How to ruin a perfectly good little Island paradise by making it Islamic

“No compulsion in religion” update from the Maldives

Apostasy Punishable By Death: Top Adhaalath Scholar

By the command of the Prophet: ‘baddala deenahu, faqtuhulu’
‘A Muslim who has changed his Islamic religion, kill him’

من بدّل دينه فاقتلوه
“Whoever changes his religion, kill him”. (Bukhari)

By Judith Evans in Malé
May 13, 2008

The leader of the religious Adhaalath party scholars’ council has said he advocates the death penalty for those who convert from Islam to another religion, as well as amputation of hands for certain types of theft.

“No compulsion”: you can have any religion as long as its Islamic…

In an interview with Minivan News, Sheikh Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari emphasised the need for “advice” and correct legal procedures before the death penalty is implemented, but said Shari’ah law ultimately requires the killing of those who leave Islam.

Majeed was also a member of the government’s Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs until he resigned at the start of May under the Civil Service Act, which forbids civil servants to engage in political activity.

* Why live in paradise when you can turn it into a Muhammedan hell hole?

His statement follows a media furore over a book co-authored by presidential candidate Dr Hassan Saeed, Freedom Of Religion, Apostasy And Islam, which Umar Naseer of the Islamic Democratic Party has condemned as favouring freedom of religion.

* In other news: second hand virgins in Europe get a second chance


Apostates – those who leave the Islamic religion – “must not be punished by the public,” Majeed said, and must initially be offered “advice, and the opportunity to come back to Islam again”.

If the individual concerned fails to return to Islam, he said, “correct legal procedures” must then be followed.

And he emphasises the scholarly debate over punishments for apostasy – also citing the example of the Prophet’s life, during which no apostates were punished with death. But, Majeed adds, this was arguably because converts to different religions fled to other areas.

Majeed also cites Surah 2, verse 256 of the Qur’an, which states that “there is no compulsion in religion.” And he highlights the issue of munafiq – those who pretend to have faith, but do not – who must in practice be treated as Muslims.

But despite this, he says, apostasy is one of three offences that must be punished by death, along with adultery (by those already married) and murder.


Asked whether Maldivian law is currently in keeping with Shari’ah, Majeed is definite: it is not.

As an example, he cites the crime of theft. Under the current legislative system, he says, burglary, mugging – theft with an element of direct threat – and stealing via fraud are all similarly classified.

But “in Islamic Shari’ah, they are three different things,” he says. The punishment for theft, in the sense of burglary – where the victim of the theft is not present – must be “cutting the hand”, though certain other conditions also apply.

For instance, the stolen object must be “valuable”. And theft made necessary by the thief’s “hunger” is exempt.

“Conflicts in society” result from the current legal system, he believes. “There would be peace if the country was practising Islamic Shari’ah.”

But problems also result from a “lack of implementation” of current law, he says, citing the much-criticised issue of fugitive criminals. “A man is sent to jail, and the next day you see him on the street.”


Majeed is not speaking on behalf of the Adhaalath party, he emphasises, though he heads its religious scholars’ council. Party questions are referred to spokesman Ahmed Shaheem Ali Said.

The Adhaalath party’s manifesto contains only a brief section about religion, which includes the provision that scholars must be able to “present their religious views freely”, and a Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs that is “protected by law”.

It also mandates a specific organisation to rule on halal (lawful) and haram (unlawful) activities.

And it specifies no non-Muslim should be allowed to have Maldivian citizenship, with Majeed adding he supports a tightening of regulations in the constitution in progress, which will see those who leave the faith losing their citizenship.

The party has six thousand members, but according to Shaheem, claims the support of at least 15,000 Maldivians. It is well-known for its strong religious platform.

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  1. I guess they just doesn’t understand Islam.

    Perhaps liberal Western elitit atheists could explain to them that real Islam is peaceful and tolerant.

  2. It’s 2 am and I’m drunk. Hence spelling mistakes. Drinking in honour of Maldiviant liquor ban.

    When I next piss I will do so like a man, and not a Muslim!

    Seriously! Check it out:

    “Do not urinate while standing” (Tirmizi) MM1-685-67

  3. It’s true it’s true. Most ossies wouldn’t know their asses from their elbows.

  4. * Sheikh Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari … said Shari’ah law ultimately requires the killing of those who leave Islam.

    Be careful what you wish for, Abdul – if you choose to play the harlot & drink the blood of
    the saints & martyrs of Jesus, you may reap what you sow.

  5. Home Island in the Cocos Islands is fully muslim. Also Kamphong on Christmas Island is a muslim town. These are Australian external territories.

    Is sharia law practised there?

  6. The irony is that muslims want to go to Paradise, but the Maldives IS Paradise. Why not enjoy it?

  7. It appears that some Mohammedan has taken the liberty of using a modification of my screen name to place defamatory remakes about Australians on your blog, sheikyermami.

  8. and another small piece of “Dar Al Harb” is reclaimed by “Dar Al Islam”

  9. I rather have a nuclear war, then the world being dominated by Islam.
    These people are so insane, with their Sharia law, and everything else from this crazy religion.
    You have to be crazy, to live by rules, who were written 1400 years ago by a crazy, cruel man.
    If Mohammed, would right now come into this world,he would not know, how to
    handle this world of 2008.
    He would not be able, to do what he did in his life.
    He would have been put in JAIL for the rest of his life.
    May be even the death penalty.
    How is it possible, that even educated people, can blindly follow this cult, of hate and cruelty. Are they that dumb??? Or are they so brainwashed and afraid of speaking their mind, afraid of speaking out against this so called religeon, what will happen to them.
    Always living in fear, wondering what will happen if they don’t live their lives, as what is written in the Koran.
    A ” BOOK “, written 1400 years ago is ruling your LIFE.

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