Another brave 'artist' displays his courage

* with thanks to Andrew Bolt

Another brave artist risks all by mocking the leader of a faith he damns as deadly. If only he lived in a culture formed by the faith that stresses turning the other cheek. Then he might even hope to make a living, making mock of a faith which guards him while he sleeps:

In December of 2004 there was an art exhibit by Leon Ferrari, in Buenos Aires in which works of “art” were displayed which depicted scenes such as saints burning themselves in a toaster, the Blessed Mother in a frying pan, and a statue of the Last Supper in which Christ and the Apostles face a pack of rats.

And now Ferrari’s works are our display in Sydney. There, the Sydney Morning Herald, which refused to show theMohammed cartoons, proudly publishes pictures of Ferrari’s two fingers to Christ.


Today brings a fresh reminder to brave Ferrari to stick to mocking the utterly safe and benevolent:

A PAKISTANI man has been sentenced to death for blasphemy after he defiled the Muslim holy book and used derogatory language to refer to the Prophet Mohammad, a police official said.

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  1. Old leon Ferrari is a coward pure and simple. No courage, no guts, nothing to say, just a sniveller. I pity him and his ilk.

  2. * Another brave artist risks all by mocking the leader of a faith he damns as deadly

    As the world turns towards false prophets such as Mo, it fulfils prophecies that are true, and
    must be fulfilled, such as … 2 Peter 3:3 “First of all you must understand this: In the last days mockers will come and, following their own desires, will ridicule us”

  3. Shaun, I have ZERO pity for anyone who “willingly chooses” to be/remain ignorant.

  4. Back in the 1980’s a display of what passes for art these days at a museum in Calgary, Canada included the “piss Christ,” a crucifix placed in a jar of urine. The organizers of this squalid spectacle eagerly awaited condemnation from main street christian churches but received none. A remarkable thing happened instead. It seems that Jesus Christ is regarded in Islam as a prophet, not in Mohammed’s league, but a prophet of note. An Imam in Calgary rose up and condemned this “art display” as blasphemy. The organizers of this “art” promptly withdrew the “piss Christ” and gave a groveling apology to the Imam.
    The Mohammedians still have the self confidence and faith in their beliefs to stand up to the post modernists, something we in the west must rediscover in ourselves if we hope to face down the threat of IslamoFascism.

  5. Yes Michael, but the Muhammedan ‘Isa’ is an entirely different figure from the Christian Jesus. The same goes for Maryam, who we (or they) falsely claim is “issa’s’, or Jesus’ mother. The Islamic Maryam was married to a another biblical figure who lived 1000 years before her. Quite a cocktail of nonsense…

    When you take a closer look, Muhammad’s understanding of Christianity or Judaism becomes a mishmash of Fata Morgana, misconceptions and absurdities.

  6. Another “brave” artist is our very own Leunig.

    We ran an article about him, “Leunig, show how brave you really are – Insult the Muslims!”

    In his cartoon in The Age today (11.04.07), Leunig takes a swipe at the Christian religion. He portrays two Roman soldiers looking at a large wooden cross, with the caption reading “I suppose w
    Wednesday, 11 April 2007

    To read more, just type in Leunig in the search box of our site.

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