Eskimo Jihad Meets Resistance in Greenland

Sheik yer’mami reported here and here: Denmark: Church Pays Protection Money To Muslims

Many Greenland families have been harassed out of the Gellerup-park near Aarhus. They have been verbally abused, threatened and spat on, they have been forced to give up celebrating their national day, and have had to abandon their Sunday football. One of them was even killed with a screwdriver. This is one of the worst cases of racism in Denmark, since the Nazi occupation.

A nameless group is up and showing support for Greenlanders

Via SIAD (Stop the Islamization of Europe)

The editors received these images with the wording:

“Here are the first pictures from our action on Zealand. We send the other images from Funen and Jutland and the rest of Zealand in the next few days. Our action will continue until theIslamic Religious Affairs controls the racists in Gellerup, allows Greenlanders to come back, treats them properly and gives each of them a personal apology. We will continue to hang muhammed until this happens. “

Hanging Muhammad: 

The secret resistance group’s revenge!

A nameless resistance group has taken responsibility for the action. There were banners hung up along the motorway in Denmark saying “stop Islamic racism” and “stop Islamic racism, long live Greenland.” Mohammed has also been hanged on lamposts around the country with signs hung around his neck with inscriptions like “pedophile highwayman.” 

Muhammad, “pedophile highwayman”


Groups in Denmark set up signs along the national highways, both on Zealand, Jutland and Fyn, which says “Stop the Islamic racism, long live Greenland.” As revenge for the ethnic cleansing of Greenlanders in Gellerup-park at Aarhus, they hung dolls resembling muhammed in lamposts, with signs with different messages, one of them reads “muhammed hanged for paedophilia,” – writes the group anonymously to SIAD. 

Abdullah has Global Warming problem…

Abdullah fights idolatry…


SIAD will ask its readers to report if they have seen such events, or if they have taken pictures of it, possibly send pictures to SIAD.

16 thoughts on “Eskimo Jihad Meets Resistance in Greenland”

  1. If the Muslims don’t meet their demands, then they are responsible for the anti-jihadists actions!

  2. From the SIOE Site>>”A nameless resistance group has taken responsibility for the action.

    Wrong! As I said above, the Muslims are fully responsible for the group’s actions if they don’t meet their demands. This is worth repeating over and over.

  3. Infidela>>”The civil war against muslims will start in Denmark. I’m sure of that.

    Joe Grey>>Wherever it starts, the Muslims are fully responsible for it because they refuse to accept our mercy, and spit in our faces in return for our humanity. They are setting themselves and their religion up for the greatest humiliation in history.

  4. The backlash has already begun with the mounting objections to massive mosques being built across Europe. Amazingly the Swiss are leading the way and have already got enough signatures to have a referendum. Italy is getting rid of little mosques (because there are muslims praying all over the pavements) and relocating, or objections to proposed mosques are taking place. In England they wanted to build a huge mosque in Dudley (W Midlands) at a cost of £18 million (wonder if the Saudis are paying for it) the locals objected and the local council even rejected the planning application. BUT some sort of Planning initiative (probably a quango) overturned the rejection (no doubt govt. interference) but I think the fight will go on.
    I am very pleased to see the Danes taking direct action to support the Greenlanders. It is a disgrace that with all the harassment and assaults that they have suffered the police seem to have taken no action. Expect seething, threats and victimhood plus a demand for the end of free speech. Support the Danes.

  5. In a recent interview with the BBC, British Home
    Secretary Jackoi Smith made some interesting observations about the rapid
    spread of Islam in Europe.

    According to Smith, around 50,000 Britishers are converting to Islam each
    year and since 2001, four lakh Britishers have converted to Islam. He said
    the Muslim population in Britain has reached 20 lakh and followers of Islam
    are now the second biggest population in Britain after Christians. He even
    suggested setting up an Islamic University in Britain given the overwhelming
    population of the Muslims in that country.

    The momentum and intensity with which Islam is spreading in the West has
    puzzled the policy makers, religious scholars, researchers and media there.
    The conversions have especially gained unimaginable momentum after 9/11.
    Most of the researchers believe that the fast erosion of the religious and
    cultural values in the Western societies is pushing its people towards Islam
    that offers a more comprehensive, well-knit and value-oriented cultural,
    social and family structure. (TheO says – what a load of $&!%)

    According to a recent report in the prestigious Time magazine, hundreds of
    new mosques are coming up in the West and most of the European cities now
    get to hear Azan (call for prayer) five times a day. In Rome a grand mosque
    is coming up at a whopping cost of $3 crore for which the land has been
    donated by the local government.

    According to Dr Mehmood Siddiqi Saidi, Director, European Muslim Minority
    Board, while as per a recent UN report the Muslim population in Europe is 21
    million, in actual it could be around 50 million. As per the data available
    at, in 2006 the Muslim population in Europe, including
    Russia, was around 50.70 million.

    With the increase in Muslim population in Europe, the number of mosques and
    Islamic centers is also growing speedily. While in Britain there were only
    13 mosques in 1963, at present there are 600 mosques and 1400 Islamic
    organizations in the country.

