Da'awa doctor Abdalla explains the most misunderstood religion in the world in Darwin, NT

*  ‘Doctor’ Abdalla, as you may recall, recently became famous around Australia for trying to hide and solicit undeclared funds from the Wahabites of Saudi Arabia, where he was trained. For the slick Islamo-propagandist who runs a government funded ‘Islamic Research Unit’ at Griffith university, the Islamization of Australia seems to be a bit lacking and in dire need of speeding up.

* Type in ‘Griffith dr Abdalla’ into the search function of this blog and see what comes up!

UNDERSTANDING: Ishfaq Haider, Dr Mohamad Abdalla and Hamza Aljufri, 5, get to know each other at Darwin Islamic Centre yesterday, as part of the third annual Islamic Awareness Week.

From Northern Territory News

Clearing up misconceptions about Islam

Raymond Ibrahim, JW:

“Why are we not constantly exhorted, day after day, that Christianity, or Judaism, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Scientology are ‘misunderstood’? Why only Islam?”

Why indeed? Why is there a concerted effort all over the Western world to clear up “misconceptions” of Islam for well-meaning unbelievers, but no effort anywhere to clear up the “misconceptions” of Islam that jihad terrorists have — the ones who, we’re constantly told, are twisting and hijacking the religion? Where do the “misconceptions” that Westerners constantly seem to fall prey to come from? Could they possibly come from those jihad terrorists, committing acts of violence and justifying them by referring to Islamic texts and teachings? Will a pleasant evening (over chicken and pita, as Hugh would point out) assuring non-Muslims that those people aren’t true Muslims clear up that problem?

* Perhaps doctor Abdalla can explain this:

Thousands cheer as Pakistani jihadists decapitate, shoot Afghans accused of spying for U.S., “for the interest of the Islamic world”

Or are these evenings, carried on more or less daily all over the West, more likely to make their bemused audiences less likely to understand what is happening in the world, and to respond to it appropriately?

* One of those who made a name for himself is Australia’s Mufti ‘catmeat’ Sheikh aj Al-Din Hamed Abdallah Al-Hilali, who claims “Australia was always islamic, there are hundreds of mosques in the interior and now its time for Jihad!”

Sheikh Al-Hilali also claims that Afghan Muslims preceded Captain Cook in his discovery of Australia:

“Australia is an old-new continent. The Europeans issued a false birth certificate for it when the British seafarer Captain James Cook reached it. However, Australia already had the most ancient race of men on the face of the earth – the Aborigine people… They continue to live their primitive lives to this very day.

“But when you become acquainted with their traditions among their tribes, you find that they have customs such as circumcision, marriage ceremonies, respect for tribal elders, and burial of the dead – all customs that show that they were connected to ancient Islamic culture before the Europeans set foot in Australia.

“That is, Islam had roots deep in the Australian soil and read the Qur’an and called to prayer before the bells of the churches rang in Australia. The best evidence of this is the hundreds of mosques in the center of Australia built by the Afghans. Some of them were destroyed, and others were turned into Australian archeological museums, and still others remained unharmed, and they bear a history that proves that Islam has roots and ancient connections to Australia.”

* Now how does that differ from ‘doctor Abdalla’s’ message?

Get the lowdown on Islam, Northern Territory style

RELIGIOUS and cultural understanding and tolerance will be debated as part of Islamic Awareness Week today.

The celebration aims to explain what the religion is all about and its role in the Northern Territory.

As part of the week, the Darwin Islamic Centre was officially opened by Chief Minister Paul Henderson last night.

Organiser Ishfaq Haider said the idea of this third Islamic Awareness Week is getting to know each other.

“We invite all local people to come and see what we do,” he said.

* Here’s the latest: SRINAGAR, Kashmir (AP) — Tens of thousands of Muslim demonstrators rampage against transfer of land to Hindu temple

“With so many misconceptions about Islam, this is a good chance to ask questions.”

* Please explain!

