The Swine From The EU

Orwells Animal Farm On A Grand Scale

From Andrew Bolt

* Exposing the unelected mandarins of EUrabia for the fraudsters and parasites they are:


A very funny, and very damning gotcha on the rorting of European Union MPs. Serious message: the EU is too unaccountable, and democracy too weak in this diluted, distant form.

(Via the always interesting Andrew Landeryou.)


Samizdata applauds:

It shows a bunch of MEPs showing up at their place of work at quarter to seven in the morning. Exemplary devotion to duty? Well, no. What they are actually doing, suitcases in hand, is signing the attendance register on a Friday morning before heading home for the weekend. Then they will be paid, most lavishly, for working that day… We bloggers often criticise the mainstream media but I take my hat off to Thomas Meier, the intrepid journalist here. He represents a tradition of – literally – foot-in-the-door reporting that the “colleagues” would like to put an end to if they could.

But Glenn Reynolds complains that these MEPS weren’t nailed to the very floor.

4 thoughts on “The Swine From The EU”

  1. Sinnott argues that she deserves to be paid because she just stayed up all night working.

    Yeah, I was working all night too, if you know what I mean.

    In her mind that makes sense of the FRAUD of signing in for a day of work beginning at 7am and then taking off.


    The EU is the amalgamation of the worst elements of all its constituent parts.

  2. My favourites were those that tried to hide their faces or run away, like that German MEP cowering in the lift. It is really just pathetic. My country has a lot of corrupt politicians and many people still think that the EU is going to somehow improve the situation!

  3. By the way, does anyone know if there are versions of this video with subtitles in other European languages?

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