Girl Strangled, Chopped Up by Family for Loving Hindu Boy…

HONOUR KILLING: Mehnaz was killed by her parents for being in love with a Hindu boy.

Mumbai: A Mumbai Sessions Court on Friday sentenced Mehnaz Bano’s parents to life imprisonment after holding them guilty of killing the girl and destroying evidence.

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Mehnaz, a resident of Nagpada, was killed by her parents and minor sister on July 2, 2006, for being in love with a Hindu boy. The 18-year-old Mehnaz’s parents confessed to having strangled her.


The Nagpada police tracked her father Mohammed Munna Khan through the identification of his employer’s company logo on the sacks. Khan and his wife Shehnaz Khan were arrested and during interrogation, they confessed to their crime.


Mehnaz’s father admitted he chopped her body into 11 pieces, and dumped it in two sacks beneath the Byculla flyover in South Mumbai.


Their 14-year-old daughter, who was accused of abetting the crime, is in a juvenile home.


3 thoughts on “Girl Strangled, Chopped Up by Family for Loving Hindu Boy…”

  1. Worst mistake in India’s history? Not doing a population exchange in 1947.

  2. I believe that when Indian continent was forced to divide by the powers that be at the time, all muslims should have been forced to leave India and re settle in Pakistan after all, that was what Nehru ( who was having sex with the Mountbattens wife at the time) wanted.

    He and the militant Jihadists at the tme sought to ensure islamic land for muslims, he should have been forced to acknowledge the crimes that the muslims had commited against the Indian native peoples whom were both Hindu and Christians, and there should have been a round up of anyone whom had murdered any hindus and christians.

    It is not too late for all Hindus in India to insit and protest and ensure that all muslims living now in India are forced to leave India and remove themselves to the pakistanian Eutopian land of where true islam is practised under Islamic and secular type laws.
    All movement between pakistan and India should be outlawed and a massive thick security wall along India’s bordrs be built and manned in the war on terror, since USA gives so much money in billions to its enemy poakistan am sure USA wouldnt mind funding a security wall to keep Jihadists and extremists out of India to keep security safe for Hindus and Christians now would they?.
    No muslim should be allowed in any way to have Indian Citizenship unless they are hristians or Hindus.
    All muslims need to be rounded up and detained and then transported to the Pakistanian Umma.
    That is the only way more land, and more killings and more Hindu and Christian massacres will not continue.
    Wherever islam people live, murder follows.
    I wonder when India will grow a backbone and stand up and deport those Islamists and all muslims in their midst if they wish to live under islamic practises then they must leave India.

    If any foreigner or alien wishes to practise islam in any country then they must return to a muslim land
    Outlaw ALLLLLL islamic schools and mosques in australia as they are clearly a security risk.

  3. I am still reeling at reading the comment – ISLAMSFORLOSERS Says: July 12th, 2008 at 3:48 am Worst mistake in India’s history? Not doing a population exchange in 1947. – as I was reading this I was also taping a movie….GHANDI…. there was a scene from the riots and murders in 1947….and I just happened to look up at the telly as I read the comment. Now I have to wonder, was Ghandi revered justly???? I seem to think not. What would India be like now if Britain kept it’s hold. Is this a warning for all other countries of today in so far as not allowing muslim immigration, unless they can show that they are willing to assimilate with the chosen country. If the women wish to keep their burqhas then that tells me they are following their radical form of islam and are submissive and their husbands are fundamentalists. I have seen a few of that type here, and thank God they are not big in my particular area, but their numbers are big in other suburbs and States. I give thanks to sites like this and JW/DW and all the linked sites I visit to learn what we are heading for as in the UK and USA amid other countries. I read as many of the recommended books as I can afford and pray that our govt wakes up and starts putting stops to a lot of the rot.

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