DownUnder: Warrnambool Muslims Demand City Council Provide Mosque

* Try that in a Muslim country once: go there and demand free land to build a church or a synagogue, or a school. Just try!

Bush mosque in New Guinea

* Because  the infidels have to pay the jiziyah. They must. And because there are many ways to make the kuffar pay for the never ending demands of Muslims it doesn’t need to be in form of monetary tribute. A mosque here and a madrassah there, cheap council land and concessions, many kinds of concessions, to ensure that Islam is respected and elevated above all other religious groups, that’s just the way how it has to be.

The Islamization of Australia is going ahead, as it must…

Thanx to Mullah

MUSLIMS in the south-west have renewed their push to have a mosque based in Warrnambool to cater for their expanding community.
There are fears that unless a permanent place of worship can be established, moves to bring more migrant workers to the region will suffer.

* Gee. Those fearful, suffering Muslims everywhere! How oppressive those infidels are!

``More workers will want to come here if there is a mosque,” Muslim community leader Mohamed Khanyari told The Standard yesterday.

* Great! Lets build them some mosques and more will come. Who guessed it!

He said in the past year more than 30 workers he had encouraged to Warrnambool for work had returned to Melbourne because there was no Islamic worship centre.

He will rally support from the district Muslim community on Saturday during a social barbecue from 1pm at Lake Pertobe and hopes to form a committee.

Mr Khanyari estimates there are up to 30 Muslim families in the district.

``We need a permanent base for worship. Now we have to travel to the mosque at Geelong,” he said.

“There are Muslims who would come from as far as Portland and Hamilton.

“Even international tourists who visit Warrnambool inquire about a mosque.”

* Even from Mecca?

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Negus unhinged:

* The older he gets the harder he tries and the more ridiculous he becomes: resident SBS America hater George Negus provides a forum for Hizb-ut-Tahrir who want to turn Australia into a Muhammedan caliphate.

Death-preaching totalitarians are excused as merely “alleged extremists” by the SBS’s tenured radical nutbag, George Negus, and given a pulpit on his show. Their material is freely distributed on university campuses.

From Andrew Bolt

He said he had been offered help from Muslims in other countries to secure property for a mosque.

The Halal slaughterman supervisor called for city council assistance several years ago.

“So far I’ve been fighting alone for this,” he said.

When he approached council leaders in 2006 seeking cheap building rental the then city chief executive Lindsay Merritt said it was difficult to give special concessions to one faith and not others.

The present chief executive, Bruce Anson, and the Mayor David Atkinson hold the same opinion.

“The council won’t enter into special financial arrangements with any religious group,” Mr Anson said.

“We will help them, but our policy is to treat all religious groups on an equal level.”

Cr Atkinson said the council would continue to advise the Muslim community to help them achieve their goal. Earlier this year Midfield Meat set aside a prayer room for Muslim employees and families.

Mr Khanyari said he appreciated the generosity of Midfield boss Colin McKenna.

“He respects our religion and knows Muslims are important to Midfield,” he said.

``But we need a mosque where families can gather and children can be educated. When people move to Warrnambool from different countries they feel alone. A mosque would help them feel more at home.”

Sure thing…

Mr Khanyari, who has been in Warrnambool since 1995, has also helped secure a section of Warrnambool cemetery for Muslim burials.
``We are committed to Warrnambool. We like it here but would like some assistance,” he said.

* Like Muslims are well known to give assistance to Christans and Jews who want to build churches and synagogues. Right?

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6 thoughts on “DownUnder: Warrnambool Muslims Demand City Council Provide Mosque”

  1. It seems to me that what you have been highlighting in the last few post is evidence of a culture war in which western culture is the loser. As immigrant Muslims make demand that the PC people cannot refuse, we are gradually eroding the very values that we cherish in our western culture.
    Instead of congratulating ourselves that we have defeated the terrorists, we should be focusing on the insidious influence of Muslim culture and religious values that are finding their way into our society.

  2. Here we have right from the horse’s mouth the truth-give us a mosque so we can have more Koranists coming over. It’s crystal clear but what happens? Nothing-or worse than that-these people get their mosque so that more Koranists can arrive in droves and create further problems. This is in the name of diversity, which is killing the entire Western world. And when one day they take over there will finally be an end to diversity because all infidels will be dead.

    Funny-immigration used to be about assimilation into the new homeland. Now it’s all about subjugation of it.

  3. “When he approached council leaders in 2006 seeking cheap building rental the then city chief executive Lindsay Merritt said it was difficult to give special concessions to one faith and not others.”

    Why? Monash University has done it, gving land plus $10,000 towards building a mosque, so have most other universities in Victoria.

    Doesn’t Merritt realise that Islam is premised on giving special concessions to Islam and not others?

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