’t give up, but it can be intimidating. What others don’t realize is that I am more like a pit bull than a scared little rabbit.

    And it will get worse. While we let the MSA loose in our colleges – even after ‘The Project’ papers were discovered and the muslim brotherhood has openly sic’d the MSA on our own. We have quite a number of freshly brainwashed youth that don’t have a clue. And with history not being taught as it should be taught since we don’t want to ‘offend’ the muslims, or the mainstream media not even hinting the violence in the Middle East (well, Fox news comes pretty close – but even they don’t get it right all the time either) our children and many adults don’t have a clue.

  2. Man that sure is the truth. There is a inherent violent dark “spiritual” ugliness that lurks just below the surface and this follows the truly committed Muslims where ever they go. I’ve experienced it first hand here in the Minneapolis, St.Paul…the home of the first Muslim congressman here in the USA…and also a growing Muslim community bent on forcing Sharia upon non Muslims through their actions & demands. When I first moved to the metro from a small town, I worked in a large hotel in downtown Mpls. There was several Muslim men who worked in the same department as me, so close contact was a every day occurrence. One day while me and a couple co-workers were goofing around in one of the convention halls, we had pulled up some taped down wiring from a previous convention setup and rolled the used duct tape into a ball a little bigger than a baseball, and were playing catch. One throw I made went a little off course and landed about 3-4 meters away from one of the Muslims. We laughed about it, but didn’t make any overt gestures that we were laughing at him or anything. He just lost it and boiled over in anger. He came up to me and said “where I come from people can be killed for such things” and mumbled something else I couldn’t quite make out. I was so shocked how short someone’s fuse could be over such a insignificant, innocent situation…I just stood there looking at him, trying to decide if I should be prepared to defend myself or just laugh it off.

    No wonder Muslims have such a impossible time integrating into new cultures… Islamic belief system makes it impossible. I honestly think it drives them to such a dysfunctional mindset of intolerance, that everyday occurrences become a confrontation of life or death with us kaffirs. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.

  3. Btw anybody see the last “60 Minutes” episode? They lead off with a report from Iraq about how Muslims are openly slaughtering Christians that refuse to flee from their homes. The persecution is WORSE than what Christians experience under the insanity of the Saddam regime. They talked to one Minister, who’s entire staff has been murdered by Muslims…and they never received any of the bodies back for any kind of burial. The religion of peace cannot even their blood lust behavior from the left wing media there to cast a bad light on the US troops in the country. You know its getting bad when CBS broadcasting cannot even ignore it.

  4. What can commen people do to help. I have heard it now so many times……what can I do, I don’t know what to do……., what can you tell them? Yes, by reading books about the subject and watch movies. Yes you get more information and knowledge, especially reading the books of Robert Spencer. But doing just that, you are not stopping anything, again the question “What can I Do” ???
    I don’t even know myself.
    The Netherlands is just an example of all the efforts of integration, classes for them to learn about the Netherlands, etc. etc. It is NOT working.
    The majority of the Dutch people would, like here, send them back where they came from. I heard the discontent since the late seventies, did it help , NO.
    What needs to be done before it gets more and more out of hand?
    Any sugestions? It is almost like ” GOD help us all “. Do more blood have to fall.


  6. There are ways to deal with Islam.

    1. Go back to church…and throw out the likes of Dr. Williams.

    2. Pray that the Holy Spirit establishes new leaders in the church. Leaders that will not deny Christ, but are willing to preach Christ, no matter what the politicians say, or whatever threats are made against them. You will know them, when you will find that they are not afraid to keep on spreading the Word, but are encouraged by adversity…

    3. Teach the Bible…

    4. Challenge people to turn from secularism and multiculturalism to Christianity.

    5. Challenge Islam and call it what it is: A religion brought upon mohammed by a demon…
    Even mohammed thought that the angel was a demon initially, until he was convinced by a christian like Dr. williams that the angel wasnt…hence, people like Dr. Williams are far more dangerous than what most people think…It is that same spirit that rules in Dr. Williams that ruled in that so called christian who told mohammed that the angel was good. Mohammed than submitted to the demon…and as he was going into trances…they would cover him with a sheet…to cover the very ugliness of the trance…

    Paul clearly states in Galatians and in 1Corinthians…

    Galatians 1:8 – But even if we, or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed….let him be accursed…

    Let people like Dr. Williams know that they have already been condemned by Scripture…and unless they change…they will share Hell with satan and his angels…and mohammed.

  7. Steiner, you better be careful, or you will incur the wrath of our friendly blogger ‘atheist’…!’

    You touch on something that many Christians understand, but the secular world doesn’t. This is a spiritual war that will eventually engulf everyone. The secular humanists (atheists) believe all religions are the same, but there will soon come a time when they will be forced to take sides.

    As for me and my house, I will follow the Lord.

    The creeping ugliness that is islam must be fought, but I believe that the best ‘soldiers’ to fight islam will be moslem converts to Christianity.

    There is hope… “In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Ever year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.”

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