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UK: Muslim Students taught how to fly do mid-air turns

No need to learn how to start and land…

*  New York: 9/11 – Islamic terrorists fly planes into twin towers!

*  The UK: Recently in the UK there have been warnings about the dangers of private planes being used as weapons by Islamic terrorists!

*  What does the University of Salford do?  Why, it supports a scheme to teach Muslim students to fly small aircraft!

* Notice: of course not everyone of them will fly a plane into a building. But what about the ‘tiny minority of excremists?’

Here’s the story


Hizb ut-Tahrir in Germany has turned to the EU court in order to overturn the ban against it.  That did not stop Germany from announcing the banning of a Kurdish-Danish TV station this week on charges of terrorism.  The station denies it is involved in any such thing.

Most Imams in Germany are uneducated primates

Muslim immigrants looking for advice on integrating into mainstream society in Germany, won’t find much help in their mosques. According to a new study, the majority of imams in Germany are ill-prepared for their own stay in Germany and most lack any academic training.

More from Spiegel

* Discussion of religious questions now banned at UN Human Rights Council

* The Sowdis seek help from the swine at the EU to shut you up


Which Race is Islam Again?

White man who wanted to convert to Islam planned to plant fake nail bomb on bus

* Think if it was a black man who wanted to convert to Islam and planned to plant fake nail bomb on bus they would have reported it?

* Link: Do they demand this kind of thing now as some sort of initiation ritual or what?


Muhammed cartoons/Fitna

The Danish Muslim groups suing Jyllands-Posten for the (original) printing of the Muhammed cartoons have decided to turn to the EU court.  The court case in Denmark was financed by a Saudi group.

*  Amsterdam: Investigate Muslim Sunday schools, bring Islam into public schools

The “Dutch Mohammed cartoons” (ie, Fitna) made the headlines in the Netherlands, where two Dutch companies gave in to the Jordanian threats of a boycott.  The companies deny they did so as it was actually their Jordanian partners who published ads of apology, but they don’t really deny they agree that the Netherlands should apologize.  The effects of the Arab boycott on the Dutch economy are meanwhile close to null.

Air Base Ex-Guard Convicted of Hiding Muslim Name

Washington Post Staff Writer

A Southeast Washington man who did not disclose his Muslim name on an application for a job as a private security guard at Andrews Air Force Basewas convicted yesterday of making a false statement.

Darrick Jackson, 38, left his Muslim name off the application, prosecutors said, to conceal his ties to a local imam known for inflammatory comments.

Jackson, whose first trial ended last year with a hung jury, was tried again this week in federal court in Greenbelt. After deliberating for about a day and a half, the jury found Jackson guilty.

* More

More Security Problems:

Diploma Mill Enables Terrorists

The man said he was a retired military officer from Syria, which the American government deems a sponsor of terrorists. He wanted credentials as a chemical engineer, useful for getting a visa to work in the United States. Could James Monroe University help?

For $1,277, it did. Within days, he received three undergraduate and advanced degrees in chemistry and environmental engineering, based on his “life experience,” according to documents in federal court. Although the degrees looked authentic, Monroe had no faculty or courses; the “adviser” evaluating “life experience” was a high school dropout.

Monroe was one of more than 120 fictitious universities operated by Dixie and Steven K. Randock Sr., a couple from Colbert, Wash., who sold diplomas for a price, according to a three-year federal investigation that ended in guilty pleas from the Randocks to mail and wire fraud. The inquiry into their diploma mill, which operated most often as St. Regis University, provides the most up-to-date portrait of how diploma factories can harness the rapidly evolving power of the Internet to expand their reach.


Muslim physicist says feds retaliated against him

Muhammedans with high security clearances may be a health hazard to infidels

PITTSBURGH — An Islamic nuclear physicist on Thursday accused the U.S. Department of Energy of revoking his security clearance in retaliation for his criticism of the government’s treatment of Muslims.

Moniem El-Ganayni had worked at the Bettis Laboratory in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin for 18 years. He was fired in May after the department revoked his security clearance, according to a federal lawsuit filed on his behalf Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Department of Energy denied El-Ganayni the right to appeal the revocation by saying its reasons are classified and could violate national security if made public. El-Ganayni is demanding that he be allowed to contest it before a “nonpolitical, neutral arbiter as mandated by DOE regulations.”

More from AP


UK’s first ‘Salute to Israel’ parade sweeps through London and Manchester

Over 30,000 were in Trafalgar Square to salute Israel

LONDON -JP: The UK’s first-ever “Salute to Israel” parade swept through the streets of central London and Manchester on Sunday.

In London, more than 50 carnival floats, accompanied by bands, dancers and cyclists, were joined by over 10,000 revellers, who lined the street along Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus. The parade ended with a rally in Trafalgar Square where, organizers said, over 30,000 people converged.

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