"Change we can believe in" keeps lying and denying

*  The Manchurian candidate Hussein Barrack Obama keeps lying about being born a Muslim. Although it is no secret that his mother was a ‘revert’ who married a Kenyan Muslim, later moved to Indonesia where she married another Muslim and young Obama attended mosque and Koran teaching classes for several years. There are roughly 20 years missing from the CV of this candidate before he joined the black racist ‘church’ of the hate-monger Jeremiah Wright, and Obama is doing nothing to help answering the questions about his past, he  keeps denying it as if it never happend. The fact that he has the hide to continually declare  “I am not a Muslim, I never was a Muslim” makes him a liar, and this is something any responsible reporter should be obliged to report. But no such luck: the MSM swallows every word of the Obamessiah hook line and sinker. Just remember: “War is Deceit”, said Muhammdad, and it sure looks as if America is determined to be deceived.

* Not good for his all inclusive image when hijabbed Muslimah’s show too much support for this Islam-friendly candidate. So they had to go under the bus:

“Muslims barred from picture at Obama event,” by Ben Smith at Politico, June 18

* Michelle Obama discovers that she loves America, after ‘God damn America…’

* But then again, when it counts he stands up for the Muslim brotherhood


* Why does Obama hang out with Islamists? Why isn’t he fighting for secret service protection for Wafa Sultan, Ali Hirsi and others whose lives are threatened by Muhammedan assassins?

* For Obama, Muslims are ‘opressed’- for us, Muslims are the opressors

Atlas Shrugs has more

Two Muslim women at Barack Obama’s rally in Detroit Monday were barred from sitting behind the podium by campaign volunteers seeking to prevent the women’s headscarves from appearing in photographs or on television with the candidate.
The campaign has apologized to the women, all Obama supporters who said they felt betrayed by their treatment at the rally.

*  Obama says bin Laden must not be a martyr

“This is of course not the policy of the campaign. It is offensive and counter to Obama’s commitment to bring Americans together and simply not the kind of campaign we run,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. “We sincerely apologize for the behavior of these volunteers.”

Muslim calls out Obama after snub
Apology not good enough, she says

Building a human backdrop to a political candidate, a set of faces to appear on television and in photographs, is always a delicate exercise in demographics and political correctness. Advance staffers typically pick supporters out of a crowd to reflect the candidate’s message.

When Obama won North Carolina amid questions about his ability to connect with white voters, for instance, he stood in front of a group of middle-aged white women waving small American flags. Across the aisle, a Hispanic New Hampshire Democrat, Roberto Fuentes, told Politico that he was recently asked, and declined, to contribute to the “diversity” of the crowd behind Senator John McCain at a Nashua event.

But for Obama, the old-fashioned image-making contrasts with his promise to transcend identity politics, and to embrace all elements of America. The incidents in Michigan, which has one of the largest Arab and Muslim populations in the country, also raise an aspect of his campaign that sometimes rubs Muslims the wrong way: The candidate has vigorously denied a false, viral rumor that he himself is Muslim. But the denials seem to some at times to imply that there something wrong with the faith, though Obama occasionally adds that he means no disrespect to Islam.

“I was coming to support him, and I felt like I was discriminated against by the very person who was supposed to be bringing this change, who I could really relate to,” said Hebba Aref, a 25-year-old lawyer who lives in the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills. “The message that I thought was delivered to us was that they do not want him associated with Muslims or Muslim supporters.”…


* Obama numbered among ‘false prophets’

And some of the comments:

  • “Cal didn’t say Obama was not a Christian, he said you can’t say there are other paths to salvation than Christ and be a Christian. Frankly, the man elected president will have much less impact on the future of our nation than the simple decisions we each make each day. If each Christian would humble themselves before the Lord and trust in Him our country would be in much better shape than if we elected the most Christlike of all candidates.”
  • “The person who “sees why the world has a hard time with Christians” makes me see why the world has a hard time with Christians. “Legalism” is out, my friend. It was for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Your “brand” of Christianity is a corruption of God’s intentions. Do you “Pray without ceasing?” If you do, in the traditional way (head bowed, eyes closed) you’re going to run into a wall sooner or later.”
  • “Barak is not the Anti-christ, but he has Anti-christ qualities. He talks about peace, and change, and really says nothing…just as the real Anti-christ will. But I do believe that he will win the election to help turn over control of the U.S. to the real Anti-christ when he becomes leader of the United Nations and sets up the One World Government spoke of in the Bible.”
  • “After reading several posts, I am noticing that several ignore the issue. The Scriptures clearly teach that Jesus is the only way to God. Mr. Thomas is only stating his agreement with this teaching of Christ. How can people disagree with his comment unless they disagree with the teachings of Christ. You may not like what Jesus said, but like it or not, that is exactly what he said. To say there are other ways to God absolutely contradicts Christ and what is Christianity anyway? It is so much more than a ambiguous list of rules on ethics. It is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and Him alone.”
  • “Thank you for seeing through Obama. In his own words he says “I believe there are many paths to the same place” Christianity is based on the faith that Jesus is the Savior. He died so that we could receive the free gift of grace from our Father in heaven, which is the place Obama is referring to. If you believe in Christianity you believe in this and follow the ways of Christ. Jesus said himself in John 14:6 “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” If Obama believed in Christianity he would know that Jesus is the only way and there is no other way. If you do not believe and have faith in Jesus you will not make it to heaven.”
  • “As the parable of the 10 virgins says, the five who were not ready because they lacked oil were left behind when the bridegroom came. He told them, “I never knew you.” There are many who profess to be Christian but lack the one essential ingredient to be called by His name: They must follow Him.”

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  1. I’d not give this man one iota of trust, he’s a shifty bugger reminds me of the liar Fabian Blair his changes have wrecked this country of mine!
    Barack Hussain Mohammed Obama is nowhere qualified to be the USA president, I’m still waiting to hear just one policy.
    When i saw the BBC collecting money for him on their site and the extreme left giving him support that was me finished.
    Why not vote in the Iranian Dinnerjacket he’s not black but rather tanned so that will satisfy the left?
    I read the Labour/Fabians supported him to get rid of Clinton and that eventually they will dump Obama.
    Politics are a dirty business!!

  2. I”m not ashamed to say, “If O-bomb-us is elected, I hope America produces another James Earl Ray, or John Hinckley.” The world we live in is not pretty, and neither are my opinions.

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