Abu Qatada Update

UK: Bin Ladens ‘Right Hand Man’ released from prison:

* Telegraph UK

Qatada has never been convicted of a criminal offence in the UK, and because he cannot be deported, the judge ruled that he had to be freed pending a last-ditch attempt by the Home Office to have the deportation ruling overturned in the House of Lords.


* Freedom to live with Abu Qatada

After being freed from HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire he is scheduled to be driven to Acton in West London where he must spend at least 22 hours a day at home, wearing an electronic tag.

Police are expected to maintain a constant presence outside Qatada’s home to protect him from vigilante attacks, at an annual cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

The taxpayer will also fund at least £12,000 per year in benefits for Qatada, his wife and five children, even though Qatada was once found to have £170,000 in cash in his possession when he was stopped by police.

Qatada, 47, has been accused of helping to inspire the September 11 attacks after videos of his sermons were found in the flat used by three of the hijackers, including their leader Mohammed Atta.

Bin Laden’s plan to bankrupt the West works beautifully…

2 thoughts on “Abu Qatada Update”

  1. Half a million pounds a year to protect him,
    Four of our best blown to pieces in Afghanistan driving a rover without proper protection due to skimpy financing of our army.
    Yet this filth can walk British streets while our brave lay in their coffins.
    Blair 2005 after 7/7; The rules of the game are changing.
    They sure did, we sent not one terrorists out instead we work to support them.
    One machine gun a few jets at Heathrow they’s soon be gone,
    So what Jordan may hurt him fat lot we care, doesn’t beheading western hostages hurt, roadside bombs etc?
    The Western world has gone bonkers!

  2. Released?!?

    This man should be executed as a leader of the Islamofascist movement.

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