* Btw: this article is much more important than ‘misunderstanding of the RoP’: Darwin has a large Aboriginal community, and they have ‘LAND RIGHTS’- that’s what its all about. Remember catmeat sheik Hilali who once claimed he saw mosques everywhere in the interior?

Highlights today include lectures about Muslim youth in Australia — and the question of female oppression under Islam.

Guest speakers are psychologist and President of the Mission of Hope, Hanan Dover and Griffith University Islamic Research Unit director Dr Mohamad Abdalla.

Dr Abdalla will speak about the history of Islam, as well as justice and tolerance. “It is not for conversion, but for conversation,” Dr Abdalla said.

Lectures are at the CDU Mal Nairn Auditorium, 10am-2pm and at the Darwin Islamic Centre, 53 Vanderlin Drive, Wanguri, from 5.30pm today.

Call 0412426453 for information.


A rather frank discussion between Robert Spencer and Indigo Jo aka Yusuf Smith:

Robert Spencer:

Subject: FGM

Yusuf: It’s not a big issue in south-east Asia where it’s also known to go on. I’ve spoken to women who’ve had it done and they say it’s no big deal. Why are you so concerned about our women’s genitals when you despise us all anyway?

Yusuf:  “I’ve spoken to women who’ve had it done and they say it’s no big deal.”

Spencer: Numerous testimonies suggest otherwise.

Numerous testimonies from women who’ve had their entire clitori (sp?) removed, along with their inner labia and had their outer labia sewn up. That is what we class as mutilation and it’s on its way out in most countries where it’s practised because people realise it’s against Islam.

> I, for one, do not despise you. Quite the opposite. In fact, I would like nothing better than a flowering, a renaissance, in the Muslim world, including full equality of rights for women and non-Muslims in Islamic societies: freedom of conscience, equality in laws regarding legal testimony, equal employment opportunities, etc.

Yusuf: So, you would like to see us ditch much of our religion and, thereby, become non-Muslims.

Read the whole thing

On equality:

Sheikh Manna Al-Qubtan, professor of Higher studies at the School of Islamic Law in Riyadh, stated in response to an inquiry: “Basically, the command of non-Muslims over Muslims in not admissible, because God Almighty said: ‘Allah will not give access to the infidels (i.e. Christians) to have authority over believers (Muslims) {Qur’an 4:141}. For God – Glory be to Him – has elevated Muslims to the highest rank (over all men) and foreordained to them the might, by virtue of the Qurtanic text in which God the Almighty said: ‘Might and strength be to Allah, the Prophet (Muhammad) and the believers (Muslims)’ {Qur’an 63:8}. Thus, the authority of non-Muslim over a Muslim is incompatible with these two verses, since the Muslim has to submit to and obey whoever is in charge over him. The Muslim, therefore becomes inferior to him, and this should not be the case with the Muslim.”

Dr. Salih Al-Sadlan, professor of sharia at the School of Islamic Law in Riyadh, says (citing the same passages of the Qur’an) that for a Christian to hold authority over a Muslim “entails the humiliaton of the Muslim and the exaltation of the infidel (Christian). This infidel may exploit his position to humiliate and insult the Muslims who work under his administration. It is advisable to the company owner to fear God Almighty and to authorize only a Muslim over the Muslims. Also, the injunctions issued by the ruler, provides that an infidel should not be in charge when there is a Muslim available to assume the command. Our advice to the company owner is to remove this infidel and to replace him with a Muslim.”

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  1. Someone has to warn the Aboriginal community that a. Muslims do not respect the land ownership and laws of ANY non-Muslim group (if they take over, unless you convert to Islam, you lose EVERYTHING) b.strict Islam forbids art and music – bye bye wandjinas and didgeridoos c. if you convert to Islam and then decide you want out, they will kill you (Islam is a lobster pot: easy to get in, impossible to escape) d. Islam is the biggest racist and slave-system in history, and a very large proportion of its slave victims were (and still are) black people – the word for black person is also the word for slave, and is used as racist whites used to use the word ‘nigger’. Black Australians should be avoiding Islam like the plague; European colonialism was bad, but baby, you ain’t seen NUTHIN till you see the Arab Imperial Religion in action, gobbling up peoples, lands and cultures and grinding all the life out of them.

