Bus Company Issues Apology After Driver Rejects Burka-wearing Ghosts

Predictable Dhimmitude after burka-wearing Muslimas refused on bus

Published Date: 18 July 2008
A BUS company has apologised after a muslim family of nine was stopped from boarding a bus to Leeds.
The Alhajeri family were refused entry onto the Transdev Harrogate and District No 36 bus from Harewood to Leeds on Monday evening, because the mother and eldest daughters were wearing burkhas. 
They had been on a family day out visiting the house and gardens on holiday from their home country of Kuwait. 
They had travelled by bus from Leeds in the morning, and had a valid return ticket to get back that evening.     

The driver told the family they were not allowed to board as the CCTV cameras would not be able to see the faces of the women, who were wearing a full veil. 

Harrogate Transdev and District said this week that it seemed the driver had misinterpreted guidance about photo card bus passes, and apologised for any embarrassment to the family.     

Managing director Dave Alexander said: “It seems that he has misinterpreted some guidance using bus passes and photo cards. For those that have paid a cash fare, that is clearly not an issue. This certainly wasn’t in any way malicious or intended to offend anybody. I think the driver’s explanation was a genuine one.” 

He said that the bus company would be willing to issue a formal apology to the family, and that the company would be re-issuing guidance to all drivers in the next few days. 

The family did manage to return to Leeds as the next 36 bus allowed them to board without any trouble.



Sun pays £30,000 damages to Muslim bus driver accused of fanaticism


A London bus driver today accepted £30,000 in damages from the Sunover a claim that he ordered passengers off his vehicle so that he could pray.

The story in March last year caused Arunas Raulynaitis considerable distress and embarrassment, his solicitor, Stephen Loughrey, told Mr Justice Eady at the high court in London.

Loughrey said the newspaper now accepted that the allegations were entirely false and that Raulynaitis did not order any passengers off, there was no rucksack and no one refused to reboard because they feared he was a fanatic.

“The article suggested that Raulynaitis was so arrogant, unprofessional and contemptuous of the passengers within his care whom he is paid to serve, that he ordered them off his bus so that he could pray,” he added.

“The article went on to allege that the passengers later refused to reboard the bus because they spotted a rucksack and feared he may be a fanatic and therefore, it is to be inferred, a terrorist,” Loughrey told the court.

“While it is the case that Raulynaitis did pray on the bus, he did so during his statutory rest break, as he is of course entitled to do. Not a single passenger was inconvenienced in any way. It transpires that an individual who noticed Raulynaitis at prayer chose to film this act on a mobile phone and sent the video to the Sun, which then reproduced stills from it alongside the article, as well as the footage itself on the Sun’s website.”

Loughrey said the article not only created an utterly false impression of Raulynaitis’s attitude toward his passengers, but also wrongly cast serious aspersions on his religious faith.

He added that News Group Newspapers, the News International subsidiary that publishes the Sun, had already published an apology and agreed to pay substantial damages plus costs.

The newspaper’s solicitor, Patrick Callaghan, apologised for the publication of the false allegations.

Raulynaitis’s law firm, Carter-Ruck, said the damages were for libel and breach of privacy. “As well as being highly defamatory of Raulynaitis, the article was also a clear and serious infringement of his privacy,” Carter-Ruck added.

“It included photographs of him at prayer, and indeed the website version of the article included deeply intrusive mobile phone footage, which readers of the Sun were encouraged to watch.

“References to the false story quickly found their way on to a number of other often Islamophobic websites and the footage of Raulynaitis at prayer was also posted on YouTube, where it was viewed by thousands more people.”

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  1. 1st The bus driver initial response is right. I can’t see your face, you don’t belong on public transport of any kind in the west. Heck you don’t belong in public altogether, you’re a menace.

    2nd Since they use the burqa or naqib to separate themselves, they should remain separate. Those that merely wear the hajab can get a pass because face recognition software would work.

  2. This is a security issue. Period. Burqas and face coverings are used to promote Islam in predominantly Muslim countries, and to identify non-Muslim women for abuse, discrimination, kidnapping and rape. That crap needs to be kept out of our countries. Useless, pathetic savages!

  3. More power to the bus driver, why should these ingrates get preferential treatment. They believe they are superior then they get superior rights! Any other person from another religion or non-religion would have had to remove a face covering before boarding the bus. Thing is the reason we’re on such a high about security is because of the vast majority of terrorist incidents are caused by muslims, so the vast majority of the security systems we all have to put up with are the fault of MUSLIMS! So they get a pass, the worlds gone nuts!!!!

  4. Salaam

    Britain is a racist country. Native Brits have no respect for those who are different. All of them need citizenship lessons so that they can learn to tolerate and respect fellow human beings.

  5. Oh look – Ichy Ahmed is back again – actually Itchy, is you who need lessons in social behaviour . You really are quite boring and unimaginative!!

    Btw Itchy, you are a living example of how defunct genetic material propogates as a consequence of inter-famial breeding.

    It actually quite amusing reading your rubbish – keep writing – it allows us to study you.

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    anyways the bus driver was in the right. if you walked into bank with a motor bike helment one. people would go crazy. to be honest if was guard for bank. i would make any one take off any sort head gear. this is mental. so now we force feed our kids Hala meat. allow Muslims to have there own court in UK. and now we can’t even ask them to remove there burka’s for secuity reasons. god. even christainity does not get that sort special treatment. well not for good 100 years or so.

    so where does it stop. now i think. as the phrase goes. “My Freedom is More Important than your Faith” Pat Condell

    one best sayings i have heard.

  7. Ignorant and silly bullshit from you racist.
    Should blow you all up,you are a waste of human cells,and deserve to leave this world.
    Iwould like that a Muslim beat you up so that you may become a normal human being.

    have a nice and safe day.

  8. Today (28.04.2011), the Belgian Chamber of Representatives voted a ‘burqa ban’. It did the same thing a year ago, but the unexpected fall of the government prevented the law from entering into force then, as the bill had been evoked by the Senate. This time, it is for real.

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