    France, with a population of 60 lakh Muslims, has 1300 mosques and Islamic
    centers in addition to around 600 Islamic organizations. The Muslims in
    France have a 24-hour radio channel. The estimated population of Muslims in
    France would reach around 80 lakh during the next 15 years.

    Italy has a population of 10 lakh Muslims with 450 mosques and Islamic
    centers. According to reputed Italian magazine The Journal, in next 200
    years the European society would almost entirely accept Islam as the only

    Germany has a Muslim population of 40 lakh with 1400 mosques and Islamic
    centers. The Muslim population ration in Germany is around 4 per cent. In
    Canada the conversion rate to Islam has been almost 130 percent between 1991
    and 2001. In Switzerland around 6000 Christians converted to Islam after

    According to San Diego University researcher Jan Wax, by 2020, out of every
    four persons in Europe, one would be a Muslim. The ratio of Muslim youth
    (between 45 and 50% of the Muslims) to EU youth is between 16 and 20%. In
    other words, in a few years Muslims will constitute 16 to 20% of the
    European workforce, and could therefore influence policies and

    Albania has proportionally the largest Muslim population in all of Europe,
    with the exception of Turkey, which is situated at the crossroads of Europe
    and Asia. According to the most recent census results, Albania’s Muslim
    population is estimated at 2.2 million, or 70% of the country’s total
    population. Although Albania was officially an atheist society during the
    Communist period, and all public expression of religious beliefs was banned,
    today most Albanians are practicing Muslims.

    Following Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina has proportionally the second largest
    Muslim population in Europe, with 40% of Bosnians, or 1.5 million people,
    who practice Islam.

    In Western Europe, France is followed by the Netherlands, which has over
    945,000 Muslims, making up 5% of the population

  6. Actaully itchy Ahmad , get your facts right. There are hardly any conversions to Islam – there are however a significant number in the other direction. That the number is so large is surprising given that most muslims who wish to convert are threatened with death by their “peaceful” muslim brothers! Of course, that means that the number that wish to change from Islam to another religion is much larger. You represent a small but violent minority in the UK. The problem is that we keep allowing muslim refugees into the UK. That is a significant reason for the growth of muslim scum in Europe, the other is the high breeding rate funded by the dimwit fools we seem to elect to government – but that will stop soon. Of course, if we wait long enough the effects on inbreeding will dominate in your population, but we won´t wait that long.

    Keep dreaming ITCHY, you’re just a little bit closer to discovering that Mo has no virgins left – perhaps he has a spare camel that you can avail yourself of. If you are lucky the camel will have no taste!!

    BTW Itchy Ahmad, how does it feel to lie continually – you do have a long nose, dont you?
    You seem to have spent a bit of time researching this little piece of rubbish that you have written – such a shame that you have not understood what you have studied. Additionally, you could perhaps do with a few english lessons – no doubt unwittingly funded by the people of the UK of which you are NOT a member.

    Keep on contributing Itchy – I find you somewhat trite, trivial and amusing — Enjoy the time you have left.

  7. kaw:- I wish I’d said that. What a beautiful piece.
    itchy: I hope you paid attention to kaw’s message. As inevitably as the night follows the day, you mosque rats are going to get your asses whupped! The problem for you disciples of the illiterate paedophile is that your tiny, regimented brains are incapable of understanding the belief system of tolerant and democratic peoples. For you and your fellow sand weasels the penny will never drop, I’m afraid.
    Sure, we look like easy targets; we’re friendly, tolerant and accepting. UP TO A POINT!!!! Twice during the last century totalitarian oppressors miscalculated our determination and committment to freedom; whatever happened to them? We’re nice people – we’ve let you build your stupid mosques and madhrassas in the hope that our open, accepting and charitable ways would eventually rub off on you, and you’d come to appreciate the opportunity to live in a free and open society. Obviously, we got that one wrong.
    A year ago, I was pessimistic about our chances of surviving in the face of your strength through joy tactic of outbreeding us via the baby machines you call women. Today, I have no doubt that within my children’s lifetimes you’ll be yesterdays news. All I hear now is disgust, outrage and determination to correct the situation when moslems come up in conversation.
    Islamophobia? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  8. To my british brothers. Hatred is a very black an dirty substance indeed! It consumes our logical understanding and spiritually blackens our hearts. I am a british muslim. Born and brought up in this very beautiully democratic land. A land where all are allowed freedom of speech, freedom of religion andfreedom of opinions. I do not hold hatred for hate goups such as the BNP.Rather I feel sorrow and upset upon thier irrational thought and their expediation of actions. I feel sorry and pity upon the national front and BNP suppoters. They feel that ALL muslims are agaist the people of britain and that we only wish to live and take over the whole of the land in which we are settled in. This is WRONG!!! I myself have always aspired to contribute in a possitive manner towards my home and heartland. I am hoping to join the armed forces as a RAF regiment gunner or a navy chef myself. Why cant we just live in harmony and mutual love and understanding. and my brother kaw you need to learn more about islam. I dont know where and you get this hatred against brithish muslims. If you look at the life of muhammad written by even non-muslims your hatred shall crumble and deteiorate. peace and out 🙂

  9. Greenland! Now the bastards want of all places Greenland! If a Danish citizen spat on or called a muzzie names he’d be hauled into court and sentenced for a hate crime but this shit is just OK!

