Canada: Aqsa Parvez' Honor Killing Father Gets First Degree Murder Charge

* All too often in the past, Western dhimmi judges and prosecutors opted for a lesser charge, because of the ‘cultural background’ of these immigrants. It is good to see a change of heart.

* Spencer:

* May this be just the beginning of a general awakening to stealth jihad initiatives in the West, and a toughening of legal sanctions against Sharia norms and Islamic cultural practices that are at odds with our societies and laws.


* Aqsa Parvez deserves no less.


Aqsa Parvez Update: “First-degree murder charge in Aqsa Parvez death,” by Bob Mitchell in theToronto Star, June 17 

The father of a Mississauga teen killed last year has been charged today with first-degree murder in connection with her death.Muhammad Parvez, 57, appeared in a Brampton courtroom today where he was officially charged. The charge is an indication investigators believe the girl’s killing was pre-meditated.

Parvez was arrested in early December after his daughter Aqsa, 16, was found strangled in the family’s Mississauga home.

Paramedics revived her, but she died later in hospital….

The death drew international attention after her friends said she had argued with her father over her desire to shun the hijab, a traditional Muslim scarf that covers the head and shoulders….

Aqsa Parvez’s Unmarked Grave  

By Joe Warmington | Thursday, December 11, 2008 

One year to the day Aqsa Parvez was stolen from this world — allegedly by two members of her family.
And her gravesite to show she even existed? Section 17, plot number 774, in the Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, to be precise. No name, no date of birth, no date of death. No nothing.

But resting here is a girl who dared to be Canadian.

She was strangled Dec. 10, 2007 inside her family’s Longhorn Trail home. 

Her father and brother will be in court next week to answer to charges of first-degree murder.

At Parvez’s gravesite, one would never know the 16-year-old Grade 11 Applewood Heights Secondary School student was buried here. You would never know anybody was buried here.

“If not for a couple of her girlfriends, who put some flowers there, there would be nothing,” says a disgusted Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress and author of Chasing a Mirage, The Tragic illusion of an Islamic State. “It’s disgraceful.”

“That girl was not a number,” adds Imam Syed Soharwardy, of the Al-Mamadinah Islamic Centre in Calgary and national president of Islamic Supreme Council of Canada. “She had a name and a life. It makes me sick.”

Her friends describe Pakistan-born Aqsa as a happy teen who loved photography and loved to dance. Who knows where she would be if she had not, one year ago this morning, gone back to the family home from which she was estranged?

Her friends expected her at school. Instead, a 911 call was made saying she had been killed.

The preliminary hearing for her father Muhammad Parvez, 58, and brother Waqas, 27, is to begin Dec. 17. Evidence is expected to show family disagreements over cultural issues and religious rules, including the wearing of the traditional hijab.

“A planned and deliberate act,” is how Peel Regional Police’s head of homicide, Insp. Norm English, was last year describing this murder.

Recently, he refused an interview request saying, “two people are charged with first-degree murder and we have not said very much because they are entitled to their day in court where we will present a very strong case.”

It will be a packed courtroom and time will tell how this will turn out legally.  

It’s not known whether Aqsa’s killing was an honor killing. The honor killing tag is given to those victims who were killed as an illustration to peers that their shamed family has washed their hands of the embarrassment to their radical form of Islam with their disgraced family member’s blood.

It’s a barbaric act, often with agreement of other family members, that sadly occurs in some Muslim countries.

Speaking in general terms, Fatah says, “a victim of an honor killing is always left in an unmarked grave. Imagine caring more about your faith than your child? When this happens, it shows they don’t give a damn about her and the fact a family has chosen to not put the name on a grave proves the point that they are embarrassed and gives an insight into honor killings.”

Soharwardy knows of “100 graves of women” killed because their families felt their actions brought disrespect upon them and their extreme version if Islam. And anybody “telling you” it is Islamic tradition to bury a person in an unnamed grave, says Soharwardy, is out-and-out “wrong.”
In fact, he says, “marking a grave is one of the highest recommendations of tradition by the Prophet Mohammed.”

“Taj Mahal is the quintessential symbol of a tribute for a Muslim woman,” Fatah says of the famous Indian shrine built for Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1631, by her grieving Mughal Emperor husband Shah Jahan. “In Islam, for a woman, you build the grandest structure in the world. I know of some in several countries which have stood for 1,000 years.” 

