The Plight of the Christians under Islam: things are really getting ugly

Copts to rally in front of White House

Hopefully this will lead to better awareness of the Copts’ dire situation in Egypt. “American Egyptian Coptic Christians to organize a peaceful demonstration, on July 16, 2008, in front of the White House, to protest violent attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt,” contact: Mounir Bishay, 310-641-3387.

MEDIA ADVISORY, from the Christian Newswire, via DW

Peshawar’s Christians under threat from Taliban encroachment

A little-reported aspect of this story: “Pakistan’s Christians Face Taliban Terror,” by Gary Lane for CBN News, July 10: – The Pakistani military mobilized troops in around the city of Pershawar [sic], launching attacks on Taliban hideouts.

The government acted in response to fears that the Taliban and other Islamic militants were moving in to control the city.



Iran: “The prisoner told his wife that there had been a misunderstanding and that he could not teach Christianity any more.”

The arrests of Mahmood Matin and Arash Bandari were part of a wave of detentions of Christians in Shiraz in mid-May. Here is more on their cases: “Iran: Ex-Muslims detained for ‘apostasy’,” from Compass Direct News, July 9:

ISTANBUL, July 9 (Compass Direct News) – Iranian authorities have detained two converts to Christianity in the southern city of Shiraz for eight weeks on suspicion of “apostasy,” or leaving Islam. In Iran, apostasy is a crime that can be punishable by death.

Mahmood Matin, 52, and Arash Bandari, 44, remain imprisoned in a secret police detention center known by its address, Sepah Street 100, located in the center of Shiraz since their arrest on May 15 (previously reported as May 13).

A draft penal code under discussion in Iran’s parliament this month may make the death penalty obligatory for those who leave Islam or use the Internet to encourage others to do so.

Actually, the parliament was reported to have approved it.



“He endured similar threats in his homeland Pakistan, but never expected the same thing to happen in the UK”

If this is what Muslim converts to Christianity experience living in the UK, imagine what converts living deep in the heart of Islam must go through. “Persecution threat to British Muslims who change their faith,” from Inspire Magazine, 



Pakistan: Christian girls kidnapped; captors file for custody, claiming girls converted to Islam


And the police weren’t about to be of any help without outside pressure: The girls’ father “was told to ‘remain silent,’ as the officers said the girls had embraced Islam in a written statement.”

“Pakistan: Girls kidnapped, allegedly forced to convert,” from Compass Direct News via DW


ISTANBUL, July 11 (Compass Direct News) – A Christian father in Pakistan is in a legal battle with kidnappers for the custody of his pre-teen daughters, who allegedly have been forced to convert to Islam.

Yesterday a judge in Pakistan’s Punjab province ordered further investigation into the kidnapping of Saba Younis, 12, and Aneela Younis, 10, who went missing on June 26 in the small town of Chowk Munda. The kidnappers filed for custody of the girls at the local police house on June 28, stating that the sisters had converted to Islam and their father no longer had jurisdiction over them.

When the father of the two girls, Younis Masih, was summoned to the police house to testify, police initially refused to file a case against the kidnappers – Muhammed Arif, Abjad Ali, taxi driver Muhammed Asraf and an unidentified fourth man – who are known to belong to a powerful human trafficking ring. Instead, human rights activists told Compass, Masih was told to “remain silent,” as the officers said the girls had embraced Islam in a written statement.

It was not until yesterday that, with the help of advocates and the Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Ministry, Masih filed an official complaint at the local police house. […]

Ashfaq Fateh, a Christian advocate who established contact with Masih this week, said that the girls’ Catholic family had not received threats for their faith. He asserted, however, that the kidnapping was a religious matter.

“Being weaker and belonging to the Christian community, the girls were kidnapped,” he said.

Saba and Aneela Younis, the youngest of eight children, were kidnapped while on their way to see their uncle.

“The kidnapping of my daughters has made me feel insecure in the country,” Masih told Fateh in a telephone conversation. “My Muslim countrymen think we [Christians] are not human beings. They think we do not have dignity.”

“This happens every day,” Tahir said of the kidnappings of Pakistani children and unjust treatment toward Christians, “because we are marginalized and downtrodden people.”



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