‘No risk’ paedophile migrant to stay in UK

A JUDGE sparked outrage yesterday by ruling that an illegal immigrant who sexually abused a young girl for three years was “not dangerous” – and free to stay in Britain.

From the SUN

Pervert Nurul Islam will cost taxpayers more than £200,000 after being jailed for 5½ years.

Indian-born Islam, 35, of Oxford, began preying on the victim when she was 12.

He admitted ten counts of sex acts on a child.

* Creeps who like each other:

But Judge Julian Hall told him at Oxford Crown Court: “I do not make a recommendation for deportation and I do not find you are dangerous.

“This is not a man who is going to go out on to the street looking to cause harm.”

The Home Office says criminals from outside Europe should be deported if jailed for more than 12 months.

The judge’s decision was slammed as “outrageous” by UKIP MP Bob Spink last night.

He said: “This man has broken the law to get into the country, then broken the law while he is here.”

Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, added: “This sends out an awful message.”

Judge Hall previously jailed a rapist for only two years, saying his ten-year-old victim was dressed provocatively.

The sentence was doubled by Appeal Court judges last year.

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6 thoughts on “‘No risk’ paedophile migrant to stay in UK”

  1. He is actually quite tough on sex crimes. A girl who claimed to have been raped when is was consensual sex
    got a year in jail from him.

  2. I suppose we can’t blame the Koranist. After all, he went after a 12 year old and where he’s from the girl should be married for years and tending at least four kids. The crazy bastard just didn’t know any better.

    That’s why the best thing is to keep his ilk from ever setting foot outside of the ummah. Let them follow their dismal customs at home rather than bringing them along with them.

  3. That judge has gotta be a fruit.
    When I look at his picture, my gaydar goes wild.
    At the very least, he’s probably a freemason;
    and too many freemasons are fruits……………………

  4. Is there any chance we can get a word to his fellow inmates. I feel certain that some social networking may give some justice. Now looking at the photo the first improvement would be to transplant his testicles to his lips. It’s too late for his dick (no hope of improvement).

    I cannot understand these judges. What does one have to do to be classed as dangerous? They obviously have something against our/his society and his judgments certainly do not represent justice.

  5. Geoff, he’s a freemason.
    Read Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”,
    then you will understand.

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