Anti-Islamic movement hits the rocks

* Its not over till the fat lady sings: the Islamofascists would be well advised to save their best bottle of camel-urine for another day…

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An attempt to set up a pan-European anti-Islam movement is in tatters after its launch activities turned into a series of disasters and its two main components in Denmark and the Netherlands split up.

Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) was founded in 2007 after Stop Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD), led by Anders Gravers, had experienced momentary success in the wake of the controversy over the publication of anti-Islamic cartoons in a regional newspaper in September 2005.

Gravers and Stephen Gash from the UK became SIOE’s official spokesmen, believing it would act as a springboard for a wider European campaign this spring even though similar anti-Islamic groups were active only in the Netherlands. SIOE planned several anti-Islam demonstrations but few took place and the intended large rallies turned out to be no more than small gatherings in the Netherlands and Denmark.

On 26 January 2008, Gravers spoke at a poorly attended demonstration in Amsterdam. This was followed by two demonstrations in Denmark, on 14 March in Hobro and on 15 March in Aalborg, attended by Martin and Monique van der Hulst from SIOE Netherlands and the notorious Dutch nazi Ben van der Kooi.

Van der Kooi’s presence is interesting. His participation in demonstrations split SIOE in the Netherlands because of objections to cooperation with a known extremist. Others in SIOE were unperturbed and organised another demonstration in Amsterdam, but called it off when few people turned up.

The final demonstration was to be on 31 May in the heart of Copenhagen. By then the rot had set in but the grandiose plans for the day included speakers from Britain and Norway and rabble bussed in from all over Denmark to vent their anti-Islam spleen.

As in Amsterdam, the demonstration was, most embarrassingly, called off. The official reason was that Gash, the main speaker, had “been prevented” from taking part. A more likely reason is that anti-racist groups were organising a large counter-demonstration.

That was the least of SIOE’s headaches because it emerged that, days after the failure of the Amsterdam activity on 5 April, SIOE Netherlands had withdrawn from European cooperation, denouncing Gravers as an authoritarian who routinely ignores criticism from SIOE members.

Searchlight, August 2008

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  1. Being classed as terrorists does not help either, when facing such charges ends up with prison.
    The network still operates via the net,
    I’d say, were you to ask a million people maybe ten would know who SIOE Are.
    The MSM has made sure this group are kept down, the 9/11 demo last year in Brussels did not even get a mention.
    Stupid really, leaving only one form of protest is not a good idea!
    Infiltration will have happened,these people leave nothing to chance, hence nothing is has it seems, leading to the three parties in the UK earning the name Liblabtors by those that bother to follow what goes on.

  2. So this searchlight, being some sort of anti-racist nutters, thinks it bad to protest the Islamic invasion of Europe? Imagine them at the seige of Vienna – “we should open the gates and give them water, those poor refugees need our help!”.

  3. Next decade the pan-Islamic movement will start to have success. That’s my prediction.

  4. Actually, the pan-Islamic movement will not have success if they are fought through the courts and through the political system now. HINT. Start annoying your local parliamententary representatives, black-ban lawyers etc who are given these invaders help. Every little action against these thugs will help, but this must be done within the law – this is very important. These thugs can be defeated within our law – we just have to start acting instead of reacting – the signs are that this is happening and the momentum must be maintained. If the muslims revert to violence as they did in Sydney, Paris, London, Denmark, Sweden, …. (the list is long) then take the gloves off – but we who are now fighting to retain our identities inside out own countries should not be the first to draw blood.

  5. Far from hitting the rocks SIOE is organising an anti-islamic ethnic-cleansing demo in Aarhus, Denmark on 23rd August. See SIOE’s site for details
    Also, SIOE is building up chapters in Norway and Sweden and is expanding not contracting.

    There was a disagreement between SIOE’s leadership and the Netherlands chapter because we considered that Nazi-style elements were infiltrating there and we asked them to wind it up so we could find others to run it. Naturally they didn’t like this and wrote some scathing comments about Anders and me.

    We will always come across this kind of thing, but it doesn’t perturb us or deflect us from our path in stopping islamisation. We have had it happen before the Netherlands incident and it will happen again. People are only now beginning to understand what we are about and what our philosophy is.

  6. Our usually meetings are going ahead, this may be of interest…

    Sunday, July 27, 2008
    Gellerupparken = Denmark’s Kosovo?
    by Baron Bodissey

    I reported earlier this month about the abusive treatment meted out to Greenlanders — who are Danish citizens by birth — by Muslim immigrants in the Gellerupparken housing project in the suburbs of Århus. The Greenlanders’ fellow citizens responded by hanging Mohammed in effigy all across Denmark in protest.

    Now comes word that SIOE chapters in Sweden and Denmark are planning a joint demonstration in Ã…rhus on August 23rd in further protest of the racist treatment of Greenlanders by Muslim thugs in Gellerupparken.

    SIOE Sverige sent us the following email last night:

    SIOE Sverige is joining with SIOE Denmark on the 23rd of August.

    The full size image of the poster announcing the event is available at SIOE via the tab “Aarhus August demo poster”. Hit the tab to open the page and then click the image to display it full size. Or, you can click here.
    – – – – – – – – –

    Please distribute this poster across the web and blogosphere. Print it and post it wherever you can. We need to get the word out.

    If you truly care — be there!

    The news is that Swedish people are traveling to Denmark to join with the Danish.

    SIOE Sverige has also posted a new video that examines the Muslim immigration issue in both Sweden and Denmark: “Baby Polar Bears and Animal Behavior”.

  7. Anyone ever check their alma mater law school and see if Sharia law courses are being taught? Scary.

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