  10. They have been terrorising the indigenous people in this part of the world for some time. I think I read this on this site quite awhile back.

  11. Kashif,
    I am NOT your brother, neither genetically nor in spirit. Why are muslims/islamists so unliked?? Read the news every week and you will see another atrocity committed by a muslim/islamist. I know muslims well enough, and your email may well reek of the the dishonesty and duplicity that are the trademark of the muslim/islamist community. I suggest you learn about the life of your prophet who would have been arrested in the modern world as a rapist, murderer and thief. We do know about Mohammed, and we see the actions of the murderers that act in his name on a daily basis. You forget that many of us have personal experience of just how nasty muslims/islamists are. The real problem is a group of viscous thugs called muslims/islamists who try to destroy all that they cannot understand or what they feel is against the words of their backward religion. There is a real possibility that you have written your email honestly so if you wish to be useful convince your fellow believers to stop their attempt at conquest. The only logical conclusion to the muslim attempt at subsuming our culture is that you and all your fellow muslims/islamists will simply be got rid of. You have a stake in what happens!As a muslim/islamist you cannot now be trusted, and I would not serve with you in the Armed forces, especially when you will put your backwards religion ahead of the safety of your fellow soldiers: there are enough examples of this. This is a hard statement but, being pragmatic and honest, this is the way it is now – and you can only blame your fellow muslims for the validity of the comment. On a more personnel note, your email shows that you may be incapable of objectively analyzing muslim/islamist behavior, and this make your platitude for “peace” somewhat meaningless. We will chill out when the islamists are gone or dead – either suits. Political islam has NO place in our society. Why do I dislike muslims – because I have seen what some of them do and heard the silence of all the others in their lack of condemnation of those who commit abhorrent crimes in the name of their (your) religion. You are young and you will find this hard to understand, but muslims present a real and present danger to our societies because of their behavior. If you wish to help, you need to change muslim behavior – the failure of the muslim community to integrate will be terminal for your community.

  12. 1. Islam is profane.
    2. Mohammed is a false prophet.
    3. Allah is a spirit of the world, not God, never God.

  13. I have accidentally struck this site while browsing for matters on Islam in non-islamic world & I have gone through the opinions aired here rather with amusement.I am an Indian citizen, a Bengali living in Kolkata India & I am from a Hindu family.Although my background does not match with most of yours,I can still understand & I am at least aware of the problems you face in Europe. Divide between Hindus & Muslims has been a problem for last eight hundred years in the subcontinent & the uneasy co-existence still continues . It has worsened after British India was granted independence at the cost of a division between Hindu dominated secular India & an Islamic Pakistan.Even Pakistan gave way to further fragmentation while East Pakistan chose to be sovereign Bangladesh after one of the bloodiest civil wars in history which saw thousands of Bengalis dead or ruined, thus proving that even a most passionate theological force like islam fails to hold two ethnic races together.Modern India has seen an increasing animosity against Muslims particularly among Hindu youths & the trend has ultimately fomented radical pro Hindu political forces like BJP, ShivSena & events like demolition of Babri mosque which germinated a nationwide riot. In this world of globalization & modern humanitarian spirit, demographic flows & population exchange/relocation has to be accepted & many muslim countries being economically most backward qualify for both socioeconomic pull & push factors towards more developed Christian nations.Even A backward country like India with millions of malnourished faces have refugees from still poorer islamic Bangladesh. Immigrants be it of any background should understand that they must be ready to sacrifice a part of their past lifestyle & culture to gain the gift a footage on a more favorable foreign soil as one must be ready to loose something in order to gain something. Immigrant Muslims should understand this above all too. As long as muslim societies let them overwhelmed with theology & religious dictum they will remain backward, sterile,problem ridden & will continue to miss a place in the modern world. And more advanced people or governments around the world who accept fresh entrants in their societies for economic or humanitarian ground should also understand that an acculturation process must be done at a monitored pace so that the surrogate society be at ease with her gradual cultural metamorphosis . The developed christian nations must understand this. one of the biggest tragedies of mankind is that we are yet to prove the existence of a God & the biggest comedies of mankind is that we have fought most of our devastating wars from medieval crusades to today’s “Islamic” terrorism in the name of religions or that God’s words. Another tragedy for mankind lies in the fact that even after 1.5 million years since the Homo Sapience has evolved there is no place in the world for a human being who only chooses to remain a free individual , a citizen of the world & a child of mother nature. The fight against mother nature is going to be far more costly for us than that of our inter community fights. The international unity & spirit is dearly needed & for that if we have to shun our juxtaposed ethnic ,cultural or religious values in the long run , well, it will not be too costly a sacrifice.

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