    Spread that information sufficiently effectively, amongst Aboriginal church leaders and others, and Muslim da’wa aimed at Aborigines should start hitting a brick wall.

  2. * As part of the week, the Darwin Islamic Centre was officially opened by Chief Minister Paul Henderson last night.

    Guess who is supporting Islamic Awareness Week (from the PDF program):

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the National Action Plan and
    Northern Territory Government

    I assume us dhummies are funding our enslavement through taxes.

    The National Action Plan (in google’s cache)

    [The Council of Australian Governments (COAG), at a special meeting on September 27 2005, agreed to commission a national action plan to build on the principles agreed at the Prime Minister’s August 2005 meeting with Muslim community leaders.]

    Good to see both major parties are working together for our downfall, at the federal &
    state level.

  3. Some comments and questions for the Da’awa doctors:

    ummah in overdrive. In the last week they have called two press confrences denouncing terror and giving out that koranic verse “whoever kills one kills all of humanity”. The MSM reporters fall for it every time and we have to see group photos of imitaters of uswa hasana, al insan, al kamil in the local dailies. The ahmadiya are holding a jalsa (get-together) today celebrating 100 years in this part of the world, and since Thursday the sunnis under the leadership of the shahar kazi (this is the thug in charge of a city) have been appealing to the rest of the ummah not to attend. Yesterday they visited the local administration and “requested” them not to grant the use of a local park for the purpose of the ahmaddiya jalsa. Let us see what happens today. In any case, the MSM reporters are thoroughly confused about the whole thing coming on top of the “islam denounces terror”. I hope some of them do some reading for a change.

    Posted by: arjun.sevak at June 29, 2008 4:26 AM
    “With so many misconceptions about Islam, this is a good chance to ask questions.”

    Yes. I have three questions:

    1)Why is your Koran loaded with indictments against non-Muslims?

    (Have a list of references from the Koran to further the point)

    2) Why did your prophet marry a young girl at 6 and then had sex with her when was nine?

    (Have a list if examples from the Hadith)

    3) And one last question. Why do Islamist terrorists use quotations from Islamic text to justify their acts of violence?

    (Provide list of quotations from leading Islamist terrorists to further the point.)

    Posted by: Briars at June 29, 2008 1:00 PM

    “this is a good chance to ask questions.”

    I don’t know if we’ve got any jihadwatchers here from the Northern Territory of Australia.

    But if we DID, then let’s have a little think about some of the questions they could ask, citing Quran and/or Sira and Hadith.

    They could recite the Wife-Beating Verse, Quran 4: 34, and ask Mr Ishfaq whether he thinks it’s authoritative.

    They could recite the Polygamy verse, and Mr Robert McClelland the Attorney-General’s flat declaration that Polygamy is ILLEGAL in Australia, and will remain so, and ask Mr Ishfaq whether he’s prepared to accept the Attorney-General’s ban.

    They could let everybody know all about Aisha, and ask Mr Ishfaq if he thinks marriage to – and conjugal relations with – an unconsenting nine-year-old is appropriate.

    They could recite Quran 9: 5 and Quran 9:29 and ask him to Please Explain.

    They could quote the Hadith that authorises the killing of those who leave Islam, and put Mr Ishfaq on the spot by asking him what he would do if his daughter or son declared that they were becoming a Christian, an atheist, or a Buddhist.

    They could mention the ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men and ask point blank whether these nice smiling Muslims in Darwin would permit their daughters to marry Aussie non-Muslims WITHOUT demanding that said non-Muslims join the Army of Islam.

    They could recite the verses that forbid friendship with Jews and Christians…unless feigned, for tactical reasons.

    And a good time would, no doubt, be had by all.

    Posted by: dumbledoresarmy at June 28, 2008 5:43 PM

  4. Re: “whoever kills one kills all of humanity”

    So Mohammad (piss be upon him) killed all of humanity?

    Wow.! The Koran is Islamophobic!

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