Aqsa Parvez’s grave is the polar opposite. Its as chilling standing there as chilling as was her death. Disturbing. 

For $580, the cemetery can put a flat marker there — with her name, date of birth and death, and at least people can find her if they want to come and pay their respects. A cemetery employee said there is no problem if others want to place a flat memorial there but it would be removed if the family were to demand that. 

As we wait for the court to decide the murder case, Aqsa lays, not so honourably, in grave 774.

[For an account of Aqsa Parvez’s murder, click here.]


Joe Warmington is a columnist for the Toronto Sun. He can be contacted

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  1. Hope that they are getting the message loud and clear.
    Hope he will get life.
    Now England should take note of this too.
    Now hoping they will find the father of the girls from Texas.
    A double life senticing there or the DEATH penalty.

  2. Let’s see if the guy gets convicted. THEN we’ll have something to talk about!

  3. Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. Islam is not violent and honor killings are not part of Islam and Santa Claus really exists and so does the Easter Bunny.

  4. Am I wrong in hoping that someone kills this……person….in prison? If so, I will wish it with all my heart and then ask God for forgiveness.

  5. Having lived in Toronto for twelve years (1991 to 2003) I would have thought that in Ontario that “honour killing” was part of the multi-cultural mosaic. Dalton McGuinty wanted to introduce Sharia Law in Ontario and may yet. Of course it remains to be seen if the prosecution may secure a conviction. The defence will probably demand that the jurors be selected from among the members of the mosque of the accused. Something about being judged by one’s peers as if burglars are tried before a jury of convicts rather than honest folks.

    Even if Muhammad Parvez is convicted we taxpayers will have the privilege of paying a hundred grand a year to house him in some club fed where he will be catered to his halal diet while he works on his golf handicap, tennis serve or horseback riding. (Lest anyone think I am joking check out the Ferndale Correction Centre operated by the Canadian Penitentiary Service in British Columbia. It is a resort not a prison.) Meanwhile, now doubt, his better eighths will collect welfare. Better to deport him back to whatever fourth world excuse for a country he came from – that would be punishment.

  6. McCreary, you should blog with some of these from the UK – I mean – what a bunch of dolts! They, and our own left wingers, will bash me because I might post some facts about islam/muslims – and they think that I am the one who should be bashed. Of course, I have learned that I don’t back down to these sort of morons – but it just amazes me how many out there still do not have a clue.

    But then I realize we have a whole generation, and possibly more, that are being brainwashed by such ilk as the MSA. and now they are putting their fairy tales, and praying like a muslim days, into our grade schools. There are many out there taking on this sort of thing – but it is always after the fact. And the MSA is still in our colleges. UCIrvine is a blaring example of a campus of idiots. the violence and hate literature is mind boggling – and the campus mostly ignores it. They look into something and dismiss it.

    Oh well, I am glad that this guy gets this charge – now let us wait and see what the outcome of the trial brings. I don’t know what Canada has as a legal system – but defense lawyers (the only group of people who don’t have to tell the truth, or lead in a truthful way (remember the OJ lawyers – I found out today on Fox news knew OJ was guilty) are lawyers) so the jury can be confused by lawyers fast talking.

  7. Can it be that my country is at last rousing itself from its islamogrovel slumber? At least this is a start, however small and tentative. Unfortunately, there is a very sad reality to be faced; at the end of the day, after the five years of appeals processes (guess who pays all the legal expenses of poor Mr. Parvez) the prosecutors will be confronted by their final obstacle, our beloved supreme court. This august body has recently ruled that homosexuals have the right to marry each other, and may NOT be discriminated against because of their lifestyle when they apply to adopt children (which they frequently do). Another winner of a ruling is that all schools, public and private, MUST present homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle from the first grade, and that parents do not have the right to withdraw their children from classes which advance this view; any parent who does so risks criminal prosecution and apprehension of his children by the thought police. Still another landmark ruling – Catholic school boards do not have the right to reject prospective teachers because they aren’t Catholic, even though 100% of the students are Catholic and their parents pay fees for them to attend. Yet again, the Knights of Columbus were not permitted to deny rental of their hall to a lesbian weding reception. And so it goes…
    My persistent daydream is that one day I might be a member of the firing squad when these nine traitors are stood up against a wall.

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