Switzerland: Anti-Minaret Movement Has Enough Signatures To Force National Referendum

Anti Dhimmitude in the Alps:

BERN, Switzerland

Swiss nationalists say they have enough signatures to force a nationwide referendum on whether to ban the construction of minarets.

Initiative Committee Co-President Ulrich Schlueer says 103,000 signatures have been verified, exceeding the required minimum of 100,000. The scheduling of the vote likely will take months.

The referendum if approved would enshrine in the Swiss constitution a ban on the Muslim call-to-prayer towers built next to mosques.

The organizers say they are acting against the political spread of Islam. Opponents say a ban would violate religious freedom.

Schlueer confirmed a report Sunday in the weekly NZZ am Sonntag.


* Spin spin spin: Islam propaganda goes into overdrive in Italy

Muslim group stages events to promote religious dialogue


*   “Dialogue” in Islam-lingo of course means da’awa: proselytizing, shoving Islam down your infidel throat. Like it or not, you must submit…

Ancona, 30 May (AKI) – Italy’s biggest Muslim group, UCOII is organising a series of meetings in several Italian cities from Saturday through Tuesday to promote inter-religious dialogue.

A delegation of Christians and Muslims from Jordan will be taking part with the first meeting to take place on Saturday in the eastern coastal city of Ancona.

Other meetings are being held in the northern city of Milan, the central city of Florence and the northeastern city of Venice.

The series of meetings is called ‘Coexistence: a Comparison of Accounts’.

“Humanity is going through a dark and controversial period, in which it seems to be moving further and further away from God and closer to the lure of materialism and opportunism,” UCOII said in a statement.

“The Muslim faithful, believe, together with their monotheistic brethren, in a single God. We share with our Christian brothers in particular two convictions: belief in Jesus Christ and in the pureness of the Madonna,” the statement added.

Members of the Jordanian delegation will describe their experience of religious coexistence. It is being led by former culture minister Ezzad Jaradat.

Father Costantin Karmash, member of Jordan’s Muslim-Christian Commission, and Royal Commission for Jerusalem Affairs’ secretary general, Rauf Abu Jaber, will also take part.

The Italian meetings are a part of a series of initiatives UCOII has organised in 2008 which is designated the ‘European Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue’.

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  1. By the way, Switzerland may be the country to move to in Europe. They won’t stand for being Islamisized.

  2. I doubt the battle is over. The lapdogs of Islamania will strive to do their masters’ bidding to the bitter end. But at least they’re getting a battle.

  3. “Opponents say a ban would violate religious freedom.”

    Since when did a Mohammedan need a spire over head to bang his head?

    Second don’t the rape and murder laws on the books already prevent the Mohammedan from fully exercising all their religious rites as diected by the Koran and ahadith? That’s a much greater “ban that violate religious freedom”

  4. I’ve lost about any shred of hope I had for the UK. Didn’t their Blair recently screw the voters in a referendum deal? Something about entering the EU? I hope Switzerland’s politicians don’t roll-over on their constituents like the Brit’s.

  5. “Dialog” to Islam means nothing more than stalling for time!

    Their numbers swell by the day in western societies by birthrate, immigration, and conversion. Time is on their side, so that any delay to action by the west strengthens their voting numbers as well as their combatants on our lands!

    Dialog is a weapon for Islam; make no mistake of its ill intent and effectiveness to destroy.

  6. ban mohammedan immigration! SNIP treat them as zombies inflicted with virus(islam)

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