Australia: Islamic school on fraud charges

*  More of the same: there’s is just no way to keep the bastards honest. Besides, why should they respect infidel laws when they already have the shariah?

* There are more ways than one to extort the jiziyah from the kuffars

Alana Buckley-Carr/The Australian

ONE of Australia’s best-known Islamic schools has been accused of defrauding the commonwealth and West Australian governments of more than $3million by claiming it had hundreds more students on its books than it did.

Australian Islamic College director Abdallah Magar, 69, and school principals Mark Debowski, 50, and Aziz Magdi, 53, are due to appear in a Perth court on Wednesday over charges that they obtained a financial advantage by deception for another person and gained a benefit by fraud.

Winds of Jihad reported, here

They were released on $100,000 bail yesterday. Police are expected to ask the men to forfeit their passports.

After being released from custody yesterday, Mr Magar said he would defend the charges.

The men are accused of inflating their student numbers by claiming money for students who were not attending the school.

* In Pali-occupied Judea and Samaria and in Gaza you’ll find the same phenomenon: nobody ever dies! The Jiziyah keeps coming!

Police said the school could claim $1300 to $2000 for each child from the West Australian Government, while the funding rate under the commonwealth ranged from $4000 to $6000, depending on the child’s age.

Inspector Arno Albrecht, of the Major Fraud squad, claimed: “The defrauding of the government agencies was simply putting forward false numbers of students and, as a result of that, they obtained the subsidised funding. There was some checking but nowhere near what you would think would be required for giving out such large amounts of funding.”

He said that although some of the funding was used for school purposes, the men were paid high salaries, with Mr Magar earning about $200,000 a year.

Inspector Albrecht said the charges related to funding received in 2005 and 2006 but other funding years had not been investigated because of resourcing and public interest limitations. In total, it was alleged the men fraudulently gained $3.16 million from the state and federal governments.

About $2.5 million of the funds came from the commonwealth, with the balance provided by the West Australian Government.

“They’re not claiming the same amount of student subsidies now, so whether they can maintain the operations of those (campuses) based on not receiving those funds is something I couldn’t tell you about,” Inspector Albrecht said. “(But) we’re aware that (their claims) have been dramatically reduced.”

He said that although there was a risk the schools could close as a result of the charges, it would be up to the relevant government departments.

The charges were laid 18 months after Major Fraud officers raided the school, seizing 200 boxes of documents, 12 filing cabinets and 15 computers.

State Education Minister Mark McGowan yesterday moved quickly to ensure parents the schools’ three campuses would remain open.

“The Department of Education Services is working closely with the college campuses to ensure the needs of students are not affected by the arrest,” Mr McGowan said. “The campuses have been inspected in the past and have met the requirements for registration as non-government schools.”

A spokeswoman for federal Education Minister Julia Gillard said the department was working with its state counterpart to clarify the management structure of the three schools.

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  1. forfeit their passports??? Doh! they should have had all their possesions EXCEPT their passports taken away. Stamped never to return, and then shipped out,goat class, to the islamic slum of their choice.

  2. Abdallah Magar apparently integrated “values” into his life to attract dhummie dhollars …

    From the AIC faq page:


    To repel evil with good and turn an enemy into a friend
    Good conduct; behaviour and self-development are all acts of worship

    Now we’ll need another action plan to correct our “misunderstanding” of the Islamic college,
    funded by … guess.

  3. I wonder if the Fraud Squad is investigating PERTH COMMUNITY TELEVISION (Channel 31),
    which apparently has [Abdallah Magar Director, commenced May 2003] The face and doily look the same.


    ACN 008 970 643

    Product Types:
    *Category 4: Premixes and supplements
    Step(s) of Manufacture:Processing and blending, filling, packaging and labelling, storage and release from manufacture.

    I wonder what these could be used for, in the wrong hands – just wondering

  4. Akira>>”War is the answer. War against the useful idiots.

    I’ve always said that the inbred neanderthals can do nothing without the facilitation of our commie traitors.

  5. I can’t believe this. Civilized nations giving money to “schools” that teach hatred against the very ones who give them money?!!

    God have mercy on us

  6. aic will long live

    i know u dogs are trying hard to defame the image of islam and muslims but we will still be here rite up your noses

    long live muslims and aic

  7. Mohd,

    We dont need help to “defame the image of Islam … blah blah”. You guys are doing such a great job worldwide – why should we step in?! Ah, my pork dinner is ready – I’ll send you some crackling!

  8. Unbelievable!
    shocking one Muslim school’s director commits fraud and you uncivilised bunch start your non stop drumming.
    how many non Muslims have done that, what about catholic priest raping boys in thousands…
    come on guys grow up and catch up to the civilisation where people want to live peacefully.

  9. forgot to mention, we in the west need to clean our backyard before we point our fingers towards other nations or religions.

  10. Mark,
    Catholic priests have not raped youths in their thousands. Those that have been found out have been punished, as well as those that protected them. The same is patently not true in islam where offenders are not punished, and not brought to trial. Read a little – abuse of children is not uncommon in many muslim countries.
    We do have to clean up our back yard, but why should that stop us from commenting on the problems that islamists are forcing on us – please explain. Most of us do want to live in peace and in diversity – however a certain group does not – and they are not us!! Have a guess as to whom they might